The pressure on women and their look

Charles MacFarland states in a recent letter to the Byron Shire Echo that the reason women are judged on their looks rather than on their achievements is that they ‘set themselves up for this’.

I think this overlooks the pressure exerted on females from the day they are born to be flawlessly beautiful.

The ideal is, for most of us, unattainable, and so begins the cycle of self criticism that of course fuels the massive profits made by the cosmetic and ‘beauty’ industries.

It is perfectly alright to enjoy being a woman and all that that encompasses. What is not alright is being objectified and judged solely on ones appearance.

After Mandy Nolan’s excellent article on February 11, it was disappointing to read ‘So much more than a pretty face, “weather girl”, Magdalena Roze has two degrees’. Nowhere else in the Byron Shire Echo, in all the many stories on men, is a reference to appearance made.

Magdalena Roze may indeed be pretty but that is irrelevant to her accomplishments and such comments diminish them.

Louise Andrews, Byron Bay

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  1. dj faith says:

    Charles MacFarland needs to go the library and look at the stunning literature written my hundreds of women! Did some little girl steal his lolly pop when he was a wee one or do you feel a bit insecure Charles?

    A lot is learnt about men by their projections onto women. I hope you find happiness Charly.

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