Julian Rocks bombed in night-target practice

Fact or Fiction? Did you hear the story about the sinking of the Tassie III and what happened to some of the stuff that was souveniered/salvaged or who ended up with the Captains 45 revolver and what happened then?

No! Well did you hear the one about the army using the Julian Rocks as target practice with their cannon or the night target practice with floating buoys in the Bay which left one of our fishermen and his son slightly shaken?

No! Well what about the man who’s job it was to blow the Jetty up when the Japanese were see coming over the horizon?

What, you didn’t know about the explosive charges attached to the Jetty during WWII ?

Well what about the day the lad’s were catching sharks off the jetty and one of them got his leg caught in the rope line and was hauled over the side by the shark only to have his mates grab the line and keep him suspended in mid air between sharks and jetty?

Well unless you were at the 1st Byron Bay Historical Society ‘Reminiscing our History’ talk at the RSL Monday 23rd, you probably have not heard these and many other fascinating stories.

Don’t miss the next ‘Reminiscing our History’ when we will be stroll down the memory trail of Sand mining, Gold mining and the Meat Works. Monday 18 May 10.30am to 12pm RSL Byron Bay

Please tell you friends and old employees who worked in these industries to come along and share their versions of the History of “The Bay” .

Photos can be copied and will be returned. With the story tellers permission we will try and record these story’s for the generations to come. Contact Donald Maughan 02 6685 4314.

Donald Maughan, Byron Bay Historical Society



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  1. Len Heggarty says:

    Have you watched Question Time in parliament and the slanging and the words that are said there and the forever expulsions out of The House by the speaker.
    If so, you would know that Australia is history and sinking.

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