Greens keeping the bastards nervous

Dear Edward Kent (may I call you Ted?) I appreciate your feedback.

I suggest you read a few Greens’ policies before consigning us to outer space. We may not conform to your political bent but it may reassure you that we are not the ‘reds under the bed’ which the lunar right fondly imagines.
As I said before, as a minor party, we will not (and would not) be dispensing largesse and favor to bolster our electoral stocks as has been the promise (if not the reality) of the incumbents.
We do, however, have a track record of ‘keeping the bastards nervous’, and thwarting many of their worst excesses, this will be reinforced as will our push for better environmental and social initiatives. Longer-term residents will be aware of our local government record, I suggest you do a bit of reading.

As to the ‘inherent corruption’ of the electoral system, I do agree that NZ/European/Tasmanian proportional voting is far fairer but the UK ‘first past the post’ can get someone elected with 20 per cent or less of the vote, you may prefer this or even the money-corrupted US system?
I should also point out that the Greens’ Jeremy Buckingham MLC has been the leading parliamentary scourge of the CSG mob even prior to Lock the Gate, which we have actively supported. Lock the Gate founder Drew Hutton was a long-time Green who stood as our senate candidate in Qld  many times.
Not sure of your Richard 111 reference but recent research indicates he was the victim of a bad press, shame on Shakespeare.
Tom Tabart, Bangalow

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