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November 27, 2022

Opponents say fluoride fight is far from over

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A chemical dosing room at Tweed Shire Council's Bray Park water treatment facility. Four such plants are being built by Rous Water, and another by Ballina council. Photo TSC
A chemical dosing room at Tweed Shire Council’s Bray Park water treatment facility. Four such plants are being built by Rous Water, and another by Ballina council. Photo TSC

Darren Coyne

The fight against the fluoridation of much of the region’s water supply is far from over, according to opponents.

A new association has been formed called Fluoride Free Northern Rivers, and a public meeting will held at the Lismore Bowling Club on 31 July to discuss tactics and provide information about fluoride.

Anti fluoride campaigner Al Oshlack.  (Darren Coyne)
Anti fluoride campaigner Al Oshlack. (Darren Coyne)

Association member Al Oshlack, who launched a previous unsuccessful legal challenge against the decision to fluoridate, said other legal avenues were being explored.

‘We believe the vast majority of people in the Ballina and Lismore areas do not want their water fluoridated,’ Mr Oshlack told Echonetdaily.

Mr Oshlack said opponents of fluoridation believed the Australian constitution prohibited forced medical treatments on the general population.

‘We’ve had a couple of legal opinions and we’re trying to get another from a senior counsel,’ he said.

‘The basis of a challenge would be that the directive from the NSW Director General of Health to local councils was an invalid order.

Mr Oshlack said any challenge would take the form of a ‘prohibitive writ’, and would be lodged in the High Court of Australia because it was a constitutional matter.

Meanwhile, opponents are launching a petition calling for Rous Water to hold a plebiscite on the issue.

‘People in this area don’t want it and have never been given an opportunity to have a say,’ Mr Oshlack said.

Rous Water has constructed four fluoride plants that will enable fluoridated water to be provided to a majority of residents in region.

The supply of fluoridated water is expected to begin anytime.

Ballina Shire Council has also constructed a fluoride plant at Marom Creek water treatment plant to supply water to Wardell.

Fluoridated water will be supplied to most town water customers in the Ballina, Lismore and Richmond Valley Council areas.

The Richmond Valley Council township of Casino is already supplied with fluoridated water.

Fluoridated water will not be supplied to Byron Shires town water customers nor town water customers in Nimbin.

Mr Oshlack said it was ‘crunch time’ to stop the region’s water supplies being fluoridated.

‘NSW is the most heavily fluoridated place in the world,’ he said.

‘In places like China and much of Europe it’s banned.

‘China has done a vast amount of scientific studies in relation to fluoride and its effect on intelligence, and they’ve found direct links.

‘They are selling fluoride to us to dumb us down.’

Mr Oshlack said the issue wasn’t going to go away, comparing fluoride to other products such as tobacco, asbestos and DDT, which were initially considered safe, but were now recognised as dangerous to health.

He said the new group would be setting up stalls at markets around the region, as well as in the central business district of Lismore in coming weeks.

He also said the meeting at the Lismore Bowls Club would be family friendly, and would include music and food.


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  1. I suspect that the ‘Fluoride Free Northern Rivers’ association are also against vaccinations of any form for their children.

  2. The federal government is besieging renewable energy, the state government is repealing environmental zones so there is effectively no protection of the environment at a local level. Councils are more worried about economic development than environmental values.
    And we have more people worried about water Fluoridation than belong in any serious environmental organisation!
    The only dumbing down going in here is people who believe this Dr Strangelove tripe!

  3. Water fluoridation IS forced medication. The fact that we even have to fight against forced medication in 2015 is so bizarre. Australia is severely backwards in so many ways and it’s good to see people standing up.
    Good on you, Al Oshlack.

    • Fluoride in not medication it cures nothing ,,All it does is help in the prevention of tooth decay .It is the same as chlorine in the water, it is not a medication it helps prevent bacterial infections So that is just more scaremongering

      • If this is “all it does”, then why put it in our water supply which is used for flushing toilets, showering, washing clothes and dishes, watering gardens, etcetera? Surely it would be simpler to, say, put it directly into the toothpaste of those who wish for it where it can be applied directly to their teeth, not swallowed in great quantities or used in cooking, where it finds its way into an accumulative toxic level causing, amongst other side-effects, calcification of the pineal gland? Fluorosilisylic acid is a toxic by-product from the aluminium smeltering industry. We all know the one thing that Alzymer’s Disease suffers have in common, and that is unusually high levels of aluminium in the brain. Why take the risk of adding it to our water? Isn’t that just a lazy way of disposing of toxic chemicals that are impossible to dispose of safely any other way? And forcing us to pay for it, not just financially, but with teeth fluoridosis and potential dementia diseases?

        As for chlorine in the water, yes it does help prevent bacterial infections, but it’s a known carcinogen, which is why anyone at all concerned with their health uses filtration to remove it… much the same way as people remove bread from the plastic bag before eating it, even though the bag helps get it into the home without becoming contaminated. Removing bread from the bag is easy, but if you mix even worse chemicals into the bread mix, it becomes impossible to remove.

  4. Are we really interested in all these ‘free spirits’ who stand in the way of all progress?
    They’re against everything to do with health improvements. Standing there in their scruffy clothes and woolly hats, trying to tell us all how we should live, eat and behave. Treat them as alien outcasts and ignore them is my advice.

    • The Government is essentially claiming it owns your body, it knows best when it comes to medicine and health, that the science behind fluoride is settled, and that it has the right to violate you if it deems in doing do that it’s “protecting the greater good”.

      The notion that all individuals must sacrifice their rights, desires and freedom for the greater good. Of course, the greater good is always defined by the State, or the small group of usually power-hungry individuals who have gained control of the helm of Government. The Government is now trying to claim it has the legal right to do what it wants with your body, including compromising our water with fluoride under the guise of “medicine”, for whatever noble-sounding pretext it comes up with.

      That is not a just reason for me to surrender my rights. I am a concerned local resident, mother of two who dresses very well, sometimes choosing to ware a woolly hat… especially in winter. Does that make me one of those “extremists”? Will it be my views or my dress sense I’m being judged on I wonder?

  5. ‘We believe the vast majority of people in the Ballina and Lismore areas do not want their water fluoridated,’ Mr Oshlack told Echonetdaily.

    And I believe in the tooth fairy. Sorry Al, get some facts sorted.
    This is no longer the airy fairy world of 60’s hippydom.

    “Water fluoridation IS forced medication”

    Oh do please get a grip.
    They make us wear seat belts too.
    Immunise your kids as well.


    That took me all of 5 minutes to find

    Climate change, renewable energy, stoping CSG, better treatment of refugees, protection of the ABC are far more worthy causes to campaign for.

    Also getting shot of this vicious, retrograde government would be useful.

    • “They make us wear seat belts too.”
      What is your point?
      I’m against seatbelt laws too. The government is not your baby sitter.
      Get a grip on reality, please.

      • “I’m against seatbelt laws too
        ‘They are selling fluoride to us to dumb us down.’
        “comparing fluoride to other products such as tobacco, asbestos and DDT,”


        My grasp IS on reality..
        Enough oxygen for the airheads for now.

        • “I’m against seatbelt laws too” is the only quote on that list that is mine.
          Am I supposed to defend stuff that OTHER people say?
          Obviously your definition of reality and mine are very different.

          To be clear, because you obviously don’t understand: I’m FOR seat belts. I wear a seat belt every time I drive. It’s stupid to NOT wear a seatbelt.
          I am AGAINST seat belt laws. I don’t need the government to tell me to wear a seatbelt because I’m a grown man. Do you understand the difference or do you need me to explain it for you?

          Seatbelts are not the issue. Fluoride and IQ reduction is not the issue. Fluoride and health is not the issue. The issue is: I’m an adult and I decide what goes into my body, not the government.
          That’s COMMON SENSE.

          By your logic we should have government employees going door to door and shoving carrots in people’s mouths because vegetables are good for your health.

          • no body is forcing you to drink water with fluoride in it ..That is entirely your choice,But if the local government, after looking at all the valid scientific evidence, decide to use Community Fluoridated Water. Then it is up to you what you do But it is not financial viable or practical to provide you with unfluoridated water at your tap

    • for me this is the most laughable uninformed comment of all…thanks for all the “government ” links..what a joke of someone without any decent research…first up ,let me tell you what you would find out after decent research : European Court 2005 :” Fluoridation is forced medication without consent”…but hey..just high ranking judges of the european court…who cares…after research , one would know that even the website of the W.H.O. tells us that the decline in bad oral health is identical since more then 25 years in fluoridated and non fluoridated areas…fact !…98% of europe is non fluoridated!!! 98% with the same oral health stats as everywhere…what does that say to you, Sir ??…one in 4 teenagers in fluoridated areas got now dental fluorosis,which means they are fluoride poisoned…this highly toxic product, scrapt out of the chimneys of China s furtelising and aluminium producing factories accumulates in their bones,and is so toxic that its changing the bio-chemistry in their teeth,bravo !!!…..only 5% of the world is poisoning thei rwater.half of those 5% is the U.S.,where more then 20 municipals stopped it last year, canada is following…nobody wants it anymore, its science from the dark ages….isnt it good enough that Nobel prize winners speak out against the madness ??…what ?? non of your governemnt links is telling you those facts ?? funny that….mnight as well just keep on reading the Murdch media…..wake up, inform yourself, stop looking like government sheep for the sake of humanity! blessings to the world!

      • Well hey.

        Thanks for that.. I just can’t understand what you’re saying.

        How about sentences and paragraphs? Use upper case letters and all those long established rules of grammar. It kind a works when doing this sort of thing.

        Willing to look and be better informed when you make sense and add a footnote or 2.

        How about some links to your very bold statements. Otherwise, they remain, just you having a good spray.

  6. Quote
    ‘China has done a vast amount of scientific studies in relation to fluoride and its effect on intelligence, and they’ve found direct links.
    ‘They are selling fluoride to us to dumb us down.’

    Yep, another grand conspiracy. No doubt everybody in “Big Government”, “Big Pharma” and Big Whatever Else
    are all drinking and bathing in Perrier Water and have promised, scouts honour, not to tell anybody the details of this evil plan for world domination.

    Obviously tinfoil hats are the only protection, folks!

    • The greatest disservice of Choi et al (2012) to the fluoride debate is that their paper did
      not provide sufficient methodological detail about the individual studies for their validity
      to be assessed. Choi et al (2012) did recognise that ‘each of the articles reviewed had
      deficiencies, in some cases rather serious’. Many of the studies did not control for the
      effects of potential confounders such as parental education, and there was a lack of
      information provided about the selection of the villages or the study populations. As the
      majority of the papers were ecological in design, the findings from these population
      groups (eg villages) cannot be extrapolated to individuals.
      At best, the paper by Choi et al (2012) provides nothing more than the merest
      suggestion of a possible or ‘potential’ relationship at the population level between
      children’s IQ and fluoride in drinking water at levels much higher than ever likely to occur
      in Community fluoridated water

  7. The vaccination issue is a red herring as regards the Fluoridation of the water supply. Although governments are using draconian financial and social pressure to ‘encourage’ a greater vaccination take up the fact is vaccination is not compulsory. Vaccination whatever the debate on it’s efficiacy or safety is administered at a correct dose by a fully qualified medical practioner

    Fluoridation in the water supply is forced medication on the populace and unless active measures are taken it can be minimised but near impossible to be fully avoided. Fluoride is not given to an individual in a measured dose.

    I have not heard from Mayor Dowell or any other supporters for the fluoridation tell us how much fluoride do we need to take or how much water should we drink, especially for babies,

    Will parents of bottled fed babies be properly warned that they should not be given fluoridated water as happens in the United States?

  8. Why is it that there’s always employees of CSG or the Council that are poised ready to jump in and write ignorant, childish, arrogant comments against articles such as the above? And as usual, when there are no facts to rely on, cheap reptialian brain low blows are the ammunition, designed to create reactions and paint the opposition in poor light. Because they don’t have any substantial facts or actual awareness, actual wisdom about what it means to be a human and be alive – like ‘ force fed medication without consent is a crime’ or – ” the rest of the world, even china, agrees that flouride is poison and have banned it.’ but no, Al’s a hippy and…what else is he ummm wears woolen beanies, ummm he’s from the ’60’s . anything else ?

  9. Most of us are exposed to fluoride through water; even bottled water has it. Only rain water doesn’t! We’ve evolved to use this excellent mineral and it does wonders for our teeth.

    A good research project, if anyone is really interested, is how we learned about the good effects of fluoride.

    Don’t we get our fluoride from New Zealand. South Australia does, I’m sure. Maybe it those bloody Kiwis trying to poison us 🙂

  10. 99% of water goes either down the toilet,shower,kitchen sink or garden so why waste tax payers money ? How much per year when it can go fixing roads ! Is it $ 100 000 or $ 200 000 to fluoride our water ?

    Brush your teeth ! simple ! 80% of toothpaste contains fluoride so why force it onto half the population of lismore that doesnt want it ? Get fluoride tablets and drop it into your water !

    My personel thoughts are that if it hardens your teeth then years of swallowing the stuff” i know you are not meant to as it tells you on the toothpaste ” then what does it do to you internally ?

    Harden your organs ? Your Pineal gland is for your intuition which the human race has been losing fast and there is “hard” evidence that Fluoride blocks your Pineal Gland !

    I personally am against it !

    • The “wasted on lawn care” argument that anti-fluoride activists make is so ridiculous. Folic acid is added to breads and cereals even though we know that some slices of bread will get stale and be tossed out (instead of being eaten). Chlorine is still added to water even though we know that not all water is consumed. So what? It improves health and it’s cost-effective.

      If all water were consumed, we’d save even more money, but most people would
      agree that saving $38 for every dollar spent on fluoridation is a damn good
      return. If we could get that kind of return on our mutual funds, we would all
      retire by our early 40s.

  11. Not a single doctor or dentist would prescribe a medication to you without ever meeting you or knowing any specific details about you. This is uninformed consent!

    When did government bureaucrats become qualified to dispense medication (Fluoride) without a license? It is illegal for a doctor or a dentist to force anyone to take a drug or a chemical. This should be illegal for the government as well.

    Anyone desiring fluoride can add as much as they wish to their own glass of water, but it should not be added to drinking water, which forces everyone to consume it against their will.

    • Fluoride is a natural mineral and as such is exempt as it is not classed as a drug or chemical at the level it is used.
      You are not forced to drink fluoridated water ,It is entirely your own personal choice.
      Jwillie as usual has no quality proven evidence to back up his claims about the illnesses he lists. If there was any truth in what he says ,after 70 years of use these problems would have been found long ago, And no one is doing anything about it , so it is all scaremongering

  12. Why are people being so rude? And did it occur to you where all that flouride ends up? In mother nature. Where you choose to live ie Northern Rivers. One additional , but actually irrelevant fact in the face of all the reasons why force fed medication is a crime – there are types of flouride that occur naturally as a trace element. It’s still toxic in high doses but we absorb it already from food wiithout needing to seek it out. Sodium flouride is not the same. It’s the waste byproduct of manufacturing that costs money to be disposed of. Al is not doing this for himself. He’s doing for the community. That means you.

  13. It is forced medication. Simple as that. It is openly classed as a neurotoxin now and it significantly reduces IQ levels. That damage cannot be repaired. There has also NEVER been a study done on the environmental impact. 99% goes down the drain, kills frogs and all. A bottle fed baby receives more than 200 times more fluoride than a breastfed baby. The breastfeeding mother’s body naturally knows to protect and filter the poison. It is also a known endocrine disruptor causing major thyroid problems for many. Also for elderly and any with poor kidney or liver function. It weakens bones and teeth along with fluorosis. It’s not about dental care. It’s about our health and environment. It is a by-product of the fertilising and aluminium industries. Fluoride in all it’s unnatural forms is a toxic waste which must be disposed of somehow. It is very expensive to dispose of responsibly. Look it up. Please look it up and don’t believe their lies.It is a sedadive and lowers IQ.

  14. Yes it is uninformed consent. It is illegal for a doctor or a dentist to prescribe a medication without meeting you. Why do you think China has done the most studies of all on fluoride? It is because they actually have too much natural fluoride in their water and are actually removing it, not adding it. Especially not the unnatural toxic by-product forms that our Governments are allowing to be added into our water. Mass medication is what it’s called. Look it up. Please look it up

  15. From Merck Pharmaceuticals

    “Sodium fluoride at a dosage of 5 to 10 milligrams per kilogram can be fatal, and toxic effects can occur at less than 1 milligram per kilogram. Fluoride is absorbed quickly (most within 90 minutes). The stomach and intestines become inflamed, and the heart beats rapidly and irregularly. Nervous signs may also be seen, followed by collapse and death within a few hours of fluoride ingestion.

    At high levels, fluorides bind calcium and replace the mineral part of bone. Longterm ingestion of fluoride at lower levels can cause changes in the enamel of developing teeth, leading to mottling, staining, and rapid wear. Signs develop when fluoride builds up in the bone. This results in abnormal bony growths and the hardening and thickening of tissue (sclerosis). Growing bones in the young and the ribs, jaws, and long bones are most affected.

    A developing fluoride poisoning can be recognized by the following criteria (from most to least reliable): 1) chemical analyses to determine the amount of fluoride in the diet, urine, bones, and teeth; 2) tooth effects exposed at time of permanent teeth development; 3) lameness, as the result of fluoride buildup in bone; and 4) overall signs of loss of appetite and energy, weight loss, muscular wasting, and general mental and physical debilitation.

    Severe fluoride poisoning can be treated with calcium gluconate given intravenously and magnesium hydroxide or milk given by mouth. This can help bind the fluoride before it is absorbed. In longterm exposure, control is difficult. Feeding calcium carbonate, aluminum oxide, aluminum sulfate, magnesium metasilicate, or boron can decrease absorption or increase excretion of fluoride, offering some control of longterm fluoride poisoning under some conditions. However, no treatment has been shown to cure the longterm effects of fluoride toxicity.’

    Last full review/revision July 2011 by Barry R. Blakley, DVM, PhD; Cheryl L. Waldner, DVM, PhD; Rob Bildfell, DVM, MSc, DACVP; William D. Black, MSc, DVM, PhD; Herman J. Boermans, DVM, MSc, PhD; Cecil F. Brownie, DVM, PhD, DABVT, DABT, DABFE, DABFM, FACFEI; Raymond Cahill-Morasco, MS, DVM; Keith A. Clark, DVM, PhD; Gregory F. Grauer, DVM, MS, DACVIM; Sharon M. Gwaltney-Brant, DVM, PhD, DABVT, DABT; Larry G. Hansen, PhD; Safdar A. Khan, DVM, MS, PhD, DABVT; Garrick C. M. Latch, MASc, PhD; Gavin L. Meerdink, DVM, DABVT; Lisa A. Murphy, VMD; Frederick W. Oehme, DVM, PhD; Gary D. Osweiler, DVM, MS, PhD; Mary M. Schell, DVM; David G. Schmitz, DVM, MS, DACVIM (LA); Norman R. Schneider, DVM, MSc, DABVT

  16. (Source- Journal of Environmental and Public Health. USA.)

    Kidney dialysis patients have frequently been killed from fluoridated water during accidental fluoride overfeeds [14] because dialysis units are not equipped to eliminate fluoride from blood [22]. Even more alarming are kidney patient lethal fluoride poisonings from a form of congestive heart failure if hemodialysis units use fluoridated water containing targeted concentrations of fluoride. As pointed out by Dr. Ahmad, Medical Director, University of Washington, Seattle, hemodialysis patients receive more than 400 liters of water weekly and fluoride levels above 0.2 ppm if not pre-cleaned cause significant morbidity and mortality [22]. Fluoridated water at 0.7–1 ppm is unsuitable for dialysis and the FDA has published instructions to that effect. Deaths have even occurred because fluoride-removing deionizer resins when full leached fluoride back into the water used for dialysis.

    At a pH typical of gastric juice, fluoride is largely protonated as hydrofluoric acid HF. Industrial fluoride ingested from treated water enters saliva at levels too low to affect dental caries. Blood levels during lifelong consumption can harm heart, bone, brain, and even developing teeth enamel. The widespread policy known as water fluoridation is discussed in light of these findings.

    Go to:
    1. Introduction
    Synthetic industrial fluoride compounds lack calcium and are listed toxic substances (Buck [1], Gleason [2], Blakiston [3], The Merck Index [4]). Calcium fluoride CaF2 is found in natural minerals and is not labeled a toxic compound because of the comparatively high lethal oral acute dose of the purified compound when tested in mammals (LD50 ~ 3,750 mg/kg). The fluoride compounds, sodium fluoride NaF and fluorosilicic acid H2SiF6, added into municipal water for human ingestion purposes are synthesized artificially by industrial reaction and have been used as rodenticides, insecticides, and pediculicides, with acute oral lethal doses in experimental animals comparable to arsenic and lead (LD50 ~ 125 mg/kg) (The Merck Index [4]) due to the fluoride at ~60–90 mg/kg.

    Waters in the U.S. can contain natural calcium fluoride along with other calcium and magnesium salts (U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) [5]), but pure pristine fresh drinking water does not contain fluoride. Fluoride is not a normal constituent of the mammalian bloodstream (Merck manual for Health Care Professionals [6]). It has no nutritive value [7] or physiologic function but has been believed by some to be useful for teeth based on an initial correlation with natural calcium fluoride in drinking water [1, 8]. The chief ingredient in normal teeth enamel is hydroxyapatite that contains calcium phosphate, not fluoride. After nearly 7 decades of adding industrial fluoride compounds into public water supplies in the U.S. and other countries that have agreed to this policy, the principal documented effects of ingested fluoride on teeth are to increase incidence of abnormal permanent enamel fluorosis during teeth development and to abnormally incorporate into underlying dentin bone (National Research Council (NRC) [9]). Fluorosis, unsightly at best, afflicts ~5 million U.S. teenagers aged 12–15 as of 2004 [8].

    The reported adverse consequences of adding fluoride lacking calcium into public water supplies include effects on man, animals, and the environment [1, 8–12]. Ingested industrial fluoride incorporates chiefly into bone with an ion exchange process that is irreversible and thus not physiologic. Normal biochemical effects of nutrient minerals are saturable and readily reversible. Fluorine leads all elements in electronegativity and is extremely reactive and not found in nature. But fluoride is permanent because the ion has no electronegativity, cannot be reduced further, or oxidized by any known substance. Fluoride instead associates with positive charged ions in particular aluminum, calcium, and iron. Thus its toxicity depends on the environment in which it resides.

    Soluble fluoride at 60 mg/kg single oral dose without calcium causes acute heart failure in research animals (CDC [5]) and caused lethal heart failure reported in a child after swallowing concentrated dental gel [13]. Twenty-five ppm artificial fluoridated water leads to chronic heart failure in research animals [5] which compares with levels during accidental overfeeds where kidney dialysis patients died (Gessner et al. [14]). At lower concentrations (~1 ppm), artificially fluoridated water supplies are documented to have caused horses, frogs, chinchillas, and alligators to die prematurely that consumed treated water continuously for extended periods of time (Spittle [12]). Discharged fluoride into the Columbia River to ~0.3 ppm blocked salmon navigation upstream to spawn (Damkaer and Dey [15]). Even though natural fluoride at 1 ppm is in the world’s oceans with substantial calcium and magnesium salts, this arrangement is normal and harmless to aquatic species.

    Natural calcium fluoride is considered insoluble (to 8–10 ppm fluoride maximum depending on water pH). But industrial synthetic fluorides are fully soluble and are all toxic calcium chelators. The degree of absorption of any fluoride compound after ingestion is correlated with its solubility (Goodman and Gilman [16]). Industrial fluorides are completely absorbed, but natural fluoride minerals cryolite (Na3AlF6) or fluorite (mineral fluorspar with CaF2) are poorly absorbed (see Endnote 1). The dietary cations calcium and iron retard absorption by forming complexes in the GI tract. Although large populations are reported to safely consume 1 ppm fluoride in water for long periods of time, this is when it exists naturally at this level.

    In what was considered unthinkable, in Hooper Bay, Alaska, in 1994 an industrial fluoridation overfeed of calcium-deficient Yukon River drinking water caused fatal heart block in an otherwise healthy 41 year old male. This is the largest known poisoning in the U.S. from a fluoridated water supply. Approximately 300 people with severe gastrointestinal pain survived the incident (Gessner et al. [14]). Electronic feeding equipment is now employed to prevent overfeeds and acute poisoning. But chronic effects of industrial fluoridation of public water supplies on humans, animals, and the environment require further study if fluoridation of fresh water supplies continues. Many countries require great expenditures to remove endogenous natural fluoride from drinking water that causes skeletal and other pathology at 8–10 ppm even when water contains substantial antidote calcium to minimize assimilation of the ingested fluoride [5]. The present study investigates conditions involved in acute and chronic fluoride toxicity and environmental effects of industrial fluorides added into public water.

    ————- ————– —————–

    Source- World Health OrganisationGo to:
    The earliest reports of skeletal fluorosis appeared from industries where exposure of workers to
    100–500 µg/m3
    per 8-hour day for more than 4 years led to severe skeletal changes.-
    In one study, bronchial hyper-reactivity was the main health effect at a mean fluoride concentration
    of 0.56 mg/m3
    and a mean particulate fluoride concentration of 0.15 mg/m3
    . In a longitudinal study, total fluoride was the most important risk factor
    among the exposure variables. In this study, the risk for developing asthmatic symptoms, i.e.
    dyspnoea and wheezing, was 3.4 and 5.2 times higher in the medium- and high-exposure groups,
    respectively, than in the low exposure group. Exposure to other pollutants was limited and did not
    appear to confound the results. Second Edition WHO Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2000 7.)

  17. Dental officials report in CDC fluoridation literature that fluoride ion is identical in natural and industrial compounds. This is correct. However, the assimilation of ingested fluoride is minimized by calcium in the GI tract (CDC [5], Goodman and Gilman [16]). The conversion of fluoride to HF measured with an electrode is also reduced in the presence of calcium at levels far below saturation (data not shown). Natural fluoride is accompanied with antidote calcium to prevent acute lethality and reduce chronic toxicity. Nevertheless, the CDC goes on to argue that the relative safety of water containing calcium fluoride at 1 ppm is sufficient proof that industrial fluoride at 1 ppm will exert no significant pathology. But toxic effects of natural fluoride in water can often be difficult to measure, such as widely reported effects on human brain function [8]. And any effect would not be identical for water treated with an equal level of industrial fluoride which is assimilated more efficiently [5]. Indeed, salmon are unaffected by natural 1 ppm fluoride in ocean water where calcium is extremely high but are narcotized by industrial fluoride in soft water at only 0.3 ppm (Damkaer and Dey [15]). Thus, the mere absence of gross observable bone abnormality from natural fluoride at levels below the Environmental Protection Agency Maximum Contaminant Level (EPA MCL) of 4 ppm should never have led to the presumption that lifelong consumption of infused industrial fluoride at any purported concentration (>0) would have no possible pathologic consequence.

    Teeth enamel is very much different than hydroxyapatite in dentin and skeletal bone. Fluoride cannot incorporate into translucent crystalline enamel as it efficiently can in opaque underlying bony dentin. Once fluoride enters the bloodstream and then bone tissue, its chemistry is pathologic since the fluoride has entered the sanctity of a living organism. Stages II and III skeletal fluorosis have historically been considered absent in the U.S. population (NRC [9]). There is no reason to believe that this will remain as long as more cities require fluoridation and more sources of fluoride exposure continue to expand. Fluoridated drugs containing C–F bonds that are partially metabolized and intended for lifelong ingestion, such as some statins, are of concern.

  18. All this time and energy. On fluoride.
    Does anyone care about the extinction crisis anymore? The north coast has lost its way … we are now are own worst enemies and play into the hands of our opponents by becoming easy to discredit by supporting conspiracy theories. Membership of serious environmental organisations is sapped by people’s gullibility for red herrings and straw men
    When the Koala goes extinct remember all that time you wasted fighting fluoride

  19. Go ask the public dentist in Lismore how many teeth they pull from the kids who are growing up without fluoridated water. Heaps more than those kids who grew up with fluoride.

    Millions of Australian adults owe their good dental health to fluoridated water. Yet some of these people would deny this benefit to their kids. This is a classic example of the vocal few anti-fluoride lobbyists claiming to represent the majority, which they don.t.

    BRING BACK FLUORIDE for our childrens sake.

    This truly is one of the most unfounded conspiracy theories in these parts, right up there with chem-trails !!

    • Hahaha… good one. Chemtrails. Yeah, they don’t exist. I haven’t been personally witnessing them and photographing them on a regular, almost daily basis, for the past 15 years, so it must just be a conspiracy theory. What an awesome term for the great washed-masses (intellectually speaking), to dismiss anything their cognitive dissonance refuses to allow through the tightly sealed cracks of the rocks in their heads.

      Speaking of rocks in the head, that’s exactly what you get when your pineal gland calcifies thanks to neuro-toxins like fluoride. Fear-tactics about teeth extractions might rule your persuasions, but they will never persuade those who by-passed the great brain-wash machine of education and propaganda and learnt how to see with their real-eyes.

  20. Echonet. why did you not allow my posts to go up? They were relevant and science based. You are allowing uninformed and inflammatory emotional language to preponderate and language which sensationalises misinforms and divides. Are you not interested in healthy responses and debate based on the real issues where people can make informed decisions?

  21. The issue of water fluoridation is a matter of personal choice. As rate payers we are to be represented accurately by our Local Council to all levels of Government. It is indeed Council’s reason for existence, to relay the will of the people to Government.
    Fluoride is added to water supplies without any credible reason to “dose” the entire population of any given area due to the fact that the dosage cannot , and is not measured, by or for, individual consumption.This is a gross negligent act on behalf of distributors who will not give any guarantee that no one will suffer any ill effects from that addition of this chemical to the public water supply.
    In regard to forced fluoridation I refer to section 51 (xxiiiA) of the Australian Constitution which forbids “Civil Conscription” and explained forthwith :… [T]he prohibition on “any form of civil conscription” is designed to protect patients from having the
    supply of “medical and dental services”, otherwise than by private contract, forced upon them without
    their consent” as described by Kirby .J. to the High Court of Australia in 2009. It is the individual’s responsibility to take this question upon themselves and not to be mandated by law or subversion.


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