Nimbin to host medicinal cannabis workshop

TinctureBy Darren Coyne

A medicinal cannabis-making workshop will be held in Nimbin on Saturday following ‘thousands’ of enquiries from across Australia.

The workshop will take place in the Nimbin Town Hall and will cover extraction techniques, the latest legislation, nutrition and lifestyle.

The NSW Government last month announced that it would immediately fund three clinical trials on the use of the drug for pain relief, and that under the new guidelines, police will have discretion to not charge terminally-ill cannabis users and their carers.

But with no clear indication about how long those trials are expected to take, many people continue to turn to the Hemp Embassy and other sources for help.

Volunteers have told Echonetdaily that they are fielding calls from across Australia from people desperate to get their hands on tinctures, raw cannabis products, or cannabis oil.

Medicinal cannabis advocate Tony Bower, whose company Mullaways Medical Cannabis has in the past 12 years supplied tincture to more than 150 people, many of them children, has warned that supply remains a real issue.

It’s understood that the medical-cannabis trials could take years before it’s approved for mainstream use.

In the meantime, more and more people are turning to ‘black market’ suppliers, who are already struggling to meet the rising demand.

Mr Bower has warned that unless police stay away from this year’s crop, many people already using cannabis medications would be unable to source their medicine.

Other medical cannabis growers, who have asked to remain anonymous, have called for an amnesty from police helicopter raids until politicians clarify supply issues.

Meanwhile, organisers of the Nimbin workshop said it would endeavour to shed light on the new rules operating in NSW, and how to make an application to be on the Terminal Illness Cannabis Scheme register.

A Medical Cannabis Users Association spokesperson said members remained skeptical about the rate of change proposed by the government.

‘The MCUA endorses the workshop and members will certainly be attending,’ she said.

‘The usual cynicism and speculation abounds among the 3700 plus MCUA members, but they all remain staunch in their collective position to stand in defiance of the law that does more harm to society than good.’

She said ‘health and human rights remain a core focal points for members’.

The free workshop will run from 11am to 3pm in the Nimbin Town Hall.

9 responses to “Nimbin to host medicinal cannabis workshop”

  1. EDWARD E EVANS says:

    I suspect that the legalisation of cannabis will come about after the US government has all its patents for artificial cannabis in place and locked up and thereafter only their cannabis will be legal for any purpose.

  2. Lee says:

    A government for the people run by the people…….yeah right!
    Lets put full legalisation up for referendum like they did in the States. Only then, maybe the Government will listen to the will of the people.

  3. Jerry Cook says:

    The US Fed Govt has its patents in place for medical use, and gives the actual plant to some for medical use already, while also saying there is no medical use in their CSA, a clear dumbfounding hypocrisy thats allowed to stand without notice. Crazy as.
    When challenged in court the patent cannot stand as a natural plant is not an invention, and big pharma can not synthetically reproduce the complex synergy of the whole plant for their profits. They have marinol & sativex, both failures..marinol a synthetic thc that does not work & sativex a spray that causes mouth ulcers.
    Big pharma cannot equal or top the natural plant and now developed strains, or the range of products already on the market in the US. Big pharma/Fed Govt will never stop natural grown plant use by people. They are very expensive for worse effect. Growing outdoors is a lot less expensive and a lot more effective, as food and other use. Hydro is not safe due to grow chemicals..directly caused by ridiculous prohibition.

    As for being legal, its already being made legal for many uses in spite of big pharma. The current attempt by govt here to set things up for big pharma over years for terminally ill only is insane and will also fail. A blatant grab for big pharma profits.

    What we need is an educated vote to make this plant available for everyone to grow or to get from a dispensary, as is being done in the US.

    This plant is not toxic like everything else and cannot kill from direct use like all else, while having many benefits unlike anything else.

    The prohibition law is the crime that continues to hurt & kill people for no other reason except big pharma & others profits. The current law is only supported by the ignorant & bought offs. This has to stop by educated citizen vote.
    What group in Australia can get this on a vote ballot or put in motion in govt to be made fully legal, regulated & taxed, and completely available & normal as in the US, Europe, & S America?

    The US has LEAP, MPP, NORML, DPA, ASA, SSA, Stop the Drug War, a number of doctors, learned politicians, and others who work to make this plant fully legal and available in spite of the govt/big pharma & other opposition profits control. What do we have that is so active to set things right?
    Something has to done asap to stop the hurt & killing imposed by a very stupid prohibition. The NSW plan is a waffle for big pharma that helps no one, terminally ill or not, for a long time.
    As in the US, this imposed damage can be stopped and people who benefit from this plant can be helped much faster. Keep in mind too, where its been made legal for all use, all crime has reduced dramatically, especially alcohol violence. When will Australia wake up? The sooner the better!

  4. Daniel says:

    This is a great idea, can u make a step by step video on this workshop so u can send it to people that r to far away to atend as i myself is 15 hrs away by car. This is great knowledge to no and i no alot of other people around my area that would love this information. Keep up the good work to properly save people and never let these satanic corperations beat u just to make a profit.
    my email [email protected]

  5. John Apthorp says:

    I have suffered enough due to injuries caused by child abuse over 40 yrs ago.
    I was dead against Marijuana until it was “slipped” to me in 2005. Since then, I have done a complete turn around & fully support the thought that people should be allowed to grow their own plants – even if we had to pay (for example) $30 a year for a permit.
    This could be considered TAX for the Government.
    Personally I don’t smoke, so I see “hash cookies” as my only option.
    I will definitely go out of my way to vote for the Political Party that includes this idea into their policies.

    Thanks for everyone who is trying to get things changed. I wish you all the best & I will definitely be behind you.


  6. I would also like to see the instructions from this workshop. Thank you so so much for continuing this important work. We are in Perth and starting the research to get connected to this community.
    Kind Regards,
    Glenda Collins

  7. David fisher says:

    plz can you send workshop instructions to my email as I’m desparate to get this CBD oil for my father as he has a rare untreatable by chemotherapy cancer although stable and not terminal yet hopefully this will help. I’m planning a trip to nimbin soon from my home in blue mountains and the hemp embassy is first stop. [email protected] com

  8. The Echo says:

    The Nimbin Hemp Embassy is the contact point for people in this situation.
    51 Cullen St, Nimbin NSW 2480
    (02) 6689 1842

    Alternatively, you can contact Tony Bower of Mullaways Medical Cannabis directly via his Facebook page.

  9. I am desperate and verging on suicidal from a Neurological condition I have in my mouth, caused by Trauma, physical, medical and sexual many years ago. I’ve been in Therapy for 7 years and have suffered from this condition (Burning mouth Syndrome) since I first began to speak in the first person for my Therapist. All traditional medical advice at the moment is not helping and the medication prescribed (Clonazapam) is not holding the pain. I’m prepared to try anything. I’m now being referred to the Pain Management Centre of Royal North Shore Hospital as a last result. Have there been any usage of the Oil in non terminal cases? Is it effective in Neurological condition. The pain the unbelievable and is not impacting every facet of my life, both waking and sleeping periods. I’ve said it before, but I’m truly desperate for some relief. Thank you for listening to me.

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