Farmers dump manure on Nationals’ gas plan

Farmers gather outside Thomas George's office in Lismore with a load of manure. (Darren Coyne)

Farmers gather outside Thomas George’s office in Lismore with a load of manure. (Darren Coyne)

A contingent of northern rivers farmers has delivered bags of manure to the office of Lismore MP Thomas George, and are now on their way to Nationals campaign office in Ballina.

Kyogle farmer Peter Stackhouse told media outside Mr George’s office that farmers were sick of the ‘bullshit’ coming from the Nationals regarding the government’s coal seam gas policy.

‘Good farming country around Lismore, Kyogle, Nimbin, Coraki, out west past Urbenville and right down to Maclean will all be up for grabs,’ he said.

Today’s protest follows news yesterday that the biggest drilling company in Australia, AJ Lucas, has purchased the largest gas licence in the region, PEL 445.

Bentley farmer Peter Nielsen said farmers were sick of the Nationals’ weak policies on CSG.

Mr Nielson said the purchase by AJ Lucas made it more likely that northern rivers communities would be facing the spectre of a gas drilling invasion if the Liberal/National government was returned to power.


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6 responses to “Farmers dump manure on Nationals’ gas plan”

  1. Christina says:

    Yes, the pre-emptive move by A. J Lucas indicates they’ve already got the green light to proceed if the LNP gets back in on 28 March. Number every box and make sure you put the traitorous Nationals last.

  2. Serge Killingbeck says:

    Perhaps its time for the Nationals to go back to basics and be the representatives for rural electorates in Syndey’s metro centric parliament rather than the other way round, as they’ve done for the last 30 years. Rip up the agreement with the Liberals and go back to being a genuine coalition of two robust independent political entities where, after every election, the Liberals have to negotiate for the Nationals’ support and the Nationals represent us. Right now it is as plain as the nose on your face the Nationals are completely powerless, what politician would defy his/her electorate’s clear preference risking political oblivion unless they had no choice.

  3. Rosemary Beasley says:

    We must stop coal seam gas extraction. If you are in any doubt, go and see “Frackman”.

  4. tusta das says:

    What the ? You are publishing things about Cow shit and CSG, also i read your article on the Amazon and lack of water, yet the biggest Enviromental polluter IS THE BEEF Industry, please WATCH cowspiracy the documentary, and check the latest U.N statistics…. YET you are not publishing any of this information, and sorry please don’t say you did not know how much water and land it takes to produce cattle for global consumption, that ignorance left the wharf of your last fancy restaurant serving WHALE & DOLPHIN. No Cows are not endangered but create a lot more pollution upon the Planet then the other two species pre-mentioned…

  5. Anne Dusta says:

    On Monday GREAT NEWS, Lib/Nats cancelled a licence in the far north. Check your maps people! It is the smallest in the region And on the edge. All the rest are renewed well into the future. Ballina to Kyogle – you have six more years and others to 2017 etc etc. We want a gas ban not a gas plan!!!

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