Lib and Lab both tarnished by corruption

The NSW Liberal Party is probably one of the two most corrupt organisations in the Western world. Eleven of their representatives have been forced to resign in little over a year. The only equally corrupt organisation in the Western world is the NSW ALP (remember Eddie Obeid, Ian MacDonald, et al). Former Liberal leader and judge, John Dowd, was until recently involved in a company up to its ears in commercial corruption allegations.

So why do people keep voting for these ratbags? ICAC has proven that the ALP and Liberals are a rabble of lying, corrupt, self-serving power-trippers, yet every four years the people of NSW turn out and vote them back in. At the forthcoming election, around 90 per cent of voters will vote for a party which they know is rotten to the core. There are plenty of alternatives out there we can vote for, and the fact that most haven’t been in government has to be more of an asset than a liability. Is it spinelessness or stupidity which makes people ignore the alternatives and vote for corruption? Or am I stupid because I’ve missed something?

Michael Hunt, Lismore

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One response to “Lib and Lab both tarnished by corruption”

  1. T. Sharples says:

    It’s the three monkey syndrome
    Never challenge the system. Never ever express your inner views publicly (the penalty will be criticism,labelling or worse) and Never Ever Ever recognize reality because that might undermine your belief system on the other two. Just get cranky and talk about the weather and do what your parents did mostly did nothing (safe).
    Sadly the three money mock us
    Great letter – wish I had written it.

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