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June 20, 2024

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Have your say on Byron Bay’s foreshore 

Byron Council staff have proposed options and a ten-year vision for the much-used space, including the removal, or partial removal, of the carpark overlooking Main Beach. 

Other News

Housing waiting lists jump over 100 per cent for Northern Rivers

Crisis response needed from NSW state government as listings for priority housing increase over 100 per cent in multiple Northern Rivers regions.

16-year-old Mullum boy summits Imja Tse

Back in 2017, nine-year-old local boy, Finn Marshall-Rosato, became the youngest Australian to trek to Everest Base Camp, unaided and carrying all his own gear. 

Mandy Nolan’s Soapbox: PFAS-ed Off

Whenever a cloudy day hits Mullumbimby we all know it’s only a matter of time before someone’s on a community Facebook group warning people about chemtrails. I’ve sat in a Meet the Candidates and heard an audience member ask an MP what they are going to do about chemtrails and watched them squirm.

The stuff of stars

Australia’s favourite gathering of astronomers, space enthusiasts and science-forward friends is finally back again in 2024. The organisers are bringing back many of the speakers they had planned before the pandemic cancelled the last event.

Budding young musicians hit the stage at Byron Farmers Market

There will be a special appearance at Byron Farmers Market tomorrow morning! Along with the freshest locally-grown produce, the...

Rail trails

Having ridden both local rail trails I can only say what a pleasure they bring. No cars or traffic noise...



Byron Bay Men

Thursday 27th June – self selected pairs winners were Mark Banfield and Dick Aldridge, runners-up Steve Hammond and John Fysh. Meat tray won by Bob Lewis.

Saturday 29th June – social bowls winners were Brian Burton and Bob Lewis, runners-up Pat Anderson and Ray Henderson

Thursday 4th July – self selected pairs winners were Ray Henderson and Bob Lewis, runners-up Geoff McGrath and Graeme Huxley. Meat tray won by Paul B-z. The jackpot was not won and now stands at $50.

Saturday 6th July – social bowls winners were Judith Wright, Ray Henderson and Bob Lewis, runners-up Therese Hillard, Pat Anderson, and Robert Rays.

***  Three players from our club have been selected to represent our District in the Johnston/Dignan Shield and the Schipp Cup on Sunday 14th July at Ballina Bowling Club. They are Syl Reid, Greg Daniels and Dick Aldridge.

The Club Pairs championship draw has been done and is on the notice board. First game Satruday 13th July.

Byron Bay Women

*** Visitors Welcome! Any Tuesday morning. Bowls begin at 9:30 so please be at the club at 9am for morning tea beforehand. You can also phone your name in by ringing the club on 66856202.

The AGM of the Byron Bay WBC will be held on Tuesday 23rd July at 9:30am. All positions are declared vacant, nomination forms for the all positions are on the noticeboard.

Kingscliff Ladies

Social play Wednesday, July 3:  Winners: M. Jeffries, V. Abery,  M. Atkinson.

“B” Grade Singles:  B. Petri defeated G. Phipps

Results of Charity Day raffles drawn on our successful Charity Day, July 3:  Monster Raffle.  1st prize: Barbara Morse); 2nd Prize: Gail Phipps; 3rd prize: Barbara Mirls.  Cake: Laurel Willoughby.
*** Please check the board for Major/Minor Pairs. 

Mullumbimby Ex-Services Men

28/6/13 Saturday Winter Triples Carnival

Great fortunate was experienced as – this day was sandwiched by quite unpleasant conditions on both the Friday and the Sunday. Teams from Ballina, Lismore and Tweed and many Clubs in between were delighted that the day did go ahead on a beautiful sunny day and on well presented greens. Our guest Chef also delighted the players. G Condie P Earl T Makin from Ocean Shores  took $810 as the major prize.  Speersy T Knudson D Ball of South Lismore, 2nd prize, taking $660 with G Skinner     B Allen R Miles from Ballina winning $510 in 3rd place. Winning $360 in 4th place were G  Naoum A Bartlett J McKay of Mullumbimby. 5th prize of $210 went to G Lake G Matfin L Freeman of Cabarita. Round winners took home $150 – !st round B Pollard T Mitchell R Barnes (Ocean Shores)  2nd round     I Simes D Baker N Leeson (Lismore City) 3rd round M Howard M Avopardi P Welsh (Cabarita)

3/7/13 Wednesday Social

J Bathie T Fenwick J McKay (c/w Peter McDonald Fencing & Farm Maintenance rink) 24, D J Clarke (visitor) D Ottery A Bartlett 13, M Nicholls M Johnston P McDonald 18 d S Purdie N Newton H McKenna 6, Poppie George MGR BurkeL Henry 31 d J Scott J Canabou T Johnston 9

*** Members input is valued – AGM 10.30 am July 20

Ocean Shores Men

Monday July 1  Triples  Washed Out

Saturday July 6 Classic Pairs first B Howell, D Taylor second S Warren, B Hay third J Howell, G Collins

*** Coming Events Sunday July 14 Rock and Roll Bowls 1pm start.  Sunday July 21 Sandcrabs Social Bowls. 8.30am Breakfast 9.30am Bowls . All welcome.

Ocean Shores Women

Wednesday July 6:  Mixed (Lucky rink):  Quantity was down but not the quality.   W. Sprengel (swinger), D. Gardiner, L. Johnston proved too strong for W. Sprengel, M. Flesser, G. Johnston.

Major Singles C/ship:  J. Williams not only won her match against F. Crowder but also won the lucky rink prize;   B. Sprengel def M. Flesser.
Friday July 8:  M. Bertoli, J. Williams (lucky rink winners) def K. Gallard, M. Hosie in a closely fought game.   P. Sullivan, M. James def J. Busch, L. McGowran.
Championships:  Major singles:  Because of unfortunate circumstances N. Gartner forfeited to M. Bertoli.     Consistency:  F. Crowder def B. Stone;  B. Sprengel def C. Timewell.
*** Quarterly Meeting:  Friday 19th July at 8.30 a.m.


Extreme Grappling Tournament Australisia – Byron Bay Open

1º Extreme Nova União – 78 Points

2º Spartans – 53 Points

3º Axis – 37 Points


White Belt Gi  64kg-73kg

1º Gal Shalev  – Extreme Nova União

2º Aron Smith – Axis

3º Conor Thompson – Spartans

White Belt Gi 74kg-82kg

1º Luke Thorngaard – Axis

2º Mith Booth – Axis

3º Keaton Rheiuberger – Bjj Yamba

White Belt Gi 82kg-91kg

1º Brad Earnshaw – Axis

2º Deans Burgess – Spartans

3º Conor Duffy – Extreme Nova União

White Belt Gi > 97kg 

1º Dean Phelps – Fve Rings

2º Luke Wolsey – Southside mma

3º George Mouschidis – Spartans

White Belt NoGi  61kg-70kg

1º Gal Shalev – Extreme Nova União

2º Nial Fahy – Extreme Nova União

3º Daniel O’Rourke – Rings

White Belt NoGi 72kg-80kg 

1º Luke Thornguard – Axis

2º Paul Phillips – Extreme Nova União

3º Liam Hartley – Rings

White Belt NoGi 80kg-89kg

1º Dean Burgess – Spartans

2º Brad  Earnshaw – Axis

White Belt NoGi > 97kg 

1º Dean Phelps – Five Rings

2º Jared Flick – Extreme Nova União

3º Jason Winosor – Nine 12

White Belt NoGi Open Class 

1º Mayim Aloni – Extreme Nova União

2º Liam Hartley – Rings

3º Travis Mcmahon – Extreme Nova União

Blue Belt Gi  75kg-85kg

1º Sebastion Pentreath – Extreme Nova União

2º Matt Jackson – BJJ Yamba

3º Kyle Griffths – Axis

Blue Belts Gi Open Class 

1º Jamahl Kelly – Spartans

2º Sebastian Pentreath – Extreme Nova União

Blue Belts NoGi  75kg-85kg

1º Sebastian Pentreath – Extreme Nova União

2º Guy Beumore – Five Rings

3º Matt Jackson – BJJ Yamba

Blue Belts NoGi Open Class 

1º Jamahl Kelly – Spartans

2º Sebastian Pentreath – Extreme Nova União

Purple Belts Gi Open Class 

1º David Perna – BJJ Yamba

2ª Mick Pegg – Spartans

Purple Belts NoGi Open Class

1º David Perna – BJJ Yamba

2ª Mick Pegg – Spartans

Black Belts  NoGi Open Class

1º Daniel Almeida – Extreme Nova União

2º Sam Nest  – Rings

White Belts Womens Gi 55kg-66kg

1º Bronwyn Haller – Spartans

2º Colette Kerry – Extreme Nova União

3º Jmala Esau – Extreme Nova União

White Belts Womens NoGi  Open Class

1º Brownyn Harller – Spartans

2º Jamala Esau – Nova União

3º Bec Jackson – BJJ Yamba


Brunswick Valley

01/07/2013 10 Table Bye and Share.   N/S:  1st gross – Hilary Lewis/Phyllis Keyte;  2nd gross – Mary Solway/Martin Nicholson. E/W:  1st gross – June Selleck/Barbara Simons, 2nd gross – Sybil Easterbrook/Colleen Wellings

06/07/2013 9 table Mitchell.   N/S:  1st gross – Margaret Fleming/Freda Star;  2nd gross – Pat Janda/Silvia van Rossum.  E/W:  1st gross – Kathleen Westall/Colleen Wellings;   2nd gross – Alleyne and Gerry Withey.

*** We meet at Brunswick Heads Community Centre on Monday and Saturday.  Seated by 12.45.  Guests welcome.  If partner required, or information regarding Bridge lessons, please telephone Phyllis Keyte  6684 1103.

Ocean Shores

03/07/13  5 Table Mitchell.   N/S:   1st gross;  Freda Star/Pin Sultas;   2nd gross;  June Selleck/Barbara Simons:    E/W:  1st gross; Margaret Hosie/Kathleen Westall;  2nd gross;  Eric Bridgeman/Brad Hurst.

***We meet at Ocean Shores Country Club on Wednesday evenings.  Seated by 6.15 pm.  All welcome.  Enquiries P Sullivan 02 6680 3871 



Date: 06/07/13 Monthly Medal – Stroke
A Grade
Winner: Stewart Pontin Score: 69
Runner Up: Wolf Jirzik Score: 70

B Grade
Winner: Mark Hartley Score: 70
Runner Up: William Gregg Score: 72
C Grade
Winner: Chris Cornale Score: 65 *Overall Winner*
Runner Up: Max Lange Score: 72
Nearest the Pins
5th: D Baird-Watson 174cm
7th: NA
9th: D Morgan 296cm
12th: K Lawler 226cm
17th: NA
Ball Run Down: 73 C/B
Gundies Mug: Val Cornale

Ocean Shores Men

Monday July 1 Washed Out

Wednesday July 3 Washed Out

Friday July 5 Nine and Dine first G Spyrou -23 second D Johns -22 c/b third D Lawson -22 c/b NTP F Crowder

Saturday July 6 Stableford   first S Evans 45  second T Sexton 43  third S Bravington 41 4Ball winners S Bravington, T Sexton 53 runners up M Scalas, T Sexton 49  NTP 3rd S Oliver (Hole in One) 6th G De La Garde 8th P Moyle 12th M Wilsdon  15th R Goodacre 17th M Foxon


Murwillumbah Rifle Club

Fullbore: 800 yards: A Cronk 98.10, 1, 99.10; D Chittick 98.8, 1, 99.8; D Phippard 95.11, 3, 98.11; S Dolan 96.8,1, 96.8.

Scope: G Morris 118.7, 3, 121.7; M Sforcina 112.4, 8, 120.5; P Weeks 112.5, 7, 119.5; M Setright 102, 11, 113.

Smallbore:  B Rooney 385, 21, 406; W Sunderland 399, 1, 400; A Cronk 398, 2, 400; P Weeks 397, 2, 399; W Shoobridge 393, 4, 397; G Davids 391, 6, 397; G Morris 390, 7, 397; J Groves 348, 46, 394; G Johnston 384, 9, 393; B Cooley 365, 28, 393; K Thomson 376, 16, 392; H Harvey 363, 28, 391; B Harvey 370, 17, 387; I Erbs 367, 17, 384; R DeLyon 321, 53, 374.



Fred Newman first after the round-robin handicap singles competition, with Raini Kahn (+2) second.  The doubles was won by Wilfred Arran & Raini Kahn (+6) 3-0 Chris Stybos & Mark Smith.

*** All welcome, play is at the Mullumbimby Tennis Clubhouse, Byron Street Mullumbimby, thursday evening 6.30pm start. Also, build on your skills with our new table tennis robot. Enquiries phone Mark 04 09 47 35 17 or Chris 6684 1468.



Please look over the secondary team lists for term 3. If you are bringing a friend to be in your team this term – please let Tanya or Ange know.

Also let them know if you have been accidentally left off any lists.

Secondary Competition starts Thursday 18th July.  The Draw will be out next Monday.


Sirius Phoenix Jupiter Mars
Kiara Richardson Chance Hamissi Cadel Early Tim Anderson
Zoe Richardson Kyle McKay Emelia Cresswell Jaden Gooley
Madison Pethers Tyler Moss Tanesha Van Netten Daniel West
Bianca McInnes Alex Johnson Josiah Lawerance Jase Cleaver
Maggie Cottee Christina Chan Brian Cotton Jack Cottee
Jack H.R Zac Boardman
Jaden Romilio


Whoppers Twisters Big Mac’s McChickens
Teagan McWhirter Katie Bugden Brodie Reidy Dylan Moss
Isaac Cooper Mitchel Roberts Hezikah Roberts Lochie Keyte
Marc Clarke Theo Jolliffe Dakota Spargo Schi Trenter
Ben Wilton James Cameron Alex Klassen Reuben Seymour
Chloe Jeffrey Mikalea Pienacki Regan Brack Kaden Ford
Paolo Galea
Biztax Bisons Zingers McOz Angry Angus
Josh Hamlyn – Edwards Caralie Wilson Alec Barker Jacob Leu
Adam Cocciola Mackensie Egan Kyai Tosomeen Wade Whitney
Ben Fitzpatrick Katie Tickle John Turner Ashleigh McGuiness
Darren Gough Kelsey Buss Jack Watson Jed McKinlay
Tom Eckert Caleb Waterman Jalon Hadley Ella Viet – Prince
Ben Morgan Jackson Marks


Brunswick Heads

Wednesday 10/7/13
Round 11 – Cape Byron Medical Centre Comp
Brunswick Heads Pharmacy v Occupational Health & Rehab Services – C Walsh v M Virtue, N Moon v J Gribble, B Schubert v A Chaffer, P Frazier v R Walsh
Coastal Voice & Data v Ocean Shores Glass – A Li v P Chaffer, W Knight v P Hill, C Johnston v A Cox, R James v F King
Inky Business v The Potato Works – W Ferrier v R King, C Booth v S Schubert, R Cameron v J Nicolson, C Naughton v B Doran
Division 1 – B Trivett v T Kropp, C Littlewood v G Davis

Monday 15/7/13
Round 10 – Byron Health Foods Comp
Division 1 – 5pm B Trivett v T Kropp, C Littlewood v V Pires, L Tomasella v G Davis; 5.30pm L Powell v D Bird
Division 2 – 5.30pm S Moon v C Walsh, R King v A Li. N Moon bye
Division 3 – 5pm J Gribble v P Chaffer, R Draper v S Schubert; 6.30pm A Cox v A Fraser. B Schubert bye
Division 4 – 5pm C Johnston v C Naughton; 5.30pm G Carter v J Hodges; 7pm T Avedission v A Chaffer
Division 5 – 5.30pm B Doran v F King; 6pm M Sonnenfeld v R Walsh

Wednesday 17/7/13
Round 12 – Cape Byron Medical Centre Comp
Brunswick Heads Pharmacy v Ocean Shores Glass – C Walsh v P Chaffer, N Moon v P Hill, B Schubert v A Cox, P Frazier v F King
Occupational Health & Rehab Services v Inky Business – M Virtue v W Ferrier, J Gribble v C Booth, A Chaffer v R Cameron, R Wa;lsh v C Naughton
Coastal Voice & Data v The Potato Works – A Li v R King, W Knight v S Schubert, C Johnston v J Nicolson, R James v B Doran
Division 1 – B Trivett v G Davis, C Littlewood v T Kropp
*** Phone 6685 1794 to play.


Brunswick Heads 

Brunswick Heads Volleyball
Tuesday 9/7/13
Round 6 – Mullum Power Tools Comp
6pm Kriss Kross v Express, Wilson v Flash. Duty – Ravens
7pm Bad v Mangoes, Ravens v Billigoats. Duty – Kriss Kross

Thursday 11/7/13
Round 10 – Ocean Shores True Value Hardware Comp
6pm Volleys v Grogmonsters, Flukes v Exodia, Mars Bars v Gabes Girls. Duty – Unbeatables
7pm Chilli Twist v Amigas, Cheetas v Unbeatables, Spiked Punch v Dashes, Wam v Fireflys. Divas bye. Duty – Mars Bars & Grogmonsters

Tuesday 16/7/143
Round 7 – Mullum Power Tools Comp
6pm Kriss Kross v Bad, Ravens v Flash. Duty – Express
7pm Express v Mangoes, Wilson v Billigoats. Duty – Flash

*** Phone 66851794 to play. Beginners welcome






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