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December 3, 2021

Soap Box #121 Ten things I hate about Tony Abbott

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There’s nothing like the current prime minister for arousing hatred and Mandy has managed to narrow the list down to just ten reasons why.

Video Sharon Shostak

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  1. Perhaps ‘hate’ is the wrong word? It just arcs up the conservatives and gives them a reason to utterly dismiss your critique. You just become an ‘Abbott hater’ and so all of your justifiable outrage is just dismissed out of hand.

    Maybe the truth in Aus is that we have to tailor our critique in such a manner as to make it acceptable for morons and bigots. Let’s face it – for as long as the mainstream media in Australia is unabashedly corporate and right-wing then we (all the rational and involved citizens) are simply obliged to be overly rational and calm in every utterance. Why?

    Remember the way that the last labor government was demolished. How was that accomplished?

    Despite an extraordinary record of economic management Labor was branded as being untrustworthy and irresponsible by the Australian Press! Day-in and day-out this BS was retailed all over the shop. This lie was perpetrated by a press which simply focused on pointing out (or inventing) controversies and disagreements (which must be a part of any functional democratic process) instead of considering what was actually being accomplished. So any hint of passion by any left of center politician was reported as an ‘outburst’. Any change of stance as a ‘lie’. And any matter that failed to accord with the mythology being pumped out was simply ignored. This despite even the overseas papers of the the same companies being happy to acknowledge Australia as being an economic miracle in (just not for any Australian audience).

    Yes it makes me sick just thinking about it but throwing up our hands is not an option. ‘Foot in mouth’ disease killed the last government (as it will the next unless we unwind the stupid corporate media conglomerate that oversees the distribution of nine out of ten words in our media.)

    Yes the Abbott gov will likely fall early because they are barely a shabby imitation of a government.They are so obviously just the political arm of whatever monied or conservative interest group that currently has the most invested, they will invariably make stupid mistakes that even the mainstream media will not be able to paper over. Yes the Aussie voter is now at least sensible enough to vote for their own interests and against an obvious bunch of corporate mercenaries as Abbott and crew – but they are definitely not sophisticated enough to bear yet another three years of wall-to-wall propaganda being pumped out by the Fairfax and FOX consortium.

    Apparently we live in a world where rationality tends to the left but the default setting is stuck on ‘right wing bastard’.

  2. It strikes me that those kind of comments are made of every prime minister. It seems to me a bit unfair since they only follow orders and cannot ignore them. Many things they propose or say may not be their personal point of view at all. If one of them would, like Kennedy, see what happened to him. So far, here in Australia they merely get the sack, remember Rudd?

  3. Tony Abbott….I despise him too.What about reversing the decision to give a pay-rise to two of the hardest working groups, Aged care workers and Child Care workers?Bloody disgrace.Yes…this ‘moron’made himself Minister for Women.What a joke.I feel like we have returned to the 1950s.Roll on next election.Also…funny how no-one ‘admits’to voting for the Liberals in the QLD election.Highest paid Premier in Australia, yet the most despised since Joh Bjelke Petersen, yet made of the same mould.

  4. Hate Tony Abbott ? Why ? He’s just doing his job to the best of his ability ? It’s a job that he hoped for and arguably a job that he was “groomed” for. And weren’t we reminded at the dismissal of Rudd that “we” vote for the Party not the “leader” of the party. Mr Abbott is the leader of the LNP. It’s really the LNP that Abbott “haters” need to focus on. No, that’s too exclusive. We should include the LNP’s backers as well. Murdoch etc. Anybody who gives money to the LNP is a backer. We should include supporters as well. No votes no party win, right ? Let’s include the Judiciary too. After all they interpret the “phoney” legal system that this country is “said” to run under. We should include the Cops as they enforce the phoney laws. I could go on. I won’t forget to mention Her Majesty’s “Loyal Opposition”, the ALP. Having morphed into a corporate clone of the LNP they really haven’t developed a real alternative since giving up their “working class” agenda. Follow their former Prime Ministers. One works ( whilst still receiving a very generous “pension” ) as an international financier/broker and his replacement has connections with an international merchant bank. No. I’m not going to get worked up about Mr. Abbott. I’m more concerned about my neighbours who blindly voted for him and allowed the dubious voting system to exist in the first place. I hasten to add that I don’t hate them either. I’m too busy pondering on why a ‘nation” state like Australia could look so promising so early for the little man and then turn into an “uber” capitalist state, err, sorry colony. When did you say Australians celebrate “Independence” from the “Mother Country”by the way ? Yes, don’t worry about Mr.Abbott too much. There are much bigger players to have concerns about. I am sure, that in the future, should Mr. Abbott and his facilitators face the restored “Courts” they will be revealed for the insignificant pawns that they truly are. In the meantime waste your time “hating” but put it to good use by researching and documenting. Become an active witness. In the meantime I wish Mr. Abbott all the best and hope that fairly soon he will be shown to be redundant and we can get to call a new stooge “Mr/Ms. Prime Minister”. Bom Shankar ! Let there be light.

  5. Mandy, after forcing myself to listen to that silly rant of yours I now know — why there are dumb blonde jokes and why this once great country needs somebody like Tony with enough balls to get it back on track. You must have had pages of hate points to rant about with the previous ALP/GREEN fiasco on the way they managed to get us in this big mess we are in.

    • I love you Mandy – I endorse every word you have written/said and have decided that “Balance” is

      only for the fainthearted. Tony and this government are abhorrent in every way.

  6. Thanks for getting that off my chest too Mandy! Thanks for being a voice of outraged reason for those of us who are actually paying attention to what the dickheads are doing (and wanting to slap some sense into them and all the fickle idiots who voted for them.)
    Certainly Abbot is the figurehead of his party and not all these ludicrous ideas would be his own invention – but he’s more than happy to support them. You don’t see him telling his minister against-the-environment “Now, Greg, you’re making a mess – put those tonka trucks down and don’t sh*t in the bath.” And it was most definitely his idea to put that royal Payne into the role of education minister. He is not ‘just following orders’ like some loyal know-nothing soldier. He is a politician who has craved power (and leadership power) for a long time. Now he has it, and he’s mad with it. He is doing everything the left predicted he would. There is some kind of sick satisfaction in that – “See! See? We bloody told you so!”

  7. Mandy Mandy Mandy….. time to pull your head in girl and know deep down that the libs will be in for many many years….. Labor blew their chances and you just gave 10 good reasons why……

  8. A small reality check. We live in a democracy however imperfect and the LNP won the last election. Why? I am a long time ALP supporter but it seems to me that those who count, the swinging voters (the uncommitted/the disinterested etc.) voted against the ALP maybe rather than “for” the LNP. The reasons? I am sure there are a few and it is for the leadership of the ALP to discern and learn from those so this election result is not wasted. Don’t fall into the trap of articulating a negative hate message about Tony Abbott (that is what he did in opposition and we don’t want to condone those tactics). Afterall, ALP voters know what he and his party stand for so it should be no surprise that they are implementing their programs and in whose interests. Instead we should look to espouse a positive alternative that, in doing so, highlights the shortcomings of the LNP. Remember 40+% of the nation support the values and policies of the political right/ LNP (40+% support the political left/ALP/Greens ). It is the swinging voters who count. Each electorate committee needs to discover and focus on the issues important to those “swingers” in their area and articulate a credible message about why life would be better under the ALP. Finally, give it a little time. As the LNP roll out their programs people will learn how insideous and harmful they are to the interests of the majority of Australians. In the meantime become proactive rather than reactive like Tony.

  9. Mandy is simply brilliant – to be able to make me laugh (however bitterly) at the train wreck that is the Abbott-led “government” is pure genius.
    I have the same sort of physical – and mental – nausea that Mandy feels whenever he pops up on the telly. It’s not actually enough to instantly mute him: I just can’t bear to see his sinister leer or that thing he does with his tongue. Eeeeeek! So now I tape the news and just fast forward if ever his jug-eared mug appears.
    He’s a very creepy individual and the scariest part is that there are obviously large numbers of people who think he’s just fine and dandy.
    And quite apart from his physical … attributes he is politically totally inept – the spying fiasco to name but one example of how his ham-fisted, pugilistic attitude to the Indonesian president only made things 10 times worse.
    I never thought there would be anybody more shameful than John Howard – but I was wrong.
    Anyway, thanks Mandy for telling it like it is. I’m trying very very hard not to hate the Tone (talk about lowering the tone of Australian politics!). I’m striving for an aloof contempt.

  10. Bob Smith BM.Blonde jokes? Really? You have proved that you are a ‘true’ Abbott follower. While I read your post I heard the banjos playing.

  11. Yes, loathe him with a vengeance. A relief to see the fury I carry expressed in another (not that it’s easy to carry just that I feel more sane). Possibly the only person I hate as much is Campbell Newman – Queensland’s own antichrist. I promise I did NOT vote in this party. They were purchased for Australians by a small handful of mining and media creeps. They can ALL go to the Pell side of hell.
    This is one very dangerous man to Australia’s long-term well-being.
    It’s humiliating to call him our leader.

  12. Rachel, I agree.He is a very dangerous individual indeed.As a soon to be ex-Queenslander, I remember the Joh days.I will not live in a state that seems to be determined to repeat this dark era.Nurses, teachers, community service workers sacked.Selling off school land.CSG.Mining.Bloody disgrace.

  13. Yes, Mandy. 10 out of 10 .. and it would be easy to get to 20+.

    To me, he’s a Neanderthal. Walks like one, with a mind to match
    Can’t bear to watch or listen, and am sickened by the smug smirks and mindless repetition of all of them (except Malcolm). They are still the NOalition, still behaving as tho in opposition .. and all totally out of their depths in the roles they usurped – starting with Baloney Tony, Hopeless Hickey and Ballsup Bishop ! One day soon the Press will be forced to notice her embarrassing Body Language – not only with “her Abbott”, but also with the International Leaders and Dignitaries she’s supposed to meet on the World Stage on our behalf. No sophistication, no class, no decorum.

    What a blunder from those who allowed Kevin Rudd to relinquish those roles !

  14. This whole sorry saga reminds me of how Adolf Hitler eventually gained his grab on power with respect for nobody. History does repeat itself unfortunately.

  15. Mandy , I completely agree with you ! Tone is a bloody moron ! Those who voted for the noaliton ought to be ashamed of themselves. They were warned before the election and now they will be forced to wake up see what destructive and negative policies this disgusting government are implementing since the release of this years budget!
    All the LNP ever want to do is look after their billionaire mining buddies, the bankers, corporations and the Murdoch and Fairfax media ! Hopefully , the budget will be blocked and a double dissolution will occur in July I’m the senate and we can ” kick this filthy , corrupt , capitalist and Zionist loving mob out into oblivion” !

  16. Here is a letter I want to send him.

    To our dearest prime minister and leader of our country, Mr Tony Abbott.

    This is not a letter of hate for you, nor a letter of discontent about any policies or budget’s you have made. This is a letter from one leader to another, acknowledging the hard work and roles of our jobs.
    I am not the leader of a country, but only a school. I am have not lived out my years quite yet, and hence, have not gained the wisdom you have, but please read this letter as I thank you.

    Being a leader is difficult, it is tiring, exhausting and stressful. It takes up our time and stops us doing the hobbies we love. Being a leader can be the most heart breaking job, but, if you do it right it can be the most rewarding one in the world.
    Being a successful leader encompasses many facets of life. You must please the people, whilst doing what is best for them. You must not be bias, no matter how many opinions you have, and you must be accepting, even if you do not agree.
    During your time as prime minister we have seen many changes to the way this country is run. Perhaps many people do not agree with these changes, but for them, I am thankful.

    I am thankful, that although we have boundless plains to share, you are sending people away just to save the land for us. I am thankful that you treat people in inhumane ways and that families are torn about because of some of your policies. I am thankful, that when I go to university I will get to pay a larger bigger debt, I am thankful, that when I want to do research I will have to pay, even though I am giving back to this country. I am also thankful that we aren’t doing anything about climate change, the homeless or the poor. I am glad that you tell women their place in the world and that you always keep us guessing to what you truly mean, and bit of problem solving is always good for the mind.

    I am thankful for all these things, because early in life I was told. “The greatest thing in life, is to learn from others mistakes”. And Mr Abbott, you have exceeded those expectations. You have made me realise all the things which I should not do as a leader and because of this, I believe I am becoming a better person. You have made me realise, that even if I think I am doing a good job, sometimes its best to delegate work to others, to share the load, and to sometimes just quite.

    So I urge you Prime minister, to think about what’s best for your country. Is it to continue making an angry nation with limited research, an angry nation who doesn’t want to be responsible for people’s death or is it to realise your mistake and hand the job to someone else. Someone who truly cares for our nation and isn’t just a sexiest, homophobic, racist animal who is thirsty for power.


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