Roundhouse site should be owned by community

It was great to see the Ocean Shores Community Centre doors finally flung open for all the community last Saturday in a burst of renewed vitality.

This good hall has been too locked up and underused for years. I hope that now we will see its doors open every day for courses, classes, workshops, markets, soup kitchens, youth events, music dance film and theatre performances, parties, lectures, local information, reading groups, children’s play, drop-in cuppa cafe, women’s groups, men’s groups, art and craft shows.

A true community hall bustles with activity constantly, some income-earning events but many simply social, informative, humanitarian, compassionate, beneficial to the well-being of the community.  Thank you to the organisers!

The survey of what residents want at Waterlily Park in Ocean Shores is encouraging. It’s great to be asked. Waterlily Park can be a hub of healthy activity, natural beauty, peaceful walks and picnics. We need many of these places for a healthy, happy community

We also still need the Roundhouse hilltop, a magnificent gathering place and local cultural centre. Let this latest flurry of council attention to the north not distract us from the jewel in the crown, which once sold will be lost forever.

This priceless land with 360-degree views, still in community title, should not be used to pay off c,ouncil debts.

Next Thursday 21 May, the Roundhouse issue will again be brought before council. All those keeping the vision for community ownership are encouraged to contact councillors prior, and turn up at council chambers to keep what is rightfully ours.
Ri Fraser, Ocean Shores

One response to “Roundhouse site should be owned by community”

  1. Len Heggarty says:

    Art is the spirit of the soul and the soul is the heart of being.
    Why must everything be counted out in cents when living the sociable sound life is to communicate and to mingle with the rest of the community for that is why we are alive.
    Tweed Shire is to try and establish an Arts Trail, so Ocean Shores, grab your shawls and wrap your community talents in your soul and create your own wealth from the glow of your heart.

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