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Rail, trail or both?

Not-for-profit Northern Rivers Railway, and Northern Regional Railway Company, are working to extend a climate-friendly passenger train service to...

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They’re back!

Stone & Wood’s popular Murbah Open Day is back on Saturday, August 3 – they are celebrating a decade of boutique brews and community. Stone & Wood’s Murwillumbah Brewery will open its doors from 11am to 5pm, inviting locals and brew lovers from near and far to enjoy a rare behind-the-scenes experience, with guided tours running throughout the day offering an exclusive insight into the brewing and packaging process.

Mullum’s future water supply Q&A

In the same week public submissions were published largely against Council staff plans to decommission Mullum’s local water supply in favour of bulk supplier Rous (see page 1), Greens Council candidates are calling for a pause on the decision until after the September 14 local government elections. 

Exploring the history of women in music

Following an overwhelming response from audiences and critics alike, Lady Sings The Blues is back with ‘Volume 2’, promising an even more exhilarating journey through the history of music as shaped by legendary women.

Ten Tweed Community Clubs donate $32,000 for sick babies

New equipment to help provide urgent medical care for sick babies and infants has arrived at the Tweed Valley Hospital, thanks to a generous donation to Our Kids from Tweed Community Clubs.

Rail, trail or both?

Not-for-profit Northern Rivers Railway, and Northern Regional Railway Company, are working to extend a climate-friendly passenger train service to...

Experience books in a whole new way at Byron Writers Festival

“Living eulogies”, launches and poetic performances – Australia’s largest regional writers festival embraces the theatrical with a series of evening feature events.

Please note there has been a technical glitch in putting up sports results. Investigations have revealed the source of the fault in the sports editor – she has now been modified after a good old-fashioned wrist slapping.



Brunswick Heads Men

Wednesday June 4 Social Bowls Results, 1St Kerry, Brad, Len. 2nd K Hosie, R Roberts, B Montgomery. 3rd B Tai, D Stanton, B Bolland. Cock of the Walk – M Masula, 4 Time Winner Well Done. Club Fours Championship – P Brassington (Sub) E Hanrahan, M Masula, M Petrou. Defeated. B O’Donnell, F Marks, J Foster, J Mills.

May 28 Social Bowls Results, 1St F Hill, B Stewart, 2nd D Turnbull, G Rendell, 3rd Bruce, Phil, Michael. Triples – B Montgomery 23 def M Petrou 22, L O’Donnell 19, J Winter 20, G Rendell 27 D Croft 11. Mixed Pairs – B Gnawed, M Masula def K Peacy, M Petrou,. B Rose, J Andereson def K  Dexter, J Winter.

Wednesday May 21 Social Bowls, 1st Kerry & Lew, 2nd K Hosie, R Roberts, T Mason. 3rd J Mills, D Proudlock, S Howaston. Cock of the Walk – M Masula. Mixed Pairs – K Dexter, J Winter, def C Lawarence & R Carbines. B Rose, J Anderson def J Meinel & D Turnbull. K Peacey, M Petrou def Blossom & G Rendell, B Gnawed M Masula def J Lofts, B Montgomery.

Wednesday 14 May Social Bowls, 1st J Mills, J Anderson, J Foster. 2nd F Hill, B Stewart, J Lawlor. 3rd K Boorman, T Saunders, S Pearce.  Cock of the Walk – M Masula. Pennants Results Brunswick 1pt Kingscliff 5pts (No2s), Results Brunswick 1pt Kingcliff 5pts (No 5s) Mixed pairs. K Pearcy & M Petrou def E Marks (sub) E Hanrohan. B Gawned & M Masula def F Parkes, J Lawlor.

Wednesday May 7 Social Bowls, 1st J Mills, J Anderson, J Foster. 2nd F Hill, B Stewart,  J Lawlor. 3rd K Boorman, T Saunders, S Pearce.  Cock of the Walk-B Stewart.

***  Saturday June 14  Triples Round2 12.45 Rollup. Sun: 15/6/14 Mixed Pairs Final 1.00pm. Annual Van Park Challenge Sat 5th July 12th, 19th. Entry form at club or ring club for details. Joe Mills Cancer Fundraiser Day. Sat 14/6/14 Meat Tray Open Pairs. 1pm Start 1st Five Teams win a $30 Meat Tray each: Championship Player Eligible. Jackpot now $320. Get Your Team In.

Brunswick Heads Women

3rd June – Social Results:  Bev Gawned & Lyn Proudlock 21 def Rosa Kinnear & Julie Sanderson 13. Kay Soccio & Christine Lawrance 20 def Annie Revie & Eveline Marks 9. Pauline Brining, Phyllis Cameron & Margaret Darby 18 draw Denise Batson, Dot Gardiner & Kerry Dexter 18. Championship Open Single Semi final: Darilyn Guest 25 def Bev Smith 19. Judy Wright 25 def Blossom McCormick.  Winners: Darilyn Guest & Joy Kearney (Marker). Lucky Losers: Rosa Kinnear & Julie Sanderson. Raffle winner: Julie Sanderson.

May 27 – Social: Phyllis Cameron, Rosa Kinnear & Blossom McCormick 21 def Bev Gawned, Marcia Crichton & Pauline Brining 9.  Dawn Hay & Sadie Iversen 23 def Dot Gardiner & Lyn Proudlock 17.  Jenny Lofts & Eveline Marks 17 def Kay Soccio & Joy Kearney 10.  Championships: Open Singles. Bev Smith 25 def Kerry Dexter 22 (marker Nan Stearman). Judy Wright 25 def Jenny Meinel 7 (marker Bev Rose). Winners: Phyllis Cameron, Rosa Kinnear & Blossom McCormick. Lucky Losers: Kay Soccio & Joy Kearney. Raffle winner: Pauline Brining.

May 20 Social: Marilyn Weston (vis) & Lyn Proudlock 21 def Marcia Crichton & Joy Kearney 10. Rosa Kinnear & Pauline Brining 25 def Elaine Miller & Dawn Hay 8. Championship Results: 1st Round Singles: Judy Wright 25 def Bev Rose 16. Kerry Dexter 25 def Bev Gawned 18. Jenny Meinel 25 def Jenny Lofts 22. Winners: Marilyn Weston (vis) & Lyn Proudlock. Lucky Losers: Jenny Lofts & Christine Lawrence (marker). Raffle won by Christine Lawrence.

May 13 – Social Results: Marcia Chrichton & Joy Kearney 14 def Julie Sanderson & Dawn Hay 9. Elaine Miller & Kerry Dexter 11 def Rosa Kinnear & Margaret Darby 7. Winners: Blossom McCormick & Nan Stearman (marker). Raffle won by: Julie Sanderson. Championship Results: Open Singles Round 1. Blossom McCormick 27 def Annie Revie 12. Darilyn Guest 25 def Christine Lawrence.

May 6 – Social: Rosa Kinnear, Marcia Chrichton & Lyn Proudlock 15 def Jenny Lofts, Lorna Daddow(vis) & Marion Parsons 13. Darilyn Guest, Denise Batson & Joy Kearney 30 def Elaine Miller, Annie Revie & Dawn Hay 20. Championship Results: Round 1 Open Singles. Bev Smith 25 def Kaye Soccio 13. Final Open Pairs: Kerry Dexter & Blossom McCormick 23 def Karen Peacey & Bev Rose 19. Winners: Rosa Kinnear, Marcia Chrichton & Lyn Proudlock. Lucky Losers: Karen Peacey & Bev Rose. Raffle won by: Rosa Kinnear. A big WELL DONE to Bev Gawned, Jenny Meinel, Eveline Marks & Christine Lawrence for winning the District Fours.

Kingscliff Men

May 19 – Club Championship News: Nominations are being called for Open Pairs. Nominations close on May 24th and the competition begins on 1st June.

Pennants: After last weekend’s games Kingscliff has an unassailable lead in Divisions 1 and 5 so go into this weekend’s games against Pottsville at Kingscliff having won the pennant but wanting to finish on a winning note. Divisions 2 and 3 will be playing for the pennant in their respective grades. Division 2 is one point ahead of Cabarita whom they play at Cabarita on Saturday. Division 3 is only 4 points behind leaders Ocean Shores whom they play at Kingscliff this Saturday. Unfortunately Division 6 is out of contention after a loss to Cabarita last weekend and will be looking to defeat Condong at Condong when they play this Saturday. Division 7 are in third place and will need to defeat Cabarita this weekend at Cabarita and have other results go their way to win the pennant. Good luck to those in contention and with Division 2, 3 and 7 playing at Cabarita and Kingscliff it would be great to have plenty of supporters on hand to help the bowlers get up.

Social Bowls Results: The Kingscliff Meat Gallery Tuesday Morning Open Pairs: 13th May: Winners: A Peart, R Norris. Runners Up: J Brinsmead, J Felton. Plate Winners: D Lusby, S Goodman. Thursday May  15 Triples: Results unavailable.

May 12  Social Bowls Results: The Kingscliff Meat Gallery Tuesday Morning Open Pairs: 6th May: Winners: M Mesic, B Turner. Runners Up: L Spencer, M Howarde. Plate Winners: P Purkiss, J Cromie. Thursday 8th May Triples: Winners: A Reid, R McDonald, J Cromie; R Dark, F Smith, G Barrack; K Grenbank, P McKirdy, R Maltby. Plate winners: K Banks, P Crompton, T Hills.

Kingscliff Women

The semi final of the Open Triples Championship was played Friday, May 16.  R. Butler, E Taylor and C. Smith (skip) d. M. Lincoln, J. Hansen and A. McNamara (skip).  E. Downes, C. Manderson and B. Mirls (skip) d. J. Greenbank (sub), B. Petri and O. Scott (skip).

Mullumbimby Ex-Services Men

June 4 Wednesday Social

T Bagio H McIlwain S Doherty 21 d Hannes B Ball A Bartlett 13

J Bathie M Nicholls J McKay 17 d G Naoum D Blake M Johnston 14

B Rose M Hogan 18 d L Henry D Ottery 15.


Wednesday 21 Social

S Purdie G Naoum A Bartlett 30 d R Breckinridge H McIlwain L Henry 15

M Bourke B Ball 25 d J Canabou H Stargard 10

D Ottery R Rays 21 d J Scott J McKay 16

Mullumbimby Ex-Services Women

Tuesday June 3 – Alstonville Visit : Wonderful morning with lots of laughter and fun  out on the green with 30 players. Winners : L.Keppie, C.Hill, B.Croft (Lucky rink)  Runner/Ups : D.Gower, J.Speechley, C.Ryan.Lovely morning tea supplied by our ladies with raffles and money board to be won. Many thanks to all the Alstonville ladies for coming and making it such a great day.

Tuesday May 27 : Final Triples Championships – I.Pettendy, J.Beaumont, J.Towner  def. S.Thomas, B.Reglin. H.Robb. Congratulations to Joan and her team, well done to Heather and her team, close game all the way.    Social : J.Ball, J.Lee, B.Croft (Rink W)  def. E.Walker,  E.Leclere, G.Henry ;  D.Gower, R.Wainwright def. S.Sherlock, S.Brown, welcome to the club Debbie. Raffle –H.Robb.

Monday May 19 – Gala Day – Wonderful day had by 80 Ladies from all over the District out on the greens, followed by lovely lunch with lots of raffles to be won, thank you to our sponsors Southern Cross Credit Union and Devine Meats.Overall Winners : J.Glasby and team – Condong. Runner/Ups : R.Evans and team –Kingscliff.  3rd Prize : Blossom McCormick and team – Brunswick Heads.  !st Round Winners : H.Dobbyn and team – Condong.  2nd Round Winners : J.M.Quirke – Ocean Shores.

Tuesday  May 20 – Major Singles Championships – 1st Round : S.Thomas def. I.Pettendy – Marker J.Kidman. Social – E.Leclere, R.Wainwright, (Rink W)  def.J.Lee,B.Reglin: R.Mills, J.Beaumont, B.Croft  def. S.Brown, H.Robb, J.Towner. Raffle – J.Beaumont.

Tuesday  May 6 : Social –  S.Brown, R.Wainwright, B.Reglin  def. R.Mills, I.Pettendy, H.Robb. Raffle – I.Pettendy. Well done to our ladies playing in District Championships also  good bowling and  luck in  future District Events.

 *** Annual Membership Fees are now due, to be paid by 30th June. Chincogan 4’S – 14th July 2014, teams in by 7th July.

Ocean Shores Men

Monday May 25  Triples first G Jansen, J Hay, R Tonkin second J McGowran, B Elliott, B Priest

Monday May 19  Triples first B Eller, D Magnusson, B Sweeney. second T Mason, D Hughes, L Johnston

May 12 mens triples – 1st Noel Kiel / Jimmy Sullivan / Barry Gibson,  2nd  Kevin Hosie / Bob Montgomery / Rocket Roberts

Pennants results 17/5 – Ocean Shores   1’s def by Kingscliff 5-1,  3s def Byron Bay  5 -1,  6s def Byron Bay  4-2, 7s def Kingscliff    5-1

Monday May 5 Triples first K Hosie, BH Rowell, J O’Connor, M Haines  second D Hughes, M Flesser, T Mason.

Pennant Results Saturday May 3 No 1’s won No 3’s lost No 6’s won No 7’s won.

Ocean Shores Women

Wednesday June 4: (Mixed – Highest No. of Ends) Although numbers were down the games were still very intense.  M. Bertoli, G. Johnston won the event by defeating W. Sprengel, Marj Flesser.     L. Wright, D. Gardiner, B. Sprengel def Mal Flesser, N. Gartner who tried out a new 5 a side combination.

Friday June 6  4 teams of pairs played 2 games with winners playing winners and losers playing losers.   The top 2 teams with the highest aggregate score were  T. Campbell, M. McConville;  J. Busch, G. Johnston who went into the draw with B. Sprengel who def N. Gartner in the Consistency game.   The other teams not far behind on aggregate were B. Stone, J. Williams;  L. Wright, M. Bertoli.   The winners of the day were Busch and Johnston.

Wednesday May 28:  The combination of T. Warr, Mal Flesser were the Lucky Rink winners against M. Bertoli, G. Johnston.    In the triples game M. Franks, D. Gardiner, N. Gartner def G. Fox, S. Iversen, J. O’Connor;  Consistency M. Flesser def J. Williams

Friday May 30  Lucky Rink winner was L. McGowran who def N. Gartner in the 1st Round Major Singles C/ship; the other Singles game saw B. Sprengel def F. Crowder.  Consistency J. Busch def J. Payne.

Very close Social game between P. Sullivan (swinger), J. Williams, M. Farquhar, M. Bertoli who def P. Sullivan, B. Stone, C. Timewell, G. Johnston.

Wednesday May 21 (Mixed)  Even though Mal Flesser, B. Sprengel def N. Gartner, G. Johnston they were not lucky enough to win the Secret Score comp. which went to M. Franks, W. Sprengel, M. Bertoli who def D. Gardiner, J. Seamer, J. O’Connor.

Friday May 23:  Secret Margin prize went to P. Sullivan, B. Stone, J. Williams who def T. Campbell, J. Payne, N. Gartner.   In with a hope were M. Bertoli, B. Sprengel who def F. Crowder, L. McGowran but not to be.

Final Minor Singles:  Congratulations to M. Hosie who def K. Gallard in a very close entertaining game.

Wednesday May 14 Washed out.

Friday May 1: Minor Singles Championships: M. Hosie def J. Busch, K Gallard def C. Timewell. Triples game: T. Campbell, M. Bertoli, J. Williams def. T. Campbell (swinger), B Stone, M. McConville.

Wednesday May 7 (Mixed).   Winners, using a new scoring system, were G. Fox, Mal Flesser, B. Sprengel who def L. Wright, D. Gardiner, J. O’Connor;  Marj Flesser, G. Johnston def M. Bertoli, N. Gartner.

Friday May 9:   Ladies enjoying the morning were A. Slater (swinger), T. Campbell, JM Quirke who def A. Slater, B. Stone, L. McGowran;  K. Gallard, C. Timewell, N. Gartner def J. Busch, J. Seamer, M. Flesser.  The Lucky Rink winner was B. Sprengel who def F. Crowder in the Consistency.   In the other Consistency game G. Johnston def M. Bertoli.   1st Round Minor Singles C/ship K. Gallard def J. Payne.    Quarterly Meeting Friday 16th at 8.30 a.m.

Tweed Byron District Bowling Association


June 1 – After being rained out on 31 May the District Pennant Play-off between Ocean Shores was completed on 1 June.  Cabarita Beach, in winning the three games, defeated Ocean Shores to become the Div. 6 winners.  With District Pennant and Championships now completed, our winners can now have a break until June 21 when Zone One Pennant Play-offs commence.  Venues for the play-offs are as follows;  June 21 only Divs. 1 and 2 – Brunswick Heads;

May 26 – All District Singles finals were conducted at Pottsville Bowling Club 25 May on greens that were perfectly prepared for the events, many thanks to Club green keeper Paul Earl. Rounds and semis in the Open class singles had provided great entertainment with top class bowling and close scoring from all contestants  The final was a tussle between Kingscliff’s Ian Taylor and Condong’s Greg Moss. Taylor took control from the beginning making Moss work extra hard for his shots in what was a great game from start to finish.  Congratulations to this year’s Open Singles Champion Ian Taylor and Runner-up Greg Moss. Well done, guys.

Reserve grade singles rounds were closely contested also with the final to be a clincher between Cabarita’s Damien Delgard and Bangalow’s Richard    Rombouts.  These two very fine bowlers, both disabled, conquered all before them as they progressed through the elimination rounds against tough able bodied adversaries proving that disabilities show no bounds. In a final that can only be described as the Match of the Day, this battle for the title displayed great bowling prowess from both contenders as they advanced through the game matching each other  on the scoreboard.  It was anyone’s game until the last few ends when Delgardo was able to wear Rombouts down and take control to give him the match. Congratulations to Damien Delgardo, this year’s Reserve Grade Singles Champion and the Runner-up Richard Rombouts on an absolute thriller of a game,

Senior grade singles, with 20 contenders vying for the title, revealed some great games and super scoring with close finishes by many of the contestants.   Peter Murphy and Greg Barrack made the final an all in Kingscliff vs. Kingscliff affair after going through the rounds unscathed. In a very evenly matched encounter, Murphy held a narrow lead through most of the game.  Barrack then stepped up a notch and with a very determined effort slowly took control and went ahead to take the title.  Congratulations to Greg Barrack, this years Senior Grade Singles Champion and Runner-up Peter Murphy on a great game.

District President, Jim Clark, would like to thank Mullumbimby, Cabarita Beach and Pottsville B.C’s. hosts for this year’s Singles Championship events.

Round 6, the final round of the District Pennant except for the Div. 6 play-off, has now been completed with provisional winners as follows.  Div. 1 – Kingscliff; Div. 2 – Cabarita Beach; Div. 3 – Ocean Shores; Div. 4 – Pottsville (after defeating Condong in a play-off); Div. 5 – Kingscliff; Div. 7 – Cabarita Beach.  May 31 is the date scheduled for the play-off between Div. 6 North and South sides to determine the winner in this grade.

SICK LIST:  Condong B.C. ever popular Secretary/Manager, Ron Pilon, has recently suffered a major illness setback.  Club members and bowlers throughout the district wish Ron a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back on the greens in the not too distant future.

May 19 – Round 5 of the District Pennant has been competed with points to date as follows :- Div. 1 – Kingscliff 26; Pottsville 14; Condong 12; O/Shores 8.  Div. 2 – Kingscliff 23.5; Cabarita 22.5; Condong 9; B/Heads 5.  Div. 3 – O/Shores 22.5, Kingscliff 18.5, Cabarita 14, B/Bay 5.  Div. 4 – Pottsville nya, Condong 20, Cudgen 16.5, Cabarita nya, Burringbah, 9.5, M/bimby 9.  Div. 5 – Kinngscliff 26, B/Heads 14, Pottsville 13, Condong 7.  Div. 6 South – O/Shores 24, Bangalow 14, M/bimby 13, B/Bay 9.

Div. 6 North – Cabarita 28.5, Kingscliff 12.5, Cudgen 10.5, Condong 8.5.  Div. 7 – Cabarita 19, Condong 15.5, Kingscliff 13.5, O/Shores 12.

May 12 – Round 4 of the District Pennant has been completed with points to date as follows:  Div. 1 – Kingscliff 21; Condong 11; Pottsville 9; O/Shores 7.  Div. 2 –

Kingscliff 18.5; Cabarita 16.5; Condong 9; B/Heads 4.  Div. 3 – O/Shores 17; Cabarita 13.5; Kingscliff 13; B/Bay 4.5.  Div. 4 – Pottsville 19; Codong 18.5; Cudgen 10.5; Cabarita 10; M’bimby 9; Burringbar 5.  Div. 5 – Kingscliff 21; B/Heads 13; Condong 7; Pottsville 7.   Div. 6 South – O/Shores 20; M/bimby 11; Bangalow 10; B/Bay 7.  Div. 6 North – Cabarita 22.5; Kingscliff 12.5; Cudgen 10.5; Condong 2.5.  Div. 7 – Cabarita 17; Kingscliff 12.5; Condong 11.5; O/Shores 7.

*** June 21/22 Divs. 3 and 7 – Mullumbimby;  Div. 4 – Cabarita Beach;  Divs. 5 and 6 – Pottsville.  Best wishes for good bowling to all our super Pennant players at the Play-offs.

This competition will be followed by the Zone One Championships,  in all grades, to be conducted in the Northern Rivers District and is scheduled to commence 6 July.  If you are seeking some great comps with plenty of competitionn to assist you to hold your form, a couple of tournaments that may be of interest are coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Firstly, there is the  Ocean Shores Cup on June 9. Three x 10 ends of 2 bowl triples are promising good prize money and a trophy.  Entries will be received up to 11 am on the day of play.  Come June 14, Burringbar’s Sponsored International Day Fours are on.  Limited to first 14 entries, make sure you have your team nominated by 12 June for this 3 x 13 ends comp. Entry fees also include a hot lunch.  How good is that? Dress code for this tournament is club colours or whites.


TBDWBA Championship Singles proved to be one of the most exciting events to attend this year. Nominations from experienced campaigners, together with new bowlers, set the platform for a great tournament.  Spectators were treated to a feast of high standard bowling from beginning to end of this competition as many games went down to the wire with victors only being able to  claim the spoils with their last bowl.

Cudgen Leagues have now completed their Club Singles championships.  Evergreen Daphne Edwards is to be congratulated on taking out the title.  Daphne, in a close game against Beverley Hall, managed to stay in front all the way and with superb draw bowling was able to keep the opposition at bay to take the title.  Well done, both ladies.

The Open Triples final at Kingscliff was quite a thriller – so said the winners.  Congratulations to Rita Butler, Eileen Taylor and Colleen Smith (Skip), this year’s Triples champions and the runners-up Elaine Downes, Catherine Manderson and Barbara Mirls (Skip) on a great game.  The Club Pairs was another great game with Di Jones and Sandra Akers being able to overtake Rita Butler and Colleen Smith in a very close encounter to take home the title.  Congratulations to both teams on a super game.

Cabarita Beach have finalised their Club Singles with Joy Lake taking the championship title in a final against Julie Kent.  Congrats ladies on a great performance.

The Barbara Sprengel (Ocean Shores) v. Elizabeth Fleming (Cudgen Leagues) semi was a hard game for both contestants with Fleming eventually taking the game. The other semi was a all in Pottsville affair where George Moore took control early in the match against Coral Withers  However, a shower of rain and a big fight back from Coral enabled Wither to go forward to the final.

The final of this “Blue Ribbon” event resulted in a repeat of last year’s decider when Elizabeth Fleming and Coral Withers battled it out for the 2013 title.  This year, in perfect conditions, Withers took an early lead and continued holding throughout the game for a comfortable victory. Congratulations to the 2014 Singles Champion, Coral Withers, on her back to back Championship win and the Runner-up Elizabeth Fleming on a great game.

District President Betty Croft would like to thank Brunswick Heads, Cabarita and Ocean Shore B.C’s. hosts for this years Singles Championships.

May 19 – TBDWBA Championship Triples have now been been completed.  The high standard of bowls throughout the competition certainly made for great entertainment across the board. In the semi finals Barbara Sprengel’s team faced off against Helen

Dobbyn’s girls in a very close game that could have gone either way with the Ocean Shores getting up by one shot. The Withers vs. Hall semi saw the Cudgen team slow out of the blocks with Pottsville leading early and continuing on to take the game.

The final between Pottsville and Ocean Shores began on an even keel with the teams scoring alternatively to the eighth end. Team Withers then settled down to collect multiple shots during the remainder of the game to take out the title. Congratulations to Merle Jackson Patricia Pollard and Coral Withers (Skip), this year’s champions, and the runner-up Nola Gartner, Karen Gallard and Lynette McGowran (sub for Barbara Sprengel, Skip) on a great game.  Well done, ladies.

Brunswick Heads B.C. Club Pairs final was a tough game with Karen Peacey and Beverley Rose (Skip) challenging Kerry Dexter and Lorraine McCormick (Skip) for the title. With team Rose taking the lead from the beginning team McCormick fought back strongly to catch up and go on to win in an absolute nail biter of a contest.  Congratulations to both teams on a well played game.

May 12 – The TBDWBA Championship Open and Senior Fours are now complete with the finals conducted at Pottsville B.C. 6 May.  With the high calibre of bowlers contesting these titles, great bowling displays were enjoyed by spectators and players alike throughout the whole competition.,

The Senior Fours final was an all in Cudgen vs. Cudgen affair as the club mates faced off against each other.. Scoring was even stevens up to the 6th end.  Team Hall then moved up a notch to collect a four on the next end and continued slowly to forge ahead. Team Durrough had a resurgence on the 12th end and went on scoring to bring themselves back into the game.  But, alas, too late.  On the 17th end Hall’s team again took over control and went on to take out the title.  Congratulations to Beverley Hall (Skip), Patricia Pieterse, Rosalie Lowe and Lorna Arnott, this years District Senior Fours Champions and the Runners-up Marlene Durrough (Skip), Daphne Edwards, Faye Turner and Joan Highfield on a great performance.

The Open Fours final was a dual between teams from Brunswick Heads and Pottsville.  The first semi final saw the Pottsville girls involved in a great tussle with a Mullumbimby team and only being able to succeed in gaining a berth in the final with a few shots to spare. The other semi had teams from Brunswick Heads and Condong do battle for a shot at the final.  The Condong ladies were holding their own up to the 17th end but then the Brunswick team, with a new lease of life, picked up 10 shots in the next 3 ends to take the game.  The first ten ends of the final between these two semi winners was on an even keel until the Brunswick ladies knuckled down to some really serious bowling, showed no mercy,  and carried on for a comfortable win. Congratulations to Beverley Gawned, Jenny Meinel, Christine Lawrance and Eveline Marks (Skip) who displayed beautiful bowling throughout the competition to take out the Championship title and the Runners-up Lidia Bennett, Jennifer Porter, Carol Smith and Wendy Fielding (Skip).  Well done, girls.

District President Betty Croft would like to thank Kingscliff and Pottsville W.B.C’s, hosts for this competition.

*** June 17/18 – Region One Pennant Play-offs.  Best wishes for good bowling go to Cudgen Leages – Grade 2, Condong  – Grade 3 and Kingscliff – Grade 4 sides as they go off to contest the regionals at Grafton. June 20: District Gala Day be to conducted at Ocean Shores Country Club.  Come along for a fun day out. All welcome.


Brunswick Valley

Mon 2 June   9 Table Mitchell Rover

NS :1: Gail & Ian Pick, 2nd : Margaret Fleming & Freda Star

EW: 1st Di James & Chris Morgan, 2nd Hilary Leis & Jannine Murray


Sat 7 June 10 Table Mitchell

NS  1st Alison Hauser & Jenny Bush

2nd Patricia Hems & Helen Gluckstern


EW 1st Graham Carson & Peta Price

2nd Pam Sullivan & Hilary Lewis

As the  days get shorter from next Saturday 13 June players are asked to be seated by 12,30 pm , ready to play at 12.45


Ocean Shores

June 4 11 Pair Howell                        –

1st       June Selleck / Barbara Simons

2nd       Pat Hems / Pin Sultas

3rd       Carmel Blacker / Graham Carson


May 28 –    4 Table Howell

1st        Carmel Blacker & Graham Carson                    .

2nd        Pat Janda & Sue Perry

3rd   Pin Sultas & Eda Wright


May 21 – 6 Table Mitchell with Skip

North / South

1st  Pin Sultas & Eda Wright 61.88

2nd Alison Hauser & Patricia Hems 60.63


East / West

1st Sue Perry & Pat Janda 65.00

2nd  Eric Bridgeman & Brad Hurst 53.13


May 14 5 Table Mitchell

North / South

Denise Devir & Julie Brown

une Selleck & Barbara Simons

East / West

Brad Hurst & Eric Bridgeman

Pam Sullivan & Peter Quirke

May 7

5 Table Mitchell

North / South

1st   Alison Hauser & Patricia Hems

2nd  Carmel Blacker & Graham Carson

East / West

1st   Brad Hurst & Eric Bridgeman

2nd  June Selleck & Barbara Simons

*** We meet @ Ocean Shores Country Club every Wednesday evening. Seated by 6.15pm. Contact Pam 6680 3871.


Byron Bay

A perfect day for the Byron Criterium held in the Industrial Estate on Sunday May 25.  We had riders participating the Northern Rivers and Queensland.

Grade A/B Combined:

Placing for A Grade based on 1st placing only as there were 2 X A Graders in this race

1st: Dion Wilkes – Grafton CC

2nd: Vincent Bush – Murwillumbah CC

3rd: Richard Bush – Murwillumbah CC


C Grade:

1st: Stephen Samuels – Goldstars CC

2nd: Brock Stanfield – Murwillumbah CC

3rd: Nick Ruan – Byron Bay CC


Recognition Awards:

Juniors: Kiran Rajaratnam – Byron Bay CC

Female: Simone Kendrick – Murwillumbah CC


Ocean Shores Men

Monday May 26  Stableford first John Whitlock 36  second Ran MacDonald 36c/b  third Ray Conway 35

Wednesday May 28 2Ball Aggregate Stableford  first John Whitlock & Phil Williams 74 second Jake McNulty & Dennis Priester 71  third Jake McNulty & Andrew Jordan-Brown 66 NTP 3rd P Clorley 6th G Wockner 8th J Sullivan 12th N Comer 15th R Craig  17th H Stephenson

Friday May 30 Blue Marker Challenge Overall Winner Scott Wilson 73 Div. one first Tim O’Donnell 74  second Geoff Flett 75   Div. two first Scott Wilson 73  second Graham Kulmar 75 Div.3 first Mike James 73 second Mark Yates-Round 74  NTP 3rd G Clark 6th A Haddon 8th G Bourke 12th A Shambler 15th T O’Donnell  17th M Minter

Saturday May 31 Stableford  first Garry Bourke 40c/b  second Lew Trudgeon 40c/b  third Gary Lovell 39c/b fourth Marcus Mohler 39c/b   NTP 3rd A Gibson 6th M Foxon 8th E Woods 12th J Bolger 15th T Makin  17th F Williams.

Monday May 12  Stableford first Dick Hanks 41  second Michael Cook 38c/b  third Ian Miller 38 c/b NTP 3rd – 17th Mike Cook

Wednesday May 14 Stableford Div. one first Ray Conway 36 second Steve Lovell 35  third John Price 34c/b  Div. two first Ben Racine 42  second Steve Sandor 39 third Alex Moir 36  NTP 3rd R Aungle 6th Rob Aungle 8th Snow Downes 12th Bob Roe 15th M Wilsdon  17th Ian Bennett.

Saturday May 17 Stableford Div. one first Tony McCosh 41 second Rohan Smiles 37c/b  third Ken Belgrove 37c/b  Div. two first Tyler Parker 39  second Dave Matheson 36c/b third Jon Hollingworth 36c/b  NTP 3rd N Luxton 6th F Williams 8th R Conway 12th R Baxter 15th M Kemp  17th A Dickens.

Monday May 19  Stableford first Peter Simpson 37  second Jake McNulty 37c/b  third Derek Lawson 36 c/b NTP 3rd P Irby 17th T Mitchell.

Wednesday May 21 Stableford Div. one first Nick Comer 39 second Trevor Mitchell 38c/b  third Col Godsmark 38c/b  Div. two first Jim Badger 39  second Rick Lowe 38 third Pat Conaghan 37  NTP 3rd B Racine 6th I Blumenthal 8th H Stephenson 12th N Comer 15th I Miller  17th C Graham

Saturday May 24 4BBB Stableford  first G Tipping & M Bayliss 47c/b second A Rose & R Cameron 47c/b  third M Scalas & T Sexton 47c/b fourth R Cooke & I Miller 46c/b   NTP 3rd B Baxter 6th K Beitzel 8th D Woods 12th I Wingad 15th B Pruul  17th S Wilson.

Monday May 5  Stableford first Sharon Orriss 41  second Keith Kennedy 40 c/b   NTP 3rd Robby Goodacre 17th Aran Araby

Wednesday May 7 Par Div. one first Ian Miller +2 second Ran MacDonald +2  third Trevor Mitchell 0  Div. two first Al Dickens +6  second Bob Roe +4 third Brian O’Neill +3  NTP 3rd P Fleming 6th G Llewellyn 8th K Tilling 12th B Connors 15th P Ferris  17th L Johnston

Saturday May 10 Stableford Div. one first Garry Bourke 41 second Matt Foxon 38 c/b  third Ian Miller 38c/b  Div. two first Paul Cordwell 40  second Dave Matheson 39 c/b third Igor Blumenthal 39 c/b  NTP 3rd G Reid 6th C Lindsay 8th I Miller 12th K Beitzel 15thP Bell  17th M Wilsdon

Teven Men

June 7 Teven Golf Club Men’s Division held an 18 holes Stroke competition for the Monthly Medal on Saturday morning 7 June with a 6.30am shotgun start.  The results were:  Winner: Ian McDuff (Net 51 off 67).  Runner up: Stuart McDonald (Net 52 off 67).  Ball run down:  Anthony Cattle (Net 55 off 76), Ian Coochiroff (Net 56 off 75), Geoff Colnan (Net 56 off 74), Bill Kennedy (Net 57 off 73), Mick Millar (Net 58 off 76).  Nearest the Pins:  4th:  Anthony Cattle;  8th:  Bill Wayte (within a flag length); 14th:  No result.  Putting:  Garry Bourke (27 putts).

May 31 – Teven Golf Club Men’s Division held a 9 holes individual Stableford competition together with an aggregate 2-man Stableford competition on Saturday morning 31 May.   The individual results were:  Winner: Ian McDuff (21 pts) – on a countback.  Runner up: Bill Wayte (21 pts).  Ball run down:  Geoff Colnan (20 pts), Graham Mains (20 pts), Rob Jones (20 pts).  Nearest the Pins:  4th:  Garry Bourke;  8th:  Stuart McDonald (within a flag-length).  Putting:  Ian McDuff (11 putts).  Team competition:  Winners:  Bill Wayte and Rob Tillman (38 pts).  Runners-up:  Ian McDuff and Stuart McDonald, tied with Steve Blackmore and Rob Jones (37 pts each).

May 24 – Teven Golf Club Men’s Division held a 9 holes Stableford competition on Saturday morning 24 May – this was the 2nd round of the Winter Pointscore Championship.  The results were:  Winner: Mick Millar (24 pts).  Runner up: Ray Griffiths (22 pts).  Ball run down:  Graham Mains (21 pts), Bill Kennedy (21 pts), John Mathias (20 pts), Ian McDuff (20 pts), John Selwood (20 pts).  Nearest the Pins:  4th:  Garry Bourke;  8th:  Bill Kennedy.  Putting:  Mick Millar (10 putts).  Next comp: Sat 31 May – 9 holes Stableford competition, plus an aggregate 2-man team competition.   Note:   6.15am start for a 6.30am shotgun tee off.

On Sunday 25 May, the Men’s and Women’s clubs played a 9 holes 4BBB Stableford competition, followed by a BBQ hosted by the Men’s club.  The results of the competition were:  Winners:  Kath Petty and Ian McDuff (25 pts).  Runners-up:  Carole McLennan and Greg Fowler (21 pts – on a countback).  Ball run-down:  Pat Mathias and Garry Bourke (21 pts), Fran Haynes and John Mathias (18 pts), Toni McDuff and Ian Coochiroff (18 pts).   Nearest the Pins:  5th (2nd shot):  Kath Petty (women) and Geoff Colnan (men); 8th: Greg Fowler (men), no result for the women.  The mystery ball draw was won by Narelle and Mick Millar.  Many thanks to Greg Fowler (provedore), Women’s club for the salads and desserts, and Peter Harden, John Mathias and Garry Bourke for the BBQ.

May 17 – Teven Golf Club Men’s Division held a 9 holes Stableford competition on Saturday morning 17 May with a 6.30am shotgun start.   This competition was played using a modified stableford points system and in lieu of the previously advertised longhole competition.  The results were:  Winner: Ian Coochiroff (29 pts).  Runner up: Mick Millar (25 pts).  Ball run down:  Steve Blackmore (23 pts), Michael Lynch (22 pts), John Selwood (22 pts), Ray Griffiths (21 pts).  Nearest the Pins:  4th:  Ian McDuff;  8th:  Michael Lynch (within a flag length).  Putting:  Mick Millar (11 putts).  Many thanks – to Steve Blackmore for arranging and cooking a BBQ breakfast after the game.  Next comp: Sat 24 May – 9 holes Stableford competition and 2nd round of the Winter Pointscore Competition – 6.15am start for a 6.30am shotgun tee off.

May 10 – Teven Golf Club Men’s Division held a 9 holes Stableford competition on Saturday morning 10 May with a 6.30am shotgun start.   The results were:  Winner: Ian McDuff (24 pts).  Runner up: Bill Kennedy (23 pts).  Ball run down:  Rob Jones (20 pts), Stuart McDonald (20 pts), John Mathias (19 pts), Garry Bourke (18 pts), Bill Wayte (18 pts).  Nearest the Pins:  4th:  Garry Bourke;  8th:  Stuart McDonald.  Putting:  Ian McDuff (12 putts).

*** Next comp: Sat 14 June – 9 holes Stableford and 3rd round of 2014 Winter Point Score Championship.  Note:  6.15am start for a 6.30am shotgun tee off.


All Girls Surfriders Club Lennox Head

May 26 The Lennox Head All Girls held their annual campout last weekend in beautiful Arrawarra. Families enjoyed wonderful sunny days, tropical vistas, calm clean water, paddling out to the point seeing turtles and dolphins along the way and arriving to happy faces sharing waves, surfing till the sun set. Thank you to awesome surf coaches from Mojo Surf at Spot X and special thanks to all contributing to the fun and fabulous food on Saturday night – fantastic to get to know each other better. The competitors stepped up to the challenging close-outs at Mullawarra on Sunday, with the more advanced girls charging some serious drops, really impressing the judges.  Competition results from our third club round:

Long boards – 1. Maz Pentecost, 2. Deb Tinker, 3. Emily Simmonds, 4. Shona McIndoe

Snr Beginners – 1. Annika Sturday, 2. Clare Southwell, 3. Jo Watts, 4. Kelly Nagel

Under 13s – 1. Skye Thomas, 2. Hannah Kelly, 3. Malia James, 4. Chloe Mason

Under 18s – 1. Mia Francis, 2. Mahlia Carr, 3. Megan Davenport, 4. Nyxie Ryan

Over 35s – 1. Jenny Schirmer, 2. Marika Ilic, 3. Ange Allen, 4. Renee Adamson

Opens – 1. Ange Spehr, 2. Viviane Frehner, 3. Ebony Santamaria,  4. Kirsty Laing



Monday 9th June

No Games due to Public Holiday


Tuesday 10th June Little Stormers and Storm Troopers 4:30pm to 5:45pm

A Grade Women 10th June 6.00pm Court 1: Breakers vs Red Hot  Court 2: Social Scrimmage vs Aussie Dent Girls

Referees: 6.00pm Jay, Len

Wednesday 11th June – Semi Finals

6.00pm Court 1: Dreamers vs United Nations Court 2: Flying Dutchmen vs Nads 7.00pm Court 1: Gain Train vs Lemos Court 2: Black Panthers vs Hooters

Referees: 6.00pm James, Phil, Len, Tony G 7.00pm Jess A, Katie, Len, Michael W

*** NB: Don’t forget to register for Hoops 101(Div 1 Coach Mike Kelly from USA) Clinic June 28 $70 10.30am – 2.30pm (Lunch Included) Please bring your own ball.

For more information go to www.lismorebasketball.net.au or Phone Tanya 0410 777 572


Brunswick Heads

Wednesday 11 June

Round 5 – Perry Homes Comp

Cape Byron Medical Centre v Brunswick Heads Pharmacy – R King v K Parolin, W Ferrier v Y Gottlieb, W Knight v S Koop, J Nicolson v G Carter, R Cross v B Doran

Byron Bay Trophies v The Loungeroom – C Littlewood v P Jones, T Dryden v A Li, P Hill v P Gibson, A Cox v J Hodges, F King v C Louwen

Inky Business v The Potato Works – N Moon v G Davis, C Walsh v T Candy, R Cameron v K Schafer, J Gribble v C Booth, C Naughton v B Alander


Monday 16/6/14

Round 5 – Byron Health Fpods Comp

Division 1 – 5pm B Trivett v M Curran, P Jones v A Attewell, G Davis v C Littlewood; 5.30pm L Powell v T Kropp. L Tomasella bye

Division 2 – 4.30pm N Moon v R King; 5pm A Li v S Koop, Y Gottlieb v C Walsh; 7pm S Moon v T Candy

Division 3 – 4pm R Draper v J Hodges; 4.30pm P Gibson v J Gribble; 5pm C Johnston v B Schubert; 5.30pm G Carter v R Cross

Division 4 – 4.30pm O Hamama v F King; 5pm B Alander v R Costinzo, P Begg v B Doran, C McAllister v C Naughton


Wednesday 18/6/14

Round 6 – Perry Homes Comp

Cape Byron Medical Centre v Byron Bay Trophies – R King v C Littlewood, W Ferrier v T Dryden, W Knight v P Hill, J Nicolson v A Cox, R Cross v F King

Brunswick Heads Pharmacy v Inky Business – K Parolin v N Moon, Y Gottlieb v C Walsh, S Koop v R Cameron, G Carter v J Gribble, B Doran v C Naughton

The Potato Works v The Loungeroom – G Davis v P Jones, T Candy v A Li, G King v P Gibson, C Booth v J Hodges, B Alander v C Louwen

*** Phone 6685 1794 to play.


Brunswick Heads

Tuesday 10/6/14

Round 3 – Slice Pizzeria Comp

6pm Sweeties v Forever Soul, Jets v Kriss Kross. Duty – Bluesfest Too

7pm Dragons v Maccas, Mangoes v Express, Bluesfest Too v Bluesfest 3. Mullumfest bye. Duty – Kriss Kross


Thursday 12/6/14

Round 6 – Ocean Shores True Value Hardware Comp

6pm Mum’s the Word v Moonshiners, Chilli Twist v Fireflys. Duty – Exodia

7pm Dashes v Exodia, Sherries v Ice Blocks, Divas v NWA. Streetwise bye Duty – Chilli Twist


Tuesday 17/6/14

Round 4 – Slice Pizzeria Comp

6pm Sweeties v Express, Bluesfest Too v Maccas. Duty – Bluesfest 3

7pm Mullumfest v Bluesfest 3, Mangoes v Jets, Forever Soul v Kriss Kross. Dragons bye. Duty – Express

*** Phone 66851794 to play. Beginners welcome


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