Cr Ibrahim leading the push for over-development

Cr Ibrahim, ad hominem attacks on this forum are not becoming of anyone but as the spokesperson for the Byron Residents’ Group I accept they may be forthcoming.

Since I didn’t name you in particular as ‘pro-development’ in this article I think you protest too much — although you obviously know who the pro-development councillors are.

Anyway, since you raised it, you are proving yourself by the very actions listed by Dailan Pugh above as not only pro-development but pro-over-development.

Added to your active support for an overdevelopment position evidenced by your voting on Byron Shire Council, you have also been telling community members in writing that you support the West Byron mega-suburb and the Ewingsdale ‘seniors’ suburb because you believe that Byron needs to have much more people so that we have a much bigger rate base so we can pay for the impacts of tourism etc.

I would like to see a growth management strategy prepared so you can put forward some actual modelling on this theory.

Was it part of your platform when you ran for council? I assume it is based on some kind of planning theory so please point us to your references.

I would like to know the projected full impacts of increasing Byron’s population by 30-40 per cent – around what West Byron would likely deliver — without counting any other development .

Byron Residents’ Group is pro-development. We support sustainable development that follows the rules – the gazetted Far North Coast Regional Strategy, the Byron LEP – or what’s left of it — the Coastal Management Strategy, and the many instruments that should deliver to us a place that is still liveable in our own lifetimes and that of our children — at the very least.

Your pro-over-development position has shown you actively flout all of these planning rules.

I have been accused of falsehood before in this paper – by Stuart Murray, the developers’ spokesperson. He said BRG was scaremongering by spreading falsehoods about the 1,100 houses we claimed were going on the West Byron site and that it was more likely around 850.

Did you write anywhere in a public forum that he was (almost) a liar when the new SEPP was delivered with not 850 but a minimum of 1,500 lots allowing further subdivisions to enable potentially 2000 dwellings?

Were you and your pro-development colleagues lying when you said often that we had nothing to worry about because the DCP would come back to council and council would be in control of what happens at West Byron and all would be well? Because so far it hasn’t turned out to be true.

I would be talking to the real perpetrators of the ‘untruths that are almost lies’ in this scenario – Don Page, the Department of Planning and the developers because what they are delivering to us – aided and abetted by this council who have opened Byron’s doors wide to every carpetbagger developer — is the utter despoiling of this town.

Cate Coorey, Byron Residents’ Group

2 responses to “Cr Ibrahim leading the push for over-development”

  1. VivKay says:

    How can this population growth be justified on economic, social or environmental grounds? The control helm of our population growth accelerator is in the hands of our government, as most of it is due to net overseas migration, not inevitable! “Growth” has become embedded into our economy, and due to economic stagnation, real estate has become a major industry! It means housing must continually be built over precious and sensitive wildlife habitats, and ride roughshod over local communities that want to keep their village-style and low impact communities! We are living inside the housing bubble, and we must diversify our economy before we become wall-to-wall towers and urban sprawl! It’s boom time for property developers, but it’s about short-term cash flows against the long term integrity of our nation and living standards.

  2. Matilda B says:

    Any expansion of urbanization could wipe out a significant population of koalas and risk poisoning aquatic life in the area. Developers always promise to create “vibrant” communities, of people and housing mix, but they ignore the lethality of it for wildlife. What right have we to keep promoting our own human growth at the cost of native habitat, and the survival of even flagship species such as iconic koalas? The concerns of the community and wider in the nation are being overridden and ridden roughshod. What’s precious about Australia is not urban sprawl, but our natural values and wildlife that residents and tourists expect to see! There are greedy property investors who only think on money, and ignore intrinsic values. We don’t want our coast littered with generic urban sprawl, of concrete and manicured lawns. We need to keep Australia beautiful and natural.

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