Cyclists should dismount at pedestrian crossings

To the cross pedestrian riding her bicycle across the pedestrian crossing in front of the council building in Mullum last Thursday around 8.45am.

Consider this – pedestrian crossings are mostly for pedestrians excluding walking aids, wheel chairs, prams and the like.

Occasionally they’ll be used by adults accompanying littlies on little bikes – theoretically the adults should have had these kids dismount before using the crossing.

By not doing so, these kids could become adults who think it’s okay to ride across a pedestrian crossing at will, much like yourself.

As I approached the crossing in my car, you had ample time to dismount and walk your bike across the crossing but you chose not to.

I gave way to you nonetheless and rather than acknowledge this considerate action, you stared at me with scorn.

I then politely pointed out that you should have dismounted if you expect to use a pedestrian crossing, and you had the audacity to have another go, this time verbally about you being in the right.

The truth is you were in the wrong whichever way you want to look at it – might be time for you to check the road rules and your manners.

Sandy G, Mullumbimby

4 responses to “Cyclists should dismount at pedestrian crossings”

  1. Len Heggarty says:

    An angry cyclist rode across the pedestrian crossing when he should have been riding on the road in front of the council building in Mullum last Thursday around 8.45am.

    • Syd Geary says:

      There should be a Cyclists Road Test, then they will be all aware of the road rules with no excuses or a pamphlet from the RTA to be distributed with every bike sale or just available I wouldn’t mind a portion of my $800 rego fee or my $350 driving licence fee going towards this.

  2. Tony Campbell says:

    I’m a bike rider and the whole thing about bicycle riders crossing on pedestrian crossings and getting stroppy if people don’t give way is a total crock of parrots droppings. People under twelve can legally ride on the footpath but that still doesn’t give them legal right to ride across a pedestrian crossing unless they have dismounted. Adults have no legal right to ride on footpaths and ride on pedestrian crossings
    It’s fucking ridiculous as I’ve seen time and time again adults on bikes ride off the footpath and across pedestrian crossings at speed and they then expect vehicles to stop for them and then get all agro when there is a near miss.
    Wake up people!, the next time I hear someone say “chill out” when they have caused me stress because they appeared out of nowhere and been a potential casualty that I don’t want to and shouldn’t have to deal with, I’ll find it extremely difficult to remember Mandy Nolan’s recent words about keeping my cool on the road.
    Take responsibility! We may live in an alternative hub but that doesn’t give the right to stress out others because our freewheeling ideas take precedence over a bit of common sense.

  3. Nancy Falcone says:

    what about idiot bike riders who think they are a vehicle and ride in traffic lanes!
    Or the ones who think the Ewingsdale bike trail is for non racing bikes as they ride on the main road ignoring the pupose built track! And don’t get me started on the number of super idiots who don’t wear a helmet and ride on the wrong side of the road! I have seen it all in Byron. Footpaths mean just that, and pedestrian crossings are the same. Use your head then your FEET!
    OK feel better now l have had my vent!

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