Rail lines and rock piles

It’s great to see the Greens are proposing the aerial survey of the disused Casino to Murwillumbah rail line.

The Greens are showing great leadership in their support of this vital piece of long term, national infrastructure that should be available for all.

It seems an absolute no brainer and beggars belief and any discussion or debate should be necessary. A rail system would be a delightful mode of transport for all ages and abilities to go about their work and daily lives.

And while I’m at it, why the council wants to spend millions on rock walls to protect million dollar houses of those who built where they should have known better and ignored a perfectly sensible council ruling of planned retreat, which would have been known in any DA, needs clear, unambiguous explanation to the community.

And thanks to Rose Wanchap it looks like we won’t be getting potholes filled any time soon as funding looks like going to build rock walls, if our turncoat councillor has anything to do with it.

Rod Murray, Ocean Shores

3 responses to “Rail lines and rock piles”

  1. Jess Snow says:

    We need trains back!

  2. Gary Ainsworth says:

    Bring Back the trains and don’t give us a snail trail

  3. Mike says:

    Well said Rod!! Yes then we could get rid of the ridiculously expensive and ecologically unfriendly bus ride from the car park to the sea with its diesel belching fumes. IN China they are about to introduce hydrogen powered trams. Surely one of these could be easily modified to fit right into a light rail model for the train line rather than some pipe dream of endless bicycle riders and walkers using what is essentially a public asset. Though I rarely see much foresight in the current joke of a council that warm the seats of the Byron chambers.

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