Nimbin man impersonates cop on pub crawl

A Nimbin man stole his mother’s police badge while on holidays in Sydney and used it to gain entry into several pubs before being foiled by a wary security guard.

Jaimee Matthew Linton, the 20-year-old son of two serving police officers, pleaded guilty to impersonating a police officer in Downing Centre Local Court last week, the Sunday Telegraph has reported.

Linton was placed on a good behavior bond after magistrate Michael O’Brien accepted the explanation offered by Linton’s lawyer, Paul McGirr, that the episode was an example of ‘immature behaviour’.

The court heard that Linton and his mother travelled to Sydney from Casino for a holiday on December 15.

After dinner and a few drinks they returned to their hotel, whereupon Linton said he was going out again.

He swiped his mother’s wallet, containing her police badge before he left, according to the newspaper and began visiting several pubs in the CBD, including Mr B’s and the Civic Hotel.

Upon entering the Civic he was seen to show his mother’s police badge, asking ‘can I get in?’

One of the pub’s security guards, Enzar Hasan, asked Linton, ‘Is there anything I can help you with?’ whereupon Linton fabricated a story about a ‘riot’ in the area.

When Mr Hasan said he had seen nothing, Mr Linton was seen speaking into the mouthpiece of a headphone he was wearing.

On returning a second time to Mr B’s, Linton was asked by security guard Nazam Atie for his badge number.

Linton reportedly told Mr Atie to ‘go fuck yourself’.

Mr Atie and a fellow security guard then wrestled Linton to the ground and called the real police, ignominiously ending his big night out.


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  1. Jon says:

    Another Nimbin story. Why am I not surprised? Sounds like a few beers and a copper’s badge were all that was needed to provide this eejit with the bravery to tell the security guard to go fuck himself. Hardly likely to enhance his prospects of joining the NSW police force when he matures.

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