NZ MPs call for world nuclear disarmament

Nuclear explosion image from

Nuclear explosion image from

Wellington [AAP]

New Zealand MPs are calling on the United Kingdom, Russia, the United States, China and France to disarm their nuclear weapons.

A cross-party delegation on Thursday handed letters to diplomats from the five countries, signed by MPs from all the parties in parliament.

‘The message is the same to all of those states,’ Labour party MP Phil Goff told reporters after his delegation had met the representatives in the Beehive.

‘Forty-five years ago they promised to disarm. We expect them to honour their promises.’

Mr Goff said the deal was that non-weapon states would not seek to acquire nuclear weapons, while the nuclear states agreed to implement disarmament.

‘The nuclear states have failed to fulfil their side of the bargain and there are now 17,000 nuclear warheads in existence,’ the former Labour leader said.

‘Surely it’s only a matter of time before a terrorist group gets its hands on nuclear weapons, which would be a world-changing situation.’

Mr Goff said New Zealand had an important role to play in New York in three weeks, when an international nuclear disarmament conference takes place.

‘Some people say we’re a little country but we’ve made a difference in the world and we have overwhelming support in the UN General Assembly.’

One response to “NZ MPs call for world nuclear disarmament”

  1. Paris says:

    Again New Zealand has shown the World the way to go regarding Nuclear Weapon Disarmament. I wonder if our Government has the guts to follow suit.

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