Zionists always deny Palestinian oppression

Ms Kleiman: as a resident of Byron Shire and a Jew (child of holocaust survivors), I feel it is crucial to correct the record (as the editor has done).

First, Echonetdaily always publishes responses to both Gareth Smith and Fast Buck$ from a selection of Zionist champions.

Have you not seen regular contributions from Vic Alhadeff (Jewish Board of Deputies) and others who represent the Zionist lobby?

Mr Smith’s vehicle is a political statement, not a racist or misogynist one.

It says nothing about Jews, it highlights only the terrible oppression of the Palestinians.

To ban such a vehicle would truly challenge our right to protest all global injustice.

Your error, an error commonly used by Zionists to gain a sympathetic ear is to conflate Jewishness and Zionism or Israeli Government Policy.

People here and overseas are constantly denigrating the land of my birth, Australia, for its treatment of its own indigenous people and Asylum seekers locked indefinitely in detention.

Long live such denigration when a nation does wrong.

Jenny Bush, Wilsons Creek

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