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Byron Shire
April 22, 2021

Vaccination loophole ‘exploited’

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Meryl Dorey being interviewed in Byron Bay recently by a national news network over moves by the AVN to advise conscientious objectors how to avoid the government’s legislation banning unvaccinated children from childcare centres and preschools.


Luis Feliu

The NSW opposition claims a loophole in the NSW government’s proposed changes to child vaccination laws is being exploited by anti-vaccination campaigners in order to gain exemptions, and it wants the legislation tightened up.

But the Greens say the legislation, which they support, won’t force people objecting on philosophical grounds to vaccinate their children if they want to use childcare centres.

A recent report found that less than half of young children in the Mullumbimby area were fully-immunised.

Opposition leader John Robertson says the Bangalow-based Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) is advising members and supporters on ways to claim an exemption from the legislation by encouraging its members to join a new-age style church to avoid the NSW government’s vaccination legislation.

Under the legislation, parents will be able to claim an exemption on ‘religious grounds’ in order to allow their children to attend childcare without being vaccinated.

Childcare centres face fines of up to $4000 if they don’t check if children enrolled have been vaccinated.

Mr Robertson said that AVN recently posted a link on its facebook page encouraging its members to join the Church of Conscious Living to avoid the vaccination legislation, which was introduced in state parliament’s lower house last week.

The AVN, according to their post, said ‘the tenets of this church absolutely oppose forced medication including vaccination’.

Mr Robertson said that while the opposition also supports the legislation, the government ‘has created a loophole large enough for anti-vaccination supporters to drive a truck through’, which was ‘a victory for the AVN’.

‘The health minister needs to explain what steps the government will take to close this loophole that allows anti-vaccination campaigners to claim an exemption and refuse vaccinations,’ he said.

‘It’s clear that members of the AVN and their supporters will use any means available to avoid protecting children from whooping cough and measles. The credentials of the Church of Conscious Living as a genuine religious organisation is completely dubious, yet its members will be able to use it to gain an exemption.’ ?But NSW Greens spokesman, MLC Dr John Kaye, said anyone with profound philosophical objections wanting to send their children to childcare could still not vaccinate their children.



Dr Kaye told ABC north coast this week that there needed to be ‘a robust conversation’ with people who don’t want to vaccinate on the basis that ‘they don’t understand the evidence’.

He said he thought objectors were ‘being misled by mischievous websites’ but did not blame them, ‘but the people behind those websites’.

The AVN’s founder and former president Meryl Dorey was unable to be contacted yesterday for comment.

But the AVN facebook site says the legislation leaves too many questions unanswered, which it lists, and that ‘should it be decided that this issue is worth fighting, a case can be taken to the High Court of Australia to oppose and revoke this legalised discrimination’.

The article, which is not bylined, says that on ‘first reading of this bill, it is easy to see how little thought has gone into it’ and ‘calling it a knee-jerk reaction would be putting it mildly’.

‘This is legislation driven by a sector of the media with close ties to vaccine manufacturers and run on the back of a hate-filled vilification campaign which Australia has never seen the likes of before,’ it says.

‘This campaign has gone beyond all reasonable boundaries expected in a civilised society. Comparisons can be drawn between the current situation in Australia and historical social conflicts such as the McCarthy Era in the US and Hitler’s vilification of the Jews during the 1930s and 1940s. ‘At least with these issues, there was plenty of public debate going on. Today, there is censorship and suppression of any discussion which is not in line with government and medical opinion on the subject. Should this blatant discrimination continue, history and the world will not judge Australia well.’

The article questions whether ‘teachers and staff members of preschools, childcare centres and daycare facilities also have to show that they are fully-vaccinated against all diseases?’

‘What about school bus drivers and parents who volunteer to help in these facilities? If they do not need to show this proof, how can the government be claiming that this policy is protective rather than putative?’ the article says.

The article also says that the bill ‘does not mention natural immunity. If a child has already contracted and recovered from one of the illnesses for which we currently vaccinate, thereby gaining lifelong immunity to the disease (something which no vaccine can provide), will they still be required to be vaccinated? Upon what basis?’

The Public Health Amendment (Vaccination of Children Attending Child Care Facilities) Bill 2013 is set to be debated in the Upper House in two weeks time, and if passed it will come into effect on January 1 next year.

The Bill allows exemptions for conscientious objection based on personal, philosophical, religious or medical belief as well as for medical reasons.


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  1. What an unscientific form of medicine vaccination is. There is still today only one system of medicine that has a true scientific base and that system is constantly mocked in an attempt to maintain a medical philosophy that is in itself fraudulent. In the Renascence lived the greatest physician known to man, Paracelsus, he spoke of mercury and the fools of his time began using mercury and other poisons as medicine, he was talking of the mercury of the alchemist. Homeopathy a system of medicine where its developers poisoned themselves and wrote the proving down over many times, was brought forth from the translation of the works of Paracelsus. For the doubters have a good look at Cuba today and its system of medicine. Big pharmacy does well out of vaccination. The cost to use it homeopathicly is none existent and big pharmacy is out of the equation. This is a very dangerous path to follow in heath and democracy. There is even a danger for me and others to speak out against the interest of big pharmacy and the false philosophy they propagate.

  2. Why don’t these people just start their own little family day care centres for just non vaccinated kids that way our kids don’t have to be subjected to the higher risk of disease and their kids can go on living without their immunity, it’s a social contract to have your kids vaccinated if you choose not to vaccinate them then don’t send them into a social situation it’s as simple as that!

  3. I’m shocked to read about people not wanting to imunize their children. As a childcare professional I have experienced the full range of health issues that children can face in a nursery or other childcare environment.
    Personally I think it’s a good thing that centers can deny non-immunized children.
    Even if the risk was one in a hundred to have an autism spectrum reaction, and it’s not (not even one in ten thousand), even then it beats the nearly forty percent FATALITY rate of most of the diseases we vaccinate against.

  4. As Noam Chomsky said, ‘The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum’. It’s no surprise that Murdoch pushes lively debate on this issue. This raging vaccine debate just distracts us from his government funded stratospheric aerosol injection program (Weather Modication Inc.). When will non-Murdoch media expose this issue instead of jumping on this sociopath’s bandwagon? As far as I can see, the AVN FB page is a meeting place for people who wisely question mainstream propaganda pushed onto medical students by big pharma companies before they’ve even left uni. AVN have my full support.

  5. What have the vacinated children got fear as they will be “immune” to infection ! all this is going to end in tears because of all these multi jabs at so younger age !

    • I bet you know the answer to this, really you do, because you are bound to have heard this many times before:

      1. Not all vaccines are 100% effective, so a small but significant proportion of the vaccinated remain vulnerable.
      2. There are some who will not respond to vaccines well (eg infants), who until they can be properly immunised remain vulnerable. This is why all the poor kids who died in the USA, and why the McCafferey’s baby died of pertussis.
      3. Some have medical conditions or allergies which mean they cannot be vaccinated.
      4. By not vaccinating your own and encouraging others not to vaccinate, you lower herd immunity and ensure diseases can freely circulate in the community.

  6. Loophole exploited??? What are parents to do if their freedom of choice and right to an informed choice is being trampled like a bunch of flowers by a dinosaur herd?

    As the saying goes, all is fair in love and war, and this is a war against our children who are being poisoned and harmed on a daily basis by members of a profession which has long ago abandoned its guiding principle of “First Do No Harm”.

    In New Zealand, a few years ago cat breeders resorted to falsifying their animals’ vaccination certificates to be able to take them to cat shows even though they were unvaccinated. They were virtually forced to do this because they had lost so many of their valuable breeding animals to vaccine-related injuries and deaths. There was even a TV programme about it at the time.

    Personally, I would stop at nothing to prevent these maniacs from poisoning any child of mine, even if it meant falsifying vaccination certificates or joining a New Age Church. Informed parents will do whatever they need to do to circumvent this institutionalised insanity of having their children systematically poisoned for profit under the guise of disease prevention.

    It would as the saying goes be “over my dead body” that anyone would stick a needle into any child of mine. At least in New Zealand parents still have freedom of choice without undue pressure and coercion apart from rants by the odd possibly well-meaning but misinformed doctor.

    In Australia things unfortunately seem to be getting worse. In a way, that may however be a good thing, because it may prompt more parents to investigate this issue and then to rise up against this government-sponsored medical tyranny.

  7. What a crock that the Greens support this legislation and for Greens Senator John Kaye to say that those who oppose ‘don’t understand the evidence.’ In truth he doesn’t understand evidence to the contrary.

    Besides which, homeopathic vaccinations have proved to be equally effective as pharmaceutical vaccines but without the nasty ingredients and therefore side-effects (which Senator Kaye obviously is in denial about.)

    • Homeopathic “vaccinations” make no sense in so many ways. They don’t even adhere to homeopathic principles since homeopathic remedies are claimed to cause symptoms in healthy people (“provings”) that they are supposed to cure in sick people. So, if homeopathic provings work as advertised, then homeopathic vaccines would actually give kids whooping cough, etc. If they don’t do this, then provings must be nonsense.

      But what really spins me out is when people who insist that disease is a gift and that natural immunity is best, also recommend homeopathic vaccinations to prevent these “benefits”.

    • There is no proof of homeopathy being as effective as vaccines at all! Suggest people get their heads out of the collective Norht Coast Bucket of willful ignorance and watch the documentary “Jabbed” which recently aired on SBS1. A very balanced view of vaccination preventable disease giving a broad history as well as recent Australian and international examples of how a vaccine-treatable diseases are spreading around the world with international travel and finding ‘hot-spots’ to flourish in that correlate directly with areas of low-immunisation rates. The NSW North Coast is one such area among several where outbreaks of preventable disease are therefore inevitable unless OUR local immunisation rates are lifted. Even the leading homeopath refuted the misguided information that purports homeopathy to be anti-immunisation, when in fact it supports immunisation on the basis of being a complementary treatment, NOT an ALTERNATIVE to vaccination!
      I also don’t think politics comes into it – because it is a public health issue and no matter which way you divvy up the limited (or even diminishing)funding pie – no politician is going to give the NSW North Coast more resources to increase bed numbers here as a result of this statistic).
      In the lead-up to this next election, the best thing I could recommend is that you ask your local politicians if they’ve had all their vaccinnations BEFORE you hand your child over to be kissed by one!

  8. “homeopathic vaccinations have proved to be equally effective” Funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.” without the nasty ingredients” Yes inject your kids with water – very scientific!


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