TAFE ‘on the ropes’, claims Greens MP

An image from the Greens’ Save TAFE campaign.

An image from the Greens’ Save TAFE campaign.

Greens NSW MP John Kaye has condemned premier Mike Baird’s decision to move TAFE out of education and into the industry portfolio.

Dr Kaye said, ‘Unless Premier Baird reconsiders, this will be the last straw for TAFE as a public education institution.

‘After just six months of “Smart and Skilled”, TAFE is on the ropes. Severing the connection to Education will push it over the edge.

‘The corporate private providers are set to be among the biggest winners from the cabinet reshuffle.

‘They will be assessed and managed by a department that has no interest in or understanding of education.

‘This will be all about maximising the number of qualifications at the least cost.

‘Industry bureaucrats and their minister will know nothing about providing educational opportunities for young people and second-chance learners.

‘The social mission of vocational education and training has been junked by Premier Baird who sees TAFE as nothing but a higher cost provider.

‘TAFE is at risk of becoming a sausage factory, competing in a market driven by low costs and low quality.’

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