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Starlight Festival offers a cornucopia of healers, health practitioners and esoteric guides at the Bangalow A&I Hall over the Easter long weekend.

Sunder Devi is a spiritual motivator who works across USA, Holland, India and Australia. She will be offering a Despacho ceremony in which she calls forth the ancient Incan goddess Pachamama and offers re-alignment and healing with Mother Nature.

What is a spiritual motivator exactly?

As a spiritual motivator with more than 50 years’ experience, I have been described as engaging, compelling. Using my sense of humour and examples from my personal life, I like to be generous and selfless in sharing my gift of making the connection between the spiritual and reality in our daily lives to motivate people.

What stops people from following their spiritual path?

Following their ego, instead of their heart.

What is good spiritual practice in your opinion?

Always meditation. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Seeing each day as a blessing.


Do you think there is a problem with people becoming ‘spiritually competitive’?

Yes, I do!  In the beginning the soul invited the mind as it invited the guest of the soul. In other words when you invite the mind in you invite competition and ego then lose sight of the spirit. You have to balance spirit. A lot has changed since my day; I have  to eat!

But I have to remember I work for spirit – sometimes I let people come and pay me in some way other than money. I am here to help you! This is about being with the spirit. It’s not about money or how many people I get to my workshop!

How relevant is ancient ritual in modern spiritual contexts?

Whether your ceremony is a traditional ritual or the ceremony you create for yourself, just where you are and just as you feel the need, allow yourself to shift into that state of connectedness, and feel what will bring balance.

And finally, be prepared for change! If you have called forth the spirit you realignment with nature.

How do you feel we have become disconnected from nature?

We are too much in the head! To much technology. We don’t feel, touch or see. Only what is put in front of us.

When was the last time you walked in nature by yourself? When was the last time you hugged someone and said I love you?

Yes we have disconnected with nature, and yes, we have disconnected with ourselves.

How can we reconnect?

Opening your heart, renewing connection with your ‘I AM’ and the spirits of nature or the angel by expressing our love for each other with mindful silence and touch. Put your back up against the tree and be!

What will you be sharing at Starlight Festival?

Throughout my life I have dedicated my time to helping others in their medicine walk; this is where I find my inner sanctum.

And this is where you will find me! At the festival bring your questions. Let us see if I can help you on your Earth walk!

Friday till Monday at the Bangalow A&I Hall.

10am–5pm. $20 admission.

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