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Parliament considers fluoride bill

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Chris Dobney

The state opposition health spokesperson Dr Andrew McDonald yesterday introduced a bill to give the state the power to force councils to fluoridate water.

Dr McDonald introduced the legislation less than 48 hours after the NSW chief medical officer Kerry Chant was subject to abuse in the car park outside the the Lismore council chambers, following Tuesday night’s council meeting, which she addressed on the  issue of fluoridation of the city’s water supply.

Dr McDonald referred to the unpleasant incident during his speech introducing the bill.

Dr McDonald told MPs Dr  Chant was harassed as she left the meeting, with someone yelling ‘we know your face, I have friends in Syria. Do you know of Sarin gas?’

‘This is the chief medical officer, this should never happen again,’ Dr McDonald said in Parliament.

Lismore mayor Jenny Dowell has condemned the unpleasant behaviour following the council meeting but  said she did not believe it had triggered Dr McDonald’s decision to introduce the legislation.

‘I had been speaking to Andrew McDonald a month ago and understood that he was planning on this [bill]. I don’t think this had anything to do with the timing of it,’ she told Echonetdaily.

‘But it is very unfortunate that someone with a strong anti-fluoride view would be so threatening and so personal.

‘And very unfortunate that someone within our community would do this and reinforce attitudes outside this community that we’re a pack of ratbags.’

Cr Dowell said she had since emailed the people who presented the pro-fluoride position and said, ‘I understand there was some abuse in the carpark following the meeting and on behalf of Council I apologise for that’.

Mayor Dowell said a large group had left the chamber at the same time. Conversations could be heard in loud voices, even from inside the chamber.

‘One woman within a very tight circle of people close to Kerry Chant was quite threatening. Kerry was dealing with it. Other people stepped in and encouraged the person who was being aggressive to move away.

‘The people were fine and shrugged it off but it wasn’t pleasant.’

Lismore MP Thomas George said he will also apologise over the incident.

‘This is not the first experience that bureaucrats or representatives of government departments or ministers have had in Lismore,’ he told ABC North Coast.

‘I’ve always provided people the opportunity for the right to have their say; however, the abuse that’s been levelled at Dr Kerry Chant is unacceptable.

‘I’m very embarrassed about it and I will apologise to her personally.’


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  1. Oh dear. I was subjected to verbal abuse for months in 1966 when I presented a paper to the then Country Party of WA in favour of water fluoridation of the Perth water supply. I had researched for over 6 months across Australia and Europe detailing evidence of the diminution of dental caries in areas that had naturally occurring fluoride and areas that had added small dosages to their water supplies.

    My husband was very distressed by the abuse phoned into our home and I remember being accosted by vituperative and verbally violent men and women as the bill went through the House of Reps in Perth. I was told that I would go to hell; that god would smite me and my family etc etc. They were lunatics.

    Not nice and a lousy way to behave.Scummy behaviour. Not worth taking any note of.. Poor Kerry Chant. I feel for her discomfiture.

  2. There is no excuse for personal threats and they do nothing but damage to a cause.
    Sadly the loony factor is all around us even amongst those (mostly) good people fighting for freedom from the draconian attitudes of our allopathic medical practitioners determined to medicate us all.

  3. Abusive language and behaviour is unacceptable, and I apologize to Dr Chant that it happened on behalf of the vast majority of those of us who oppose fluoridation. The person who behaved in such a way has only damaged our cause. I acknowledge that Dr Chant and other pro-fluoride advocates are as concerned for the well-being of the population as we are, and appreciate their work. The fact that I and others who share my views believe that their approach is unjust, dangerous and based on too little research does not alter that.

    Having said that, it must be said that both sides of the debate have been abusive. Anti-fluoride campaigners have been called flat-earthers, with their opposition based on ignorance, emotion and gut reaction. Nothing could be further from the truth, as many of us have done a large amount of research into the issue, which extends well beyond the question of how best to remediate poor dental health.

    It is high time that both sides of the debate adopted a better attitude towards each other. What we need more than anything are long-term holistic health studies to ascertain for once and for all whether fluoridation is truly the harmless dental health measure that its advocates claim it is. “No evidence of harm” at the intended dose of fluoride does not equate to harmlessness when the lack of evidence stems from lack of investigation.

  4. Threatening and unsavoury behaviour is not to be tolerated, towards anyone. Having said that, spiking a town water supply is pretty nasty and unsavoury too. People should have a choice of what medications they take. Fluoridating water supplies is drink-spiking

  5. I don’t agree with violence, but what is violence? Basically it is forcing someone to be of servitude to the will of another. This can be done in a physical manner, we see this in the extreme in war, it can be done emotionally, mentally etc etc. Fluoridation as it is being forced upon many is simply violence, forcing someone to drink poison is very violent. There is such a folly of allopathy to assume it has knowledge, there is a vast difference between information and knowledge – ask any kabbalist. Tooth decay generally has its cause in the food we eat, before processed food decay was much less. Sugar is one of the main contributors to decay, just look at the teeth of any child who sucks on coke, their teeth decay where the bottle rests. The sugar industry brought us cane toads??? Now to remedy another problem of too much sugar – we are told fluoride, can you see a pattern? In the initiatic arts (where knowledge as apposed to information can be found) there exists a sacred language called the language of the birds (google it) from this language the greatest Dr the world has ever known brought forth what he called the doctrine of signatures, by this the sympathies in nature could be known. Look at a walnut and a brain then see what walnuts are good for. This Dr was Paracelsus, the medical establishment at the time were greatly threatened by him, but they could not emulate his knowledge and results so they murdered him. They tried to understand his medicines and from the ignorant misunderstanding came medicine today or chemistry. They thought when he spoke of Mercury he meant the metal so from that day they continue to poison people. Paracelsus an alchemist meant the Mercury of alchemy, when he spoke of the medicine of the metals they again took it literally. Christian extremist took the story of Eve and the apple literally and woman has suffered for thousands of years. Stupidity is stupidity whatever clothes you dress it in.
    The blind ignorance of the medical authority today sits in the same seat of stupidity that it did 600 years ago. This is a false philosophy, a fool’s gold, ignorance is fostered by pride and for the ignorant pride is one of the 7 deadly sins – strangely enough there are 7 sacred metals of alchemy.
    So if we actually address the cause of decay then we must confront the junk food industry, its lobby, (remember big tobacco) and its addicts which if you have ever dealt with one they can get violent and manipulative in order to serve their demon. The stupidity I see before me in this issue is sad, the blind leading the blind and if anyone can see then poke their eyes out so we can all suffer from this madness, let’s not see the truth. For God sake wake up and see the writing within the signature of the actions leading to this, it’s not hard. Putting your faith in the medical establishment of today may not serve you well — today we stand at the edge of a cliff, a catastrophe awaits us from the miss-use of antibiotics, the same idiots are telling you fluoride will not harm, well many may not know its harm for dementia does not allow one to connect the dots. Are we not facing and epidemic of dementia, connect the dots while you can. DR DR give me a break! .

  6. This is unfair, We do not want fluoride in our water. Its poison and there is no safe dose as everybody drinks different amounts. As adults we dont need it and some people with Thyriod problems cant have it.
    It is absolutely against the democratic right to force us to have poison in our water supply , some people obviously feel very strongly about this, and although that in no way excuses that behaviour, it would seem to be sending people off the edge.

  7. The anti fluoride protesters have been smoking too much pot I think. The radical elements in society prove their unprofessionalism time and again by resorting to threatening and degrading behaviour and they wonder why they don’t get taken seriously. Clearly respect for differing opinions is what’s needed but unfortunately lacking . It appears the same can be said of Greenies that drive old smokey unmaintained cars, parents that refuse to immunise their kids while placing others in danger, Christian types that promote anti gay views and privileged white folk that have no indigenous or Asian friends yet claim to not be racist.

  8. There is a bigger issue here. These protests against important visitors whose decisions affect our future leave them with unpleasant memories of the North Coast and I doubt Dr Chant will want to come back again. In 1999 John Howard visited Lismore and was showered with tampons. Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson was teased about his dead baby. I attended the recent CSG meeting addressed by Brad Hazzard and senior Planning bureacrats. The protestors were delighted with their efforts – but I have no doubt our visitors left with the impression we are a pack of nutcases. This isn’t helpful in making a favourable impression so that people want to come back and help solve our problems and address our legitimate needs. I totally support free speech and the right to protest but personal agression and unfunny pranks damage everyone. Its a handful of extemists who should be condemned and deterred because they are causing untold harm to our regions reputation.

  9. Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ
    August 14 2012 | 165,803 views |

    By Dr. Mercola

    A recently published Harvard University meta-analysis funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has concluded that children who live in areas with highly fluoridated water have “significantly lower” IQ scores than those who live in low fluoride areas.

    In a 32-page report that can be downloaded free of charge from Environmental Health Perspectives1, the researchers said:

    “A recent report from the U.S. National Research Council (NRC 20062) concluded that adverse effects of high fluoride concentrations in drinking water may be of concern and that additional research is warranted. Fluoride may cause neurotoxicity in laboratory animals, including effects on learning and memory…

    To summarize the available literature, we performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of published studies on increased fluoride exposure in drinking water and neurodevelopmental delays. We specifically targeted studies carried out in rural China that have not been widely disseminated, thus complementing the studies that have been included in previous reviews and risk assessment reports…

    Findings from our meta-analyses of 27 studies published over 22 years suggest an inverse association between high fluoride exposure and children’s intelligence… The results suggest that fluoride may be a developmental neurotoxicant that affects brain development at exposures much below those that can cause toxicity in adults…

    Serum-fluoride concentrations associated with high intakes from drinking-water may exceed 1 mg/L, or 50 Smol/L, thus more than 1000-times the levels of some other neurotoxicants that cause neurodevelopmental damage. Supporting the plausibility of our findings, rats exposed to 1 ppm (50 Smol/L) of water-fluoride for one year showed morphological alterations in the brain and increased levels of aluminum in brain tissue compared with controls…

    In conclusion, our results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children’s neurodevelopment.

    Future research should formally evaluate dose-response relations based on individual-level measures of exposure over time, including more precise prenatal exposure assessment and more extensive standardized measures of neurobehavioral performance, in addition to improving assessment and control of potential confounders.”

    Studies have Repeatedly Linked Fluoride to Reduced IQ and Brain Damage

    There are so many scientific studies showing the direct, toxic effects of fluoride on your body, it’s truly remarkable that it’s NOT considered a scientific consensus by now. Despite the evidence against it, fluoride is still added to 70 percent of U.S. public drinking water supplies.

    It amazes me that the medical (and dental) communities are so stubbornly resistant to connect the dots when it comes to the skyrocketing increase of cognitive decline in adults, and behavioral issues in children (ADD, ADHD, depression and learning disabilities of all kinds). In fact, there have been over 23 human studies and 100 animal studies linking fluoride to brain damage3. Fluoride can also increase manganese absorption, compounding problems since manganese in drinking water has also been linked to lower IQ in children.

  10. Aggressive behaviour and associated violence is the preserve of those without power when they have exhausted what they perceive as their options to have their voice heard. The ‘Fluoride Debate” has now moved to the point where many of those who see medication being forced upon them when they are clearly stating that they don’t want it are becoming angry. There are a number of locations around Australia where there has been a majority of people in the community who have been against it but GovCo has overuled them. The result is what this article about. It is interesting to me that the mainstream press always focuses on the importance of fluoride preventing dental cavities but Govco does not consider dental management important enough to include it amongst Medicare eligible rebates. Ironically while everyone is focussed on fluoride in relation to water management there is almost no discussion about the other chemical compounds that are being added to water supplies and the associated compounds that are produced in the resulting “chemical soup”.

  11. This would have been the oldest of the sleazy political tricks by authorities to shut down the voice of the community. An alleged comment by an unidentified person in a car park, no violence an inane threat at best, go to bloody syria and get some sarin and poison the DG of Health, Look at them swarming like fish feeding frenzy to denigrate and intimidate our community, standover merchants, carpetbaggers, spin doctors days n days of Murdoch naming n shaming all of us, as if we cant think or read or listen,

    We in Lismore are being subjected to whole armoury of decriers fabricating lies, false statistics and spurious science to force a toxic fluoride compound into the water supply,

    They are generating a campaign of false emotion with pics of kids with cavities with no comment that this is result of an independent study,

    The Fluoride lobby whoever is running the show has to continue the practice as if the truth comes out that the long term health and environment impacts reveal what thousands of studies are indicating,

    a lot of people will suffer and a lot of people will die, dont ask me why,
    When you live in the fluoridated areas of the state you can see the fluorosis epidemic on childrens teeth as white stains or grooves on the enamel, that is when your body has over fluoridated, and the more water they drink the more the poison is accumalating in the body,

    It’s not rocket science or bioinformatics it’s common sense,

    The label on the Chemical Data Sheet on the Fluoroslicyate used at Casino states catagorically that it is an s6 poison, so the more water you drink n use the more fluoride you get multiply by the years you live,

    Go Lismore

  12. Well, what other way can we, the sheeple, be heard? Politicians do not ask us what do we prefer but once every four years. Some serious people call that Democracy. They know what’s best for the heard of brainless consumers we are. They know we want to go ahead with Obama, the peace Nobel price winner to another war based on lies and obscure interests. We, the people, are sick of being treated like cattle.

  13. Doctors or dentists don’t have authority or the qualifications to mass treat the public.
    The government liken adding fluoride to the water to mass vaccinations, but that is like comparing apples with oranges. Vaccinations are for preventing diseases, holes in teeth are not contagious – only parental education and monitoring of children brushing their teeth will help that.

    Recommendations by professionals don’t mean a thing without the science, and they are not producing that because they don’t have any. The health professionals are breaking their own code of ethics when they prescribe mass treatment for ingestion. .(the very people who are supposed to protect our health).
    No wonder people get agitated. Clinical trials and tests have never been carried out on Water fluoridating agents ie: silicofluorides, for its effectiveness or its ’safety’. It’s no good being in the cemetery with good teeth.
    In terms of the water fluoridation issue, the Precautionary Principle goes like this: All those that promote fluoridated drinking water must first PROVE that it is not capable of causing harm to the public and that other, safer actions are not possible. IN this case there is a much safer way that can be controlled (with tablets).

  14. Well it may be unnecessary behaviour, and unfortunate that these people were unable to control their frustration.. but it is so demeaning to our intelligence, having someone else’s beliefs forced upon us..I feel so very abused and manipulated to have to accept this practice of adding Flouride to our drinking water..All the evidence and research I know of clearly states we have enough in our toothpaste for protecting our teeth..and it is a chemical..stand for what you believe in…Get up Stand up, Stand up for your rights…

  15. According to the Fluoride Action Network (Aust):

    “There are 16 Queensland Councils that have to date rejected fluoridation just since the 29th November 2012 when mandatory fluoridation was overturned. Some have ended, some have decided not to implement even if the infrastructure was ready to start dosing . Some Councils like Mackay, Gladstone, Gympie and the councils in SE Qld on the water grid are being very difficult to budge for now. The councils Qld rejecting fluoridation are as follows ( not in strict time order)

    (1) Tablelands Regional Council
    (2) North Burnett Regional Council
    (3) South Burnett Regional Council
    (4) Doomadgee Aboriginal Council
    (5) Cairns Regional Council
    (6) Burdekin Regional Council
    (7) Fraser Coast Regional Council
    (8) Bundaberg Regional Council
    (9) Cloncurry Shire Council
    (10) Charters Towers Regional Council
    (11) Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council ( Bamaga )
    (12) Whitsunday Regional Council
    (13) Paroo Shire Council ( Cunnamulla )
    (14) Cassowary Coast Regional Council
    (15) Rockhampton Regional Council
    (16) Cherbourg Aboriginal Council”

  16. From my understanding Qld has got it right – their No 1 responsibility is provide Clean Water to the people, NOT Enforce Medication on the community!
    I have fluorosis (i.e. I have been given too much fluoride in my life in water and dental procedures) so what does fluoridating the water supply mean to me? I need to pay for a very expensive demineralisation water filter, I can’t go to coffee shops or restaurants for fear of excess fluoride, so limiting my exposure to a public life.
    How much fluoride will be put in the water supplies?
    Fluoride is poisonous to babies so town water supplies can’t be used for even feeding a baby safely!
    This is just so crazy that I can’t believe it’s happening.
    No wonder people get angry!!

    Please bring back common sense back into the argument and spare the expense of paying for our water supply to be poisoned!!

  17. – is it surprising that folks get so angry about this ? – the pro-fluoride argument is based on research that claims a 15% reduction in dental deterioration…….. 15% !!! do these decision makers understand anything about statistics ? 15% would be less than the error margin , so the research doesn’t prove anything ! but even if it should reduce dental problems by the measly 15% , that still leaves 85% , that’s bloody close to 100% . so how could anyone fall for it ? i don’t get it, jenny …….


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