Weekends still sacrosanct

I wholeheartedly agree with the letter from Asren Pugh re penalty rates. I think, Asren, that you should publish the names of the businesses advocating the abolishment of penalty rates.

If you, as a business, are not making a profit opening on public holidays then why are you open? It is not compulsory you know. I can only assume that you still make money, just not as much as you’d like! If you shut, then the takings you lose will be taken up by another, resulting in no net loss.

Like Asren says, people in hospitality and retail are paid the lowest in our society. While ever we have school operating Monday to Friday, weekends will remain sacrosanct so stop your winging and be grateful that you have some employees willing to work on public holidays – they don’t have to you know!

Ruth Dare, Bangalow


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