Current politics and its addiction to fossil fuels

OK, have you had your five minutes of celebration? Great, now let’s get serious again.

It is really unfortunate that the NSW government and their supporters are climate-ignorant.

Estimates are that the Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu will be destroyed when we reach 1.5C. We are now at 0.85 degrees C and 400.3 ppm CO2. When we reach 2C about half our World will be in dangerous climate change.

It would be fair to say the Philippines and many Western Pacific islands are already there. Basically it boils down to food supplies being severely or completely disrupted.

With our current politics we are heading for 4C or more. Bye bye civilisation. We are completely addicted to fossil fuels. OK lets go cold-turkey?

Umm, how do I get the kids to school, drive the tractor, run the freezer, fertilise the crop. Oh its all too much, what movie will we watch? Did you turn on the pool filter? Comfortable suicide, gentle murder: we are all doing it to varying degrees.

Imagine turning on your TV and seeing your kids and grand-kids in 2060 fighting for food. What would you do NOW? How would you invest for the future? What work would you do? Would you just take care of yourself, or expand your boundary of care outwards? Can you take up the challenge of feeling the fear, owning the responsibility, and living accordingly and authentically?

We can do much through cooperation. If you feel bewildered join an action group to help with renewables, energy efficient buildings, electric transport, organic agriculture, recycling, carbon sequestration, volunteer and learn new skills. Beyond Zero Emissions wants to help us.

Political change can counter climate change. We need to bring back a price on carbon urgently.

Sapoty Brook, Mullumbimby

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  1. Beautiful, Somebody has said it “Bring back a price on carbon” In other words “If you pollute you pay” The energy providers need to get that through their heads without putting an exorbinate price on their electricity. It’s interesting that it took a British study to find that Agl Origin Delta & stanwell were running filthy power stations, 25% of all polution in Australia is from power stations……………….

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