If they kill Aussies, Boycott Bali

If the Indonesian government go ahead and execute the Australian duo (ringleaders of the Bali Nine), we should all boycott Bali.

Hilary Lewis, Suffolk Park

7 responses to “If they kill Aussies, Boycott Bali”

  1. PeterL says:

    Hear Hear to that. Bali is a dump anyway. I can’t understand why anyone would want to go there.
    Overpriced and overrated and full of people who hate us.
    Yes Boycott Bali, and Indonesia as a whole
    And the PM should recall our Ambassador as well

  2. Lucy Ashley says:

    Boycotting Bali will only hurt the Balinese. I don’t support this action as a tit for tat. I am also opposed to the executions but I think there are better ways to respond to this (if it happens…let’s hope there’s a reprieve), by actively supporting attempts to convince countries like Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, China and the US that the death penalty is simply abhorrent. Boycotting Bali will achieve nothing.

  3. David Powell says:

    Yes Bali is part of Indonesia. They take Aussie’s money & killed Aussies in Bali bombing. Their President is too deaf to listen to our appeals.

    Boycott Bali so long as it remains with Indonesia. If Bali follows the way of East Timor, it will be different.

  4. Lin Golab says:

    I have boycotted all death penalty countries for more than 10 years. The Indonesian government is a disgrace for murdering all these young people. This is revenge killing. I despise all who do it #boycottBali

  5. stand up now says:

    This country happily accept disaster aid from Australia and when we ask for a favour for free they shunn us away! YES, boycott Bali!!! Keep our tourism safe from corruption.

  6. Anne says:

    I agree that we should boycott Indonesia. I would never travel there as I don’t feel safe. After they bombed Australians in Bali and now the executions, I see no reason to visit Indonesia.

  7. dave says:

    Yeah, been many times but no more it is Shithole better going to Europe, costs a little more but what a time, Spain Turkey, uk Greece more in touch with Australians and a good time

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