Hogan betrayed electors over water trigger: LTG

Page MP Kevin Hogan has betrayed his constituents and the National Party has walked away from its commitments to protect the national ‘water trigger’ on coal seam gas, according to Lock the Gate (LTG).

The so-called ‘trigger’ legislation was passed during the dying days of the Labor federal government last year and gave the federal environment department an opportunity to intervene in controversial CSG and coal mining projects.

Former Page Labor MP Janelle Saffin was instrumental in developing the legislation.

The Nats and Liberals last week voted in federal parliament to allow the trigger to be handed back to the states, with some additional amendments added by Mr Hogan that would require state governments to activate it under certain circumstances.

But LTG says Mr Hogan, who promised before the election to cross the floor on the CSG issue if necessary, ‘turned his back on iron-clad commitments made to his electorate’.

‘Last week in parliament, the National Party voted to allow the federal water trigger to be handed back to the states, rendering it completely meaningless’, said Phil Laird, National Co-ordinator for Lock the Gate Alliance.

‘This trigger was introduced because of the severe risks to water supplies posed by CSG and the abject failures of the states to properly assess or protect important, nationally significant water sources.

‘Self interested state governments can’t be trusted to properly regulate nationally important water resources that cross state boundaries such as the Murray-Darling Basin or the Great Artesian Basin.

‘Voting this trigger down is a huge betrayal of farming communities and our environment.  LNP figures who vowed publicly that the water trigger would not be touched if they were elected, should now hang their heads in shame’ he said.

‘Despite iron-clad guarantees to his electorate, last week Kevin Hogan voted to allow the federal water trigger to be handed back to the states’ said Michael McNamara, spokesperson with Gasfield Free Northern Rivers.

‘Before the last election, Hogan made a specific commitment not to support Federal environment powers being handed back to the states and threatened to “cross the floor” on CSG.

‘However, last week in federal parliament that commitment lay in tatters, and Kevin Hogan voted for the bill which has gutted the water trigger on CSG mining.  He had his one big chance to cross the floor, and he blew it.

‘Kevin Hogan staked his candidacy for the seat of Page on the CSG issue, and the people of the electorate deserve to know they have been abandoned. If this new bill passes the senate, federal decisions on CSG water impacts will effectively be history’, he said.

11 responses to “Hogan betrayed electors over water trigger: LTG”

  1. malcolm says:

    Who would think it true? A politician telling lies and breaking a promise ?

  2. Dr. Wom Bhatt says:

    Goodbye Mr.George. Simple.

  3. Tim says:

    Thomas George is in London on budget week! Distance won’t stop locals knowing that the Nationals dog them! Hogan votes to help CSG miners and George goes to the UK while getting nothing for the electorate in this week’s NSW Budget.

  4. Bruce Prior says:

    Gosh there’s a surprise!!! I look at the amendments and sure enough it looks like a pollie squirming and putting up Faux Protection: the Feds “MAY” intervene under “CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES. With his track record so far, can You imagine Enviro Supremo Grunt invoking ANY protections whatsoever?
    Thomas then Kevin………………
    We obviously are too trusting!!

    Aprapo of nothing at all……….. Given Mr Hogan’s background in finance (83 Million under his management). Will he be voting to tear down the FOFA safeguards as well? Bet he does!!!

  5. G") says:

    No not so simple.
    Liars can wheedle their way into office and slash and burn, laws and conditions that have been fought for and voted into existence over generation time scales. This is the reality in this, so called, democracy. We can’t keep operating on a revolving partisan political treadmill.
    One possible improvement would be the introduction of a democratic system of governance .
    Not the kind where you vote for tweedle dee or tweedle-dumber every 4-6 years but the type where the public is consulted on issues as they come up either by government referendum or due to citizen initiation.
    But…. It could be done !

  6. Greg Williams says:

    Sorry, but who is the Thomas George mentioned in two of the preceding comments?

  7. Serge Killingbeck says:

    Step back and taking a longer view of the politics what is most bizarre if not a little perverted is that in the driest inhabited continent on the planet, and with only one nation, water is considered a political bargaining chip. How can you can you claim to be protecting the environment when you refuse to protect viable water supplies, the absolute foundation of any healthy environment (natural, social or economic). When the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act was first enacted in 1999,a so-called water trigger should have been the first thing included, it wasn’t for fear of upsetting the states. Bugger the state governments and their mates as they continue to display complete indifference towards our most important and most threatened resource, clean and healthy water. If state politicians are happy to drink from the toilet let them but the rest of us shouldn’t have to.

  8. earthlover says:

    Kevin Hogan’s smiling face in a local paper suggests he cares about our water, as he simultaneously big notes his great achievement of adding amendments to the legislation. In a nutshell, though, his actions/inaction have placed our water at the State’s mercy! Kevin Hogan is as ineffectual as the ever-cringing Thomas. And cringe they should; they should be cringing in shame, these invertebrate non-representatives of their people. Crossing the floor? Crossing fingers, more likely.

  9. Leigh says:

    The Nats are the first targeted by Lobbyists, they get in on false promises and like one we all know, they are unreachable and silent on a contoversial issue such as Gas, the entire industry reeks corruption. Metgasco are running all over the place fighting their suspension, to everyone except the people who matter….us.
    They do not deserve to regain their licence. Now Kevin Hogan has (quite expected I might add) let his electorate down as well. They are still missing the point. We don’t want mining and fracking to be “safer”
    WE DONT WANT TO TAKE THE RISK AT ALL…EVER. This industry is not safe, we know it and they still lie about it. Metgasco, of all companies , thanks to Kingfisher well, have proved that, beyond doubt, just how “capable” they are not

  10. meg walker says:

    A big BOO to them all & just another lesson in how untrustworthy our so called “spokespersons”are …

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