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June 2, 2023

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Backlash Stan Grant

Extraordinary negative and callous statements regarding Stan Grant in the recent edition’s Backlash section. Grant was a terrible host?...

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Flood trauma? Free women’s mindful healing workshops available

It has been a tough run in the Northern Rivers from drought to fire to pandemic to flood – so there is quite a bit to deal with for many of us. 

Ballina council votes against investment handicap for fossil fuel-free ventures

Independent Ballina Shire Councillor Jeff Johnson has lost a last-ditch effort to reinstate a council investment policy clause in favour of diverting from fossil fuels.

Byron Council compliance staff bolstered

Are the van campers of Brunswick Heads thoughtless travellers with no respect for the town and its inhabitants, or are many in fact local homeless folk looking for a safe space with toilets and running water?

Search and rescue exercises in Ballina this weekend

Marine Rescue NSW will take part in the first of three regional Search and Rescue Exercises (SAREX) on the NSW North Coast at Ballina this weekend.

Schoolboy’s moral courage

I would like to give a big shout out to the Bangalow Public School boy who showed courage and...

Political comment: International revolving doors

Corruption takes many forms, and has become more refined since the days of brown paper bags. In Australia, we have lobbyists, interests and politicians, with the traditional dividing lines between these three now all but invisible, and numerous examples of people moving from one position to another, and then back again, as they prioritise personal gain over what's best for the country.


Brunswick Heads Men 

Brunswick Heads Men – Wednesday Social Bowls: Cock of the Walk: M Jerries def V Rydman.

Winners: 1st K Hosie, K Roberts, R Roberts. 2nd L Harris, B Congdon, B McClelland. 3rd D Proudlock, P Weedy.

Sunday Mufti: 1st Lorraine, Dennis, Jennie. 2nd Lynn, Dave, David. Club Championships – Consistency Singles

Semifinal: L Wade def J Winter. D Turnbull def M Petrou.

Minor Singles Semifinal: L Campbell def V Rydman.

* 29 July Brunswick Bowling Club along with Mufti raised over $400 for Bruns Valley Rescue with a BBQ & Bowls Day.

Winners: J Vigar, D Turnbull, L Hurley. Runner-up: L Everleigh, D Sanderson, D Bruce.

Coming Events: O’Donnell Day 04-08-12, Louies Day 12-08-12, Ocean Shores Butchery 2 Bowl Pairs 22-09-12.

Mullumbimby Ex-Services Men

21 July Triples Championship Finals

N Lee, G Naoum, S Purdie 24 def S Abraham, J Canabou, LHenry 11. R Fenwick, J Morgan, T Fenwick 37 def A Lumsden, P Johnson, JEstreich 23.

Mixed Social – M Nicholls, B McClymont 23 def I Pettendy, K Wrigley 9. D Blake, C McClymont 10 def M Burke, H McKennna 5 (12 ends).

22 July Sunday Mufti – A wonderful crowd of Tweed Tourers joined us on a sunny green. Mullum took honours 4 rinks to 2 with some close games. P Johnson, J Estreich 14 def J Ware, A Stephens 13. H Robb, M Burke, P Thompson 19 def P Reedy, B Scarse, V Robinson 4. I Pettendy, J Scott, N Lee 17 def T Govett, P Govett, L Morrison 12. R Ware, E Bartrim, M Mars 14 def R Wrigley, Phil Johnson, R Gower 11. S Brown, D Blake, K Wrigley 14 def A Williams, N Bell, S Williams 9. M Jarck, B Moore, S Rush 29 def R Wainwright, G Naoum, T Fenwick 12. Good fun had by all, new players welcome.

25 July Wednesday Social – N Newton, K Wrigley (c/w Peter McDonald Fencing & Farm Maintenance Rink) 31 def G Naoum, L Henry 10. Babyface Nicholls, H McKenna, J Estreich 23 def A Pyzer, DBlake, S Purdie 20. M Burke, J Canabou, Trapper McDonald 26 def M Johnston, D Ottery, B Rose 11.

* Triple Championship Final to be played 4 August and don’t forget the AGM at 10.30am on the same day.

Mullumbimby Ex-Services Women

24 July Social

R Mills, S Brown, J Kidman (Rink W) def E Walker, R Wrigley, J Towner. I Pettendy, J Ball, J Lee B Croft def I Pettendy, M Mitchell (visitor from Perth), R Wainwright, H Robb. Raffle winner J Ball.

* Classic 4s 13 August, entries close 6 August. Picnic Lunch, 3 rounds of 11 ends.

24 July AGM Office bearers elected for 2012/13 are: President, Joan Towner. Vice-presidents, Betty Croft, Heather Robb. Secretary, Shirley Brown. Treasurer, Rhonda Wrigley. Match Committee, Jean Kidman (Chairperson), Rose Wainwright, Sharon Thomas. Committee, Gloria Henry, Joyce Beaumont, Betty Reglin, Rae Mills. Social Committee, Jean Lee (Chairperson), Iloana Pettendy. Publicity Officer, Shirley Brown. Club Delegate, TBD, Jean Lee. Welcome to our incoming officers and many thanks to all outgoing officers for your time and effort over the past twelve months.

Ocean Shores Men

July 23rd, Winners: T Johnston & G Parker R/Up: L Hedges, L Leach, C.Farrell

Tony Carsburg Club Championships L Mens Singles Champion: Serge Brecard, R/Up R Tonkin.

Mens Triples Champions: L Hoffman, D Matheson & S Pratt R/Up T Mitchell, J Gray & B Pollard.

Ocean Shores Women

Wed 25 July – Mixed Social: Highest No of Ends – G Fox, B Sprengel (winners) d E Miller, J Bartlett; J Seamer, D Grant d D Keily, J Williams; W Sprengel, B Paine, L McGowran d W Sprengel, L Wright, M Bertoli

Fri 27 June – Social: Out of Hat – M Bertoli, G Johnston d K Gallard, J Bartlett; J Quirke, B Stone, N Gartner d T Campbell, L Wright, C Timewell; R Wrigley, M Hosie (winners) d J Seamer, M McConville

Championship Results: Major Singles – M James d L McGowran; M Flesser (runner-up) d J Busch

Consistency: F Crowder d B Baber

* AGM Friday 10 August 8.30am



Brunswick Valley

21/07/2012: 7 table Mitchell. N/S: 1st gross; Barbara Stephens/Patricia Hems; 2nd gross; Barbara Simons/

Coral Timewell E/W: 1st gross; June Selleck/Gwenyth Falson; 2nd gross; Phyllis Keyte/Jannine Murray.

23/07/2012: 9 table Mitchell. N/S: 1st gross; Annette Kvassay/Diana Gall; 2nd gross; Jannine Murray/Pamela Sullivan. E/W: 1st gross; Doreen Grant/Fay Patterson; 2nd gross; Trish Reynolds/Evelyn Hollick.

* We meet at Brunswick Heads Community Centre on Monday and Saturday. Seated by 12.45. Guests welcome. If partner required, or information regarding Bridge lessons, please telephone Phyllis Keyte 6684 1103.

Ocean Shores

25/07:6 Table Howell with Instant Scoring: P McAnelley/C Morgan 868; J Hughes/C Chidlow 837; J Selleck/B Simons 828. Birthday celebrations next Wed 5:30pm for 6pm meal.

* We meet at Ocean Shores Country Club every Wed evening. Seated by 6:15pm.Contact Pam 6680 3871.



Ocean Shores Ladies

Tuesday July 24 2012. Stableford NSW Bowl 4 BBB. Div 1 Winners G O’Donnell & L Moir 45. R/Ups D Jansen & V Loomes 43. NTP Div 1 C Killion Div 2 M Mandigo Vouchers to 39.

Golf NSW Bowl Winners G O’Donnell & L Moir 45 pts.

Thursday July 26 2012. Stableford Winner D Jansen 35 c/b. R/Up P Govett 35 Vouchers to 30.

Saturday July 28 2012. Stableford Winner B Wingad 34. R/Up D Jansen 33 NTP F Crowder – Vouchers to 29 pts.

Sunday Golf 4 BBB Stroke, 1st Rnd Mixed Trophy 50 Players. Winners Liz & David Parks 63 nett.

R/Ups Judy & Graham Isaacs 67 nett c/b. Balls to 70 c/b NTP 3rd hole Ladies Marnie Griscti, Men Les Hoffman. 17th hole Ladies Liz Parks Men Les Hoffman. Next Game August 5th. 2 Rnd Mixed Trophy.

Ocean Shores Vets

26th July 2012.

4BBB Stableford – 78 starters

Winners: Bob Baxter and Bruce Blows 52 points, Runners up: Jim Roberts & Peter Slater 51,

Third: Will Jamieson & Graham Isaacs 49.

NTP 3rd: H/C 0–19: Alan Cuncliffe, NTP 8th Alan Cuncliffe, NTP 17th: Nick Comer. Captain’s

Gorilla Award: H/C 0º19: Nick Comer, H/C 20+: Jim Hounslow. Balls to: 45. Juan ‘Jimmy’ Price

scrubbers ball: John Maynard and Ken Bradford.




John won the singles competition undefeated and Fred was second with the one loss. Max & Ned defeated Mark & Nat 3–1 in the final to win the doubles competition.

* All welcome, play is at the Mullumbimby Tennis Clubhouse, Byron Street Mullumbimby, Thursday evenings 6.30 start. Also, build on your skills with our new table tennis robot. 

Enquiries phone Mark 0409 473 517 or Chris 6684 1468.






12 noon Table Duty Bangalow 1.30pm Main Arm

Canteen 12.00–1pm Bluebirds 1–2pm Banana Splits

Hard Court set up duty 12 Noon SOS

Tidy Up Dolphins

12.30 pm Netta Duty Team Puffer Fish

Court 7 Tigers v Mermaids ump Tigers

Court 9 Butterflys v Blossoms ump Blossoms

Court 10 Bilbies v Pufferfish ump Bilbies

12.30 pm 12 & Under

Court 1 Gummie Bears v Bellas ump Jo Lowe/Casey Fenwick

Court 2 Rockfish v Bananas ump Sienna/Michelle

Court 3 Starfish v Bluebottles ump Bridget Barnes/Jemma Pollock

Court 4 Blueberries v SOS Ali/Molly

Court 5 Bluebirds v Catfish ump Sue K/Aubrey

Court 6 Swifts v Bliss ump Ellie/Jordan

Bye boomerangs

Canteen 1–2 Banana Splits 2–3pm B52s


Court 1 Blaze v Classics ump Jordan/Sarah

Court 2 Breakers v Bay Blast ump Jo L/B52s

Court 4 Underdogs v Anonymous ump Seahorses/Aubrey

Court 5 Blazers v Flying fish ump dolphins/Ellie

Court 6 Mudslide v Boosh ump Giants x 2

3pm Canteen Bay Blast

Court 1 Giants v Dolphins ump Ashley/Narelle

Court 2 Taverners v Seahorses ump Sue H/Classics

Court 4 Amazons v Hot Tuna ump Blaze x 2

Court 5 Gladiators v Mighty Minkies ump Boosh/Ali Reeve

Court 6 Blitz v B52s Ump Classics/Blaze




Brunswick Heads

Round 9 – J V Towing Comp

6pm Flash v Bad, Eagles v Squeakers. Duty – Kriss Kross

7pm Kriss Kross v Packers, Redbacks v Mangoes. Duty – Flash

Thursday 2/8/12

Round 11 – Ocean Shores True Value Hardware Comp

6pm Alaskans v Divas, Bop v Grogmonsters, Thunderbirds v Bruns Belles. Duty – Exodia

7pm Chilli Twist v Flukes, Exodia v Volleys, Fireflys v Fill Ins, Muchachas v Dees. Duty – Bruns Belles & Alaskans

Tuesday 7/8/12

Junior Comp – 5–6pm. $5 per week. 12–17 age group. Phone 6685 1794 to play. Beginners welcome

Round 10 – J V Towing Comp

6pm Flash v Packers, Eagles v Bad. Duty – Squeakers

7pm Kriss Kross v Mangoes, Redbacks v Squeakers. Duty – Bad

* Tuesday 7/8/12 Junior Comp 5–6 pm. $5 per week. 12–17 age group. 

Phone 6685 1794. Beginners welcome.



Brunswick Heads 

Tuesday 31/7/12

Junior Comp – 5–6pm. 12–17 age group. $5 per week. Phone 6685 1794 to play. Beginners welcome

Round 9 – J V Towing Comp

6 pm Flash v Bad, Eagles v Squeakers. Duty – Kriss Kross

7 pm Kriss Kross v Packers, Redbacks v Mangoes. Duty – Flash

Thursday 2/8/12

Round 11 – Ocean Shores True Value Hardware Comp

6 pm Alaskans v Divas, Bop v Grogmonsters, Thunderbirds v Bruns Belles. Duty – Exodia

7 pm Chilli Twist v Flukes, Exodia v Volleys, Fireflys v Fill Ins, Muchachas v Dees. Duty – Bruns Belles & Alaskans

Tuesday 7/8/12

Junior Comp – 5–6pm. $5 per week. 12–17 age group. Phone 6685 1794 to play. Beginners welcome

Round 10 – J V Towing Comp

6 pm Flash v Packers, Eagles v Bad. Duty – Squeakers

7 pm Kriss Kross v Mangoes, Redbacks v Squeakers. Duty – Bad

*Phone 6685 1794. Beginners welcome.


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Fun community connection for Japanese community 

The local Japanese community came together in early May at the Cavanbah center to celebrate Japanese Children’s Day. 

Tragic death of two men in Yamba

NSW Police have today spoken to the media after the body of a man and a teenage boy were located inside a home at Yamba yesterday.

Expect saltwater on Ballina roads during king tides

Ballina Shire Council is encouraging motorists to drive safely over the coming days with king tides leading to minor flooding of some local roads. 

Warming winter for Tweed Shire’s homeless

It's no secret that the Far North Coast has some of the highest homelessness figures in the country and Dharma Care is determined to reduce those figures as the days get colder.