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March 4, 2021

Page backs non-vaccination ban

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Dominic Feain

A plan to allow childcare centres to ban children who are not immunised, following revelations Mullumbimby topped the national list of ‘vaccine refusers’, has been backed by Ballina MP and minister for the north coast, Don Page, as well as both sides of the NSW Parliament.

‘Mullumbimby now has the lowest vaccination rates nationally with less than half its young children now fronting up for their shots,’ Mr Page told ABC radio, referring to a report from the National Health Performance Authority.

He said that parents should consult their GPs about immunisation rather than the internet, adding that whooping cough, polio and diphtheria were all preventable diseases and people were not only putting their own children at risk, but the whole community as the level of ‘herd immunity’ fell.

Mr Page was responding to legislation proposed by opposition leader John Robertson yesterday to give preschools and childcare centres the right to refuse children who weren’t vaccinated.

‘People shouldn’t underestimate the importance of immunisation. All these diseases potentially are preventable providing we have enough people in the community who can guarantee the herd immunity,’ Mr Page told the ABC.

He added that without immunisation, the whole population, particularly young people, were at risk of contracting these ‘terrible diseases’.

Negative effect

Public Health North Coast assistant director Greg Bell said the consequences for towns like Mullumbimby could be dire and he hoped more people would visit their GP or health professional to discuss immunisation.

‘When there are outbreaks or high disease loadings it’s been proven that [lack of immunisation] actually has a negative effect on the whole community in that you’re a long way away from any “herd effect” in so far as being protected from a lot of these diseases,’ Mr Bell said.

‘To get a decent “herd effect”, in other words a protection from vaccine-preventable diseases, you need an immunisation rate of low 90s through to about 97 per cent; when you’ve only got 50 per cent it automatically means that your community is at risk of outbreaks.

‘For example, a whooping cough outbreak can really be very serious and we’ve seen examples of that up here on the north coast.

‘We’re telling people to really give it some really serious thought, make some informed decisions and try to get advice from independent immunisation providers (such as your doctor) and talk it over with them.’

Mr Bell said there was a new mobile immunisation app for young parents put out by the federal government.

‘People can check it all out and if they like to register they can actually be automatically reminded by text when shots are due,’ he said.

‘What we’re trying to say to people is immunisation is for the whole community.

‘We’re trying to get away from individual views by vaccine-refusers, who are often only thinking from their own point of view, whereas we’re trying to say vaccines are really good in protecting the health and wellbeing of the whole community; but the group we’re thinking about most is the little ones, babies between birth and six months, who are very vulnerable.’

Opposition leader John Robertson said yesterday that immunisation was a community-wide issue and his proposed bill was a sensible step to empower preschools and childcare centres.

‘[It] reminds me of the saying: “all for one and one for all”,’ he said, speaking ‘not just as a politician, but also as a parent,’ Mr Robertson wrote in his News Ltd column.

‘Mums and dads who vaccinate their child against diseases such as measles, chicken pox or whooping cough are doing the right thing.

‘The medical literature is clear. When community immunisation rates drop because some parents fall prey to misleading scare campaigns, bad science or sheer stubbornness, it increases the risk of an epidemic for everyone and it becomes the responsibility of elected officials to act.

‘Let’s not mince words. Parents who choose not to vaccinate aren’t just putting their child at risk. They are endangering other innocent children as well. Vaccination saves lives and that’s what Labor’s legislation seeks to do,’ he said.


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  1. I agree with the vaccination program for children. I had Whooping Cough at 9 months of age. Close to death with breathing difficulties. Kept in isolation with professional care. Though this experience was many years ago I believe it has left me with a weakness to “lung-breathing” problems when immune system is low.

    Think of every child at risk, not just your own!

    • Hi Sarah, just wondering if you have done any research on natural cures for whooping cough or any health problem.
      Did you know that God created herbs for our healing, the Chinese & Ayurvedic medicine has been using them successfully for over 5,000 years. Peace

  2. It’s a fear campaign by the drug companies they must have a big batch of vaccines about to expire, amazing how they get so much coverage in the media, paying off with all their cash. Obviously they can’t dump all of them on third world countries.
    If vaccinations are working as they are “supposed to” why are unvaccinated children a threat?
    Why is it that the largest population of unvaccinated kids in Sydney are in the wealthiest areas? Is it a coincidence that the majority of doctors also live in these areas, I think not.
    If my youngest son was vaccinated he would be DEAD, no one tells you about all the ingredients, one of which my son is highly allergic to.
    Do your research, we are talking about lives here.

    • There is no batch of vaccines about to expire. No vaccine is 100 per cent effective. We need high levels of vaccination to provide ‘community immunity’ and to reduce the risk of people contracting and spreading diseases. Unless the unvaccinated children in these areas of Sydney are all doctor’s children I think coincidence is the most likely explanation. Done the research, got my degrees, now working to protect lives.

  3. to read the truth about vacinations and not just believe government scare campaigns check the australian vacination networkhttp://avn.org.au/
    echo time to do balanced report on vacination

  4. A completely biased article supporting the minister’s intentions to mess with human rights! Crap job on this article Echo! Provide some research please!

  5. We never vaccinated our kids and they never got sick, we observed it was always the vaccinated ones who got sick, so called herd immunity is at best a questionable theory and the link between vaccination and autism established by Dr Andrew Wakefield is never mentioned by our unthinking politicians, behind whom are the drug companies.

  6. OMG Echo what are you doing- no research at all! Have you not noted that Murdoch’s News Ltd has promoted this vilification of unvaccinated children throughout their empire (many many newspapers across the nation). Did you know that Murdoch was a director of a big vaccine company GSK? How many shares does Murdoch’s companies own in GSK and other vaccine companies? Did you know that GSK (according to Wikipedia) ‘In July 2012, GSK pleaded guilty to criminal charges and agreed to a $3 billion settlement of the largest health-care fraud case in the U.S. and the largest payment by a drug company in the US.The settlement was related to the company’s illegal promotion of prescription drugs, its failure to report safety data, bribing doctors, and promoting medicines for uses for which they were not licensed’. Did you know that some of these big pharma companies experiment with new vaccines on third world countries where the ethical standards are lowest (eg http://www.buenosairesherald.com/article/88922/gsk-fined-over-vaccine-trials-14–babies-reported-dead

  7. Wow didn’t take long for 4 people who have no idea to spout the anti vax line. Dean the AVN is only there to provide mis- information. Adam there is so much research on the benefits of vaccination that you only have to look. Anton the link between vaccination and autism has been completely debunked and the non credibility of Andrew Wakefield has been proven.

  8. Wether or not to vaccinate has always invoked emotional response with do-gooders relentless that ALL should vaccinate.
    I wonder what caused Autism in the child story on ACA last night.
    It is ridiculous to think we can inoculate our children against all those nasty diseases we all fear. Apparently some of those maladies strengthen our immune systems.
    To deny people the right to preschool their children is extremely offensive – next thing you be telling them they can’t smoke or drink.

  9. “The One Peoples Public Trust” (OPPT) has forclosed upon the Government of Australia and all Banks Corporations across the world, so we the people will have the opportunity in the very near future to say what is going to happen for our children and our childrens children. No more construed ‘slavery’ by health depts disguised as ‘doo-gooders’ taking orders from Big Pharma that has also been foreclosed upon. Check out OPPT-IN on the net. . . or read how the Banks are faring right now. . . http://briankellysblog.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/westpac-bank-rep-admits-knowledge-of.html

  10. What a lot of ostriches. Get your heads out of the sand and get your kids vaccinated. Yes you have the right not to and put your child at risk. You also have the right to set-up your own Child Minding Centre where no child is vaccinated. Good Luck.

  11. To say that AVN are running a fear campaign is offensive. They are simply giving educated people the information they need to make an INFORMED choice. It is the government and pharmaceutical companies that are running the fear campaign.

  12. The problem for many people here is a lack of independent information. They are either fully anti-vaccine or fully pro-vaccine. In WA last flu season there was a bad batch of vaccine which killed 1 child and left 250 other children with severe illness, see “The West Australian”, a very conservative newspaper Sat 18 May. This has led to low vaccination for influenza this year despite the ‘authorities’ saying it has all been fixed and is now safe. I wonder why we need to vaccinate against flu anyway and does this lead to stronger immune flu virus the following year which everyone else has to deal with? Then there are cases of babies dying in the Northern Rivers from whooping cough, which is preventable. I don’t trust or believe either side. One are almost like Conspiracy Theorists and the other are the so called do-gooders influenced by huge pharmaceutical companies. But surely it is a matter of personal parental choice and if kids are going to be banned from schools or child care surely it should only be if the truly life threatenting illness vaccine is refused and only the if there are no safety risks or an allergic reaction is not present. By the Way – Herd Immunity is a very apt term for those muskateers like Don Page who try and impose their views on everyone else. And some of the anti-antivaccine evangelists seem very red neck and irate that those hippies in Mullumbimby or the Chablis Swillers in Western Sydney won’t do as they are told by those who obviously know what is best for us all. They feel not vaccinating puts their children at risk while others feel vaccinating puts their children at risk. Both are valid emotions. Who is right? Trust and discuss with your doctor? Doctors who prescribe all sorts of drugs to adults and children. Is their view balanced. More balanced information would be great! And on each vaccine and vaccine-combos too. Not just, Yes it is safe and effective or No, it’s dangerous and unnecessary.

  13. Only Sarah & Dale in favour of vaccination (at the time I am typing this)…..congratulations for showing sense and in Sarah’s case hard earned.

    It wouldn’t suprise me if some of the people with the negative comments were smokers and the type of person that expects others to put up with passive smoking from their cigarettes.

  14. Mullum might have the lowest vaccination rate, but does it have corresponding high rates of diphtheria and whooping cough? If so, the argument to force parents to vaccinate might have some substance. If not,those pushing might need to rethink their case. If vaccines work, vaccinated children should be in no danger when in contact with unvaccinated children. Isn’t that the point of getting jabbed in the first place? Otherwise why do I get shots before going overseas?

  15. Wow … how dare the govt tell anyone how to raise their child and take away our rights and options its ridiculous to not use natural remedies I never vaccinated my children and no probs if anything was going around such as whooping cough I would vaccinate homeopathically .. Dale i feel sad you reacted in that way quite rude and venomous in your post . And really if vaccinations work why are they worried about the non vaccinated ? pfft home schooling then 🙂

  16. I agree with all of you.
    If you never want your child to get whooping cough you should vaccinate them. Well, at least the odds are better they won’t get it.
    If you never want your child to have ongoing health problems throughout their lives you should never vaccinate them….or at least the odds are better if you don’t.
    This is the world folks. It is full of contradictions does not contain any certainties whatsoever and is designed to be a pain in the arse for all who take birth in it and a lot of people are just not going to make it without dying.
    Oh, by the way, I have two ridiculously healthy children who were never vaccinated and two more who were…for some shit and not for others. What I find really really laughable are the authorities telling people to get “independent” advice from their GP’s. Doctors are little more than regulated drug pushers working on behalf of big Pharma…..but ….the contradiction is that I do sometimes see one and do sometimes take drugs made by evil. And lastly, maybe it is a good thing for kids to not go to school or else they may end up like Don Page……tunnel visioned, silky tongued spin artists.

  17. Could someone please tell me why pregnant women are under so much pressure not to take any medication, even if unwell, drink alcohol or smoke etc but it’s okay to inject a tiny newborn baby with so many chemicals?
    If almost 50% of two to five year olds in Mulumbimby are unvaccinated , why hasn’t there been an outbreak of polio,diptheria, measles or whooping couph?

  18. An excellent article by Dr Isaac Golden has been written with fact regarding vaccination, and the other option of immunisation called homoeoprophylaxis (homeopathic immunisation).
    I fully recommend everyone to read this article:

    And if you are wanting to immunise your child, but wanting to by pass the negative side effects of pharma vaccines, then homoeoprophylaxis could be a valuable option to investigate. You don’t just have to do “nothing”!

    Thank you

  19. You could say that over the years I sit on the fence…

    I am very worried for my 4 week old baby. No child can be immunised at 4 weeks of age because they are too young. But she could catch a virus like whooping cough or chicken pox from one of the 200 Mullumbimby Primary kids when I pick up her older siblings every day. The possibility is that half of that school is not immunised. In 2011 three quarters of the kindy class contracted chicken pox over a 2 term period, which equated to about 12 kids.

    Years ago I researched both sides of the debate. At the time I had been working in Traditional Chinese Medicine I immunised my first 2 kids late because we lived up in the forest and had very little interaction with the community, and I wanted to wait until their bodies had grown stronger. Yes I was scared of the risks of an adverse reaction.

    Education is the most powerful tool one can possess. I am now a final year science student at university and I now fully understand the concept of ‘research’ as many people are writing about. Yes it is about doing your homework and understanding both sides of a debate. Since this is a medical issue the best information will come from published and referenced medical journals which can be accessed through university libraries. However, research also means an experimentally tested hypothesise, with a strict experimental design and multiple replicates based on the methodology of previous researchers. Research does not mean scanning the internet for opinions but rather weeks or years of testing in laboratories (such that of vaccines).

    Having further educated myself, I now know that the risks associated with proven science is better than risking my new borns life in a community with low immunisation rates. It is only a matter of time before the northern rivers sees a return of preventable illnesses and it will most likely originate from an overseas visitor into the Byron Bay community…

    Literally, every day this winter I am scared for my four week old daughter. I hope that it wont be a repeat of 2008 when I knew loads of people with whooping cough. That is why we immunise (herd immunise) to protect those who medically can not.

  20. Oh lord, this page. There is no scientific debate about vaccination, nor is there any genuine alternative other than isolation. It’s the only proven way of keeping contagious disease under control.


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