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November 30, 2021

Putting the boot into morons with dogs

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There we were, me and my four year old son making sandcastles on the beach, the bright afternoon sun slanted through the trees creating shadows and dappled light over our creation when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere a big boofy, slobbering imbecile of a boxer dog came lumbering onto my son knocking him head first into the sand.

In the distance the faint plaintive female voice called out the idiot dog’s name, but the dog dutifully ignored her.

So with the natural instincts of a protective father I gave the dog a hefty kick in the head, then another as it kept trying to jump my boy and as he turned to flee another in the backside just for good measure.

Then the imbecile who owns him came running up to me,’Don’t kick my dog’.

To which I answered, in a diatribe full f expletives, ‘Put a leash on the stupid thing before I kick it to death’.

Meanwhile my now traumatised  son, who I picked up after the initial attack, was screaming in terror as this moronic dog owner argued with me that her dog had more right to be on the beach than a human child playing sand castles because the council had designated it a dog walking area.

My reply? ‘Put your stupid dog on a leash if you can’t control it and if it ever attacks my son or me again I will beat it to death’.

She eventually got the message leashed her dog and toddled off down the beach. And that is how you handle stupid, moronic dog owners.

M Mizzi, Byron Bay

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  1. Unfortunately this is the ONLY way a lot of delusional dog owners learn. I carry mace and a knife and I pull them right in view of the owner. If you don’t want your dog hurt it is YOUR responsibility to control your dog. That’s what leashes are for.

    • This isn’t legal and could get you into trouble, we wouldn’t want that. However, there are some very effective self defence items you can carry that are perfectly legal and innocent looking. Have a little search around the web there’s lots of discussion forums. Unfortunately you can’t really expect people to “do the right thing” these days so it’s nice to be prepared if you need to protect yourself and you are perfectly entitled to do so. The dog owner is not going to be on the receiving end of the dogs bad behaviour, someone else is for example getting their face mangled, nose bitten off etc

  2. Hey M. Mizzi good on you for teaching your child the supreme value of extreme violence and aggressive profanity when confronted by what sounds like an over enthusiastic dog. I guess lesser mortals would have merely shielded their child, calmly. Many members of ‘Male Rights’ groups say that mothers are to blame for aggressive adult males. So, I guess us males can’t be blamed for kicking a defenceless dog to death. If we need to stand up for ourselves.
    And, KaD – owning mace let alone carrrying it in public, is illegal in Australia. So is carrying a concealed knife. So either you are lying about the mace or for the safety of the public I hope you are caught up with ASAP.

  3. It appears anyone can breed even if they have no idea what it means to set an example. Teaching your four year old that it is ok to kick any animal and then bragging about it highlights how pathetic you are. Bragging about using a tirade of F bombs in front if your child is all class.

    You say your sone was traumatised – maybe it is because he has just learnt that his dad … lacks self control. Well done sir you are a credit to the men everywhere – NOT!

    • Well said
      Additionally- the Mr Mizzi needs therapy for his anger and attitude around impressionable infants, still in his defence?-it may have been his upbringing or he may have been previously bitten by a dog for showing that anger to an Alpha male dog previously!!
      Still the owner should train her dog to come on command– (mine do instantly)

  4. Once again the overblown entitlement mentality of dog worshippers overcomes the duty and responsibility of controlling an animal and the safety of an innocent child.

  5. I might add – a lesser mortal would have shielded their child and attended to the childs emotional distress instead of leaving the child hysterical on its own in order to persue the canine spectre of innocence. And everyone knows how threatening boxer dogs are! Right!

  6. I’m a fair bit older than some of you. I remember when beaches were safe and friendly places to take your dog, I remember when people were kind and generous to strangers. I remember when we forgave and forgot and withheld judgement even when others appeared to be in the wrong. M.Mizzi you obviously care about the community. Having been so kind as to inform us about your latent, spontaneous tendency for irrational, justified violence and aggressive abuse – would you kindly elaborate as to your full identity so we the community can know to be cautious when dealing with you, in future. And, most importantly, so local parents can be mindful before sending their kids to play, at your house.

  7. Hey Mizzi, You sound like you thought you were doing a MITZVAH.(good deed in Hebrew,.. for the real people) and are vell trained Israelite soldier. HOWEVER if you bring this s*** to our part of the world, I will [respond]… as we dont tolerate violence to people OR animals,… or weapon carrying …
    PS thanks to the other 4 comments from clearly normal people

  8. Any dog attacking my son will be treated with the same contempt it and its owners deserve. I am fed up with these entitled dog owners allowing their dogs to attack people willy nilly. This wasn’t the first time this happened and it has happened to others I know. If you own a big stupid dangerous dog keep it leashed. My son was traumatised by the dog attacking him not by my reaction so stick than notion where it belongs. Pathetic Hey Mal you don’t own this part of the world so too bad mate. I don’t care what you tolerate. If you own a dog and it attacks my kid I will attack it back I don’t care about your pseudo peace and mung beans persona.I don’t see dogs having more rights than my child.You should all employ your brains before knee jerking into reactionary mode. My son was in my arms all the time as the dog jumped on us as its stupid owner ran yelling “Hear ___”She obviously had no idea how to control her dog, like most dog owners I see on the beach. You should all go to dog school and learn how to control your dogs. My sons life and safety is worth than your dog’s.

  9. AS FOR CARRYING MACE, TAKE IT UP WITH THE JUDGE OR BETTER STILL APPRAISE YOURSELF OF THE CRITERIA. I THINK BEING ATTACKED BY IRRESPONSIBLE, SELF ENTITLED PEOPLES DOGS WOULD CONSTITUTES A CLEAR DANGER. http://www.criminallaw.com.au/blog/criminal/general/is-it-legal-to-carry-pepper-spray-or-mace/6834 PERSONALLY A GOOD KICK IN The ARSE USUALLY WARNS THE MUTT AWAY. As none of you seem to understand how dogs communicate AND BEHAVE and are actually pack animals that have an inate instinct to hunt I suggest you go read some books on the subjects before preaching to people how they should behave when attacked by stupid owners dogs. Dogs understand violence and body language more than inane pleas of “Come here boy.”and the useless plaintiff pleas of their stupid owners.’So to reiterate your dog has no rights once it shows itself to be uncontrollable.

  10. It should be easy enough for the poor dog owner to find out who you are. I hope you get sued and charged. As you’re so interested in setting an example – that should be appropriate example for unrestricted public violence yes? I also hope parents keep their kids as far away from you as possible. We are lucky to have a paper like The Echo that respects freedom of speech. It has been demonstrated however your opinions and values are of no interest to me and upon sighting your name in a header I will not be reading your letters again.

    • If anyone is likely to get sued it will the next dog owner whose dog attacks my child or myself. You obviously have no idea what the law protects mostly so let me reduce your illusions. The law is there to protect human life and property. You might think you live in some sort of self styled utopia and the Echo is some sort of bastion of free speech but you and your dog are still under the law and the law protects me before it protects your dog. And why should I care if you read my letters or not?

    • Actually, Rachel, one is allowed to use “whatever means necessary” to protect oneself, child etc from a dog attack. Check Byron Shire Council’s Website for the definition of dog attack, you may be quite surprised.
      I would be absolutely mortified and so apologetic if my dog knocked a child over, face first into the sand. Actually, I would never allow this to happen in the first place because I would keep my dog close to me and be scanning the beach for any children/elderly to make sure something like this never happens. Taking your dog to the leash free beach does mean letting it take off far in front of you and jump on whoever it wants to.

  11. WOW,The response that this story has brought forth, This reminds me of why I’m walking the beach with a baseball bat (& tennis ball) whilst I’m walking a dog, This all started back in October when my friend & her dog went to “Pirate park” near Palm Beach Just reached the sandbar when a Rottweiler broke away from It’s owner (unleashed) & was intent on attack the friend scooped up her dog (medium dog) & made for the water, The rottweiller continued it’s attack until the owner eventually got there & got it away… The attack was entirely unprovoked, The friend went to Tweed hospital for three broken fingers & various puntures a month/five weeks off work no recompence… In other words you cannot know what your dog is thinking or what it will do in any circumstance, OH the friends dog had punctures too….. Oh yeah, the cretin owners of the dog arn’t local & appears they like hanging around Kingscliff but may have originated from Victoria, names & reg plates all falling into place………………….

  12. Your dog needs to be under “effective control” even when it is off the leash, in the designated leash free area.
    Meaning that it comes to you when you command it and stays close to you. If this woman had been doing the right thing this incident would not have happened. Check the Byron Shire/Ballina Shire council websites.
    This woman obviously has no control over her dog and the dog needs some basic obedience training or she needs to keep it on the leash. Some people can’t even control their dog when it’s on the leash, I’ve witnessed a German Shepherd break free of it’s female owner and horrifically maul another dog.
    The German Shepherd was probably just being “friendly”. I love dogs, I have a dog, but I don’t think it’s my dogs right to jump all over people, sniff their crotches, frighten little children drool at their food at cafes etc


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Gladys just doesn’t get it? Bullshit.

The rules are lost to the dark art of time, but when I was younger, we used to play a card game called ‘Bullshit’...

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