Greens face a choice: paranoia or proper policy

Now that the Greens have won the seat of Ballina I expect they’ll be facing the stark choice between business as usual (conjecture, acrimony, paranoia, policy comets from the deepest reaches of outer space) or governing from the centre in the interests of the whole electorate in order to retain the seat in four years time. Welcome to the archetypal ‘corruption’ inherent to the political system.

As a newcomer to the region, and Australia in 2006, I cannot corroborate exactly what the Greens have done for it. I note however, the seat of Ballina was not won outright but on the back of a shameful preferences deal with the ALP, the group that really got the party started for CSG, and by successfully stealing the political fire from ‘Lock The Gate while making the Nationals out to be the villain in the piece. Richard III eat your heart out, the Greens have finally hit the big time!

I am not interested to see the Greens fail, just to spare us the outdated rhetoric and do something. Having watched the Green Party through the years fail with flying colours to engage the electorate on the only other issue than money common to all people (the Earth!) I question entirely the Green Party vision and specifically here in Byron the Green Party conjecture surrounding West Byron. I remain optimistic that something unique and visionary could and should be built there.

The Americans put a man on the moon in 1969. Are you really asking me to believe that with the right vision and commitment Byron couldn’t do a real ‘green’ suburb in 2015? Show me your leadership, or pack your bags for the minor leagues.

Edward Kent, Suffolk Park

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