Mobile phone towers reduce value

The federal Government is partnering with Telstra to erect 499 new mobile phone towers. One is planned for Possum Creek.

Anyone who is approached to lease their land for a tower should be aware that it will, according to real estate statistics, reduce the sales appeal and value of their property far more than can be offset by any rent gained.

Lessors could also be required by the telco to purchase their own insurance and assume shared liability for the facility and its operational impacts.

This is increasingly problematic, since many insurers now have policy exclusions on damage or injury caused by electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Finally, although the microwaves emitted by phone towers are within government safety limits, there is a significant body of peer-reviewed science that demonstrates adverse biological effects at much lower levels of exposure.

Cconsult with your neighbours and think twice before you accept a phone or NBN tower on your land.

Anton Vanderbyl , Palmwoods

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