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October 24, 2021

Activists vow to blockade fluoride plants

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Staff outside the fluoride dosing plant at Corndale. (supplied)
Staff outside the fluoride dosing plant at Corndale. (supplied)

Anti-fluoride campaigners are vowing to blockade dosing plants when Rous Water staff begin adding fluoride to local water supplies.

A number of activists visited the Corndale plant last week when staff were carrying out a trial run on the dosing equipment.

Dosing is expected to start within two weeks.

Activist Al Oshlack said two people were inside the dosing sheds dressed in full ‘Fukushima’ chemical suits.

‘What was disturbing was that there were another four people hanging around the door watching these guys trying to get the machinery to work,’ he said.

Anti fluoride campaigner Al Oshlack.  (Darren Coyne)
Anti fluoride campaigner Al Oshlack. (Darren Coyne)

Mr Oshlack notified Workcover and was told the matter would be investigated.

‘This is a highly toxic chemical. As toxic as arsenic and more toxic than lead,’ he said.

He said a meeting was held in Lismore last night and members of the Fluoride Free Northern Rivers group vowed to hold weekly vigils outside the offices of Rous Water.

They will also target the NSW Department of Health.

On another front, money is being raised to seek legal advice from a senior counsel with the view to mounting a legal challenge in the High Court of Australia.

Such a challenge would rely on the court agreeing that the Australian constitution prohibited the mass medication of people.

‘The legal process is going to take some time so if we don’t stop them (with blockades), fluoridation will have commenced before it reaches court,’ he said.

‘There’s a lot of anger about this. Rous Water has told us that if there is an accident they will not be making a public announcement but would instead be reporting it to the Department of Health.

‘Already there have been overdoses at plants in Australia.

‘The Williams River at Dungog in NSW was subjected to closures because of a spill and in Queensland there have been calibration problems where people have received ten times the amount they should have.

‘Even on the NSW health website it clearly states that fluoridated water should not be given to bottle-fed babies.

Mr Oshlack has issued a challenge to any mayor or councillor that supports fluoride to have a public debate with him … anytime, anywhere.

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  1. Fluoridation delivers a drug (yes it is a drug because there is a therapeutic claim made) illegally to the whole population. The average person will get the equivalent of 3 fluoride tablets a day or over a thousand tablets every year (over 10 bottles of 100 tablets every year.) Now the instructions on the bottle of tablets is 2 tablets a day for people 9 ears and over. It also says do not use in children under 3 years of age and do not use during pregnancy. So everybody gets overdosed with fluoridation. The best way to use fluoride is in toothpaste, rather than swallowing it.

    • Actually the recommendations are to brush children’s teeth with fluoridated toothpaste from the first eruption of their first tooth.

  2. Pete don’t forget that we are being fed with this toxic poison thru processed foods & drinks.
    All soft drinks especially Coke is made straight from existing tap water(see Coke website) as most are made in areas such as Sydney we get triple does or worse.
    Water is necessary to life & we are entitled to clean pure drinking water

    • Val

      1. Both the optimal level of fluoride, and the mandated maximum allowable level of fluoride, in drinking water take into account fluoride intake from all sources. If they ignored the other sources, the optimal and maximum allowable levels would be much higher.

      2. Check the annual water quality report in your community to see how ‘pure” is your drinking water.

      Steven D. Slott, DDS

      • Fluoride is a poison and the ‘optimal’ level is pure bullshit guesswork with no scientific credibility. Does anyone believe that trials have been carried out to establish this ‘optimal’ level, which is the same for everyone, no matter their age, size, weight, work conditions or climate? There is no such thing as an optimal level of fluoride, just as there is no such thing as an optimal level of lead or arsenic.

      • Then Dr Slott I would like to know why are people getting sick from the fluoride treatment they take from tap water if the calculations you state have been made about total fluoride dosage intake had been done? The fact they were never done is why people are getting side effects. But because fluoridation is a treatment that broke every requirement about individual dosing by a health professional by being put in drinking water, Geelong people with symptoms of overdosing on fluoride are now desperately struggling with their attempts to avoid the treatment.

    • I don’t buy Australian made bread for the same reason. I’ve asked the staff at the bakery within the supermarkets, and they say that they use straight tap water.

      Probably applies to Australian made biscuits too.

      • Michael, you can buy bread made with non-fluoridated water in Australia. Genius gluten free bread is available in the freezer section of Coles stores in Victoria where I work as a naturopath. Baked in Edinburgh, it is imported from Scotland that ruled out fluoridating their water due to protests from the people. So people in Geelong who’s health improves after they stop drinking tap water but can still have lost leg strength from eating Australian bread with fluoride from the 600 ml of water in a loaf , buy the ‘Genius’ bread and find they can walk better.

  3. When did government bureaucrats become qualified to dispense medication without a license when a doctor would not prescribe a drug (fluoride) to someone he has not met and without being able to control the dosage or the side effects?

    How much water should we drink daily Are three glasses of fluoridated water, or six glasses of water, the right amount fluoride for a 40 pound child? a 250 pound man? an infant? the elderly? How about the diabetic or the person with kidney disease? How about a fetus?

    Those who desire fluoride are welcome to put it in their own glass of water, as much as they wish. Leave the rest of us out of it.

    • Fluoride is not a medication. It is a mineral, and when present at the right level, fluoride in drinking water has two beneficial effects: preventing tooth decay and contributing to healthy bones.
      U.S. court decisions have rejected the argument that fluoride is a “medication” that should not be allowed in water. The American Journal of Public Health summarized one of these rulings, noting that “fluoride is not a medication, but rather a nutrient found naturally in some areas but deficient in others.”
      There are several examples of how everyday products are fortified to enhance the health of Americans — iodine is added to salt, folic acid is added to breads and cereals, and Vitamin D is added to milk.

      According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), optimal exposure to fluoride is important to infants and children. The use of fluoride for the prevention and control of cavities is documented to be both safe and effective.
      The American Academy of Family Physicians recommends that parents consider using dietary fluoride supplements for children at risk of tooth decay from ages 6 months through age 16 if their water isn’t fluoridated.
      Children who drink fluoridated water as their teeth grow will have stronger, more decay-resistant teeth over their lifetime. A 2010 study confirmed that the fluoridated water consumed as a young child makes the loss of teeth (due to decay) less likely 40 or 50 years later when that child is a middle-aged adult.

  4. So the anti fluoride/vaccine lot think they will stop a state initiative. Good luck with that, Why should a small minority group decide the health and dental wellbeing of a whole community.

    And then I read they are going to court
    Remember, if the arguments against fluoride were so good , you would think they would stand up to public scrutiny on their own merit, without legal help. Or threats of. If they have to take legal action to pass them, it is obvious they are not.
    And also if the arguments against fluoride were so good,The illnesses and associated medical problems that fluoride is supposed to cause, at .7PPM, would have well and truly been investigated in the 70 years of its use, And what do we find as real evidence that will sway the authorities. Nothing

    • Exactly.. Why should a minority group decide how and how much medication a population will receive. Well put. At the very least we should have a poll on this, the council has no right to make this decision for us.

    • Read the latest scientific evidence based reports from Harvard in the prestigious journal ‘The Lancet’ and you’ll find that fluoride is now openly known to be a neuro toxin. It affects cognitive development in children and dusturbs the endocrine system. Thyroid disease is widely noted as a negative side effect, and the carcinogenic contributions.

      There is no safe ‘dose’ of this toxic industrial waste product from China (a place where they do not inflict it on their own residents)

      As has been sainly said, IF people still want this foul product they can get the tablets to drop in their OWN water supplies. You don’t FORCE an ENTIRE community to take a ‘medicine’ for the few who want it. That’s insane. Otherwise I would like the convenience of thyroxine in the water also, so I won’t have to take my daily dose.

      • Thanks Mandy. You’ve articulated the reasons why I, as a Councillor on Byron Shire and Rous Councils, have always voted and will always vote against fluoride in water supplies. Duncan Dey.

    • Chris Price, you might like to see the interview here with one of the doctors Hans Moolenburgh who did the research that found definite harm from fluoridated water. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw3xbtS4vpM
      Dr Moolenburgh explains in the interview what he and other doctors saw when the Netherlands started fluoridating the drinking water. They then campaigned successfully to end fluoridation in Holland: Dr Moolenburgh’s research team did the same double-blind trials recommended but never done by health authorities in Australia. They showed medical proof of harm done by fluoridation, and the Dutch Govt stopped fluoridation in 1976. Why haven’t our medical authorities looked at this proof? I guess that would mean them all falling on their swords and admitting their fluoridation campaign has been one allmighty goof-up.

    • Chris…..

      We the Lismore people asked for a public vote on this and it got rejected by council !

      As you can see from all the comments here the majority of people from Lismore would of voted no against Fluoride !

      Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste if you want it and stop drinking sugary drinks if you want healthy teeth but please do not force this on the MAJORITY,not minority as you stated !

      Byron was smart enough to reject it and as im led to believe there are only 11 countries in the world that use Fluoride and many many countries who have removed Fluoride !

      Australia has really gone backwards in so many ways in the past few years…Just look at our Federal government who are warped in the 50s and are the laughing stock of the rest of the world !

      Once upon a time we where the envy of the world ! A little bit embarrassing at the moment and to not even give us the people of Lismore a vote on this issue is very very unfair and undemocratic !

    • To suggest the toxic chemical waste streams added to the reticulated water supplies are pharmaceutical grade is disingenuous. A common fluoride compound added to drinking water is Sodium Fluoride and the Material Data Safety Sheet can be viewed at


      This is a Schedule 6 poison that has never been tested for safety and efficacy by the TGA or the FDA and the FDA accepts fluoridation is an untested drug.

  5. 35yrs of exposure to fluoride containing arsenic, cadmium and lead and a myriad of other toxic chemicals permitted in our water by the Australian Drinking Water Standards, has resulted in hypothyroidism for me. Diagnosed 8 years ago I am still not taking thyroid medication although it has cost us in excess of $10K for rainwater tanks, plumbing and ongoing filters. Will the government re-imburse us these expenses as they are unable to provide us water uncontaminated by these poisons? It is truly bizarre having to have own water supply in country as wonderful as Australia, a so-called democratic society. It always shocks me reading blogs by people who insist on forcing these poisons onto anyone who does not wish to consume them, so very un-Australian! And the solution is incredibly simple: leave the poisons out of the public water supply. For those people who wish to consume it, add as much of it to your own glass of water – problem solved for everyone.

    • Lesley, you should meet Steven Slott, DDS. He doesn’t believe you exist, or maybe that you have any right to exist. Has any state medical authority examined your complaint? If so, do they think you have been faking 35 years of pain and anguish and spending $1,000s on tanks etc to fool them for some reason?
      There are so many people that have demonstrable, easily tested problems with fluoridated water one has to ask why they are being shoved under the carpet.

  6. How much is too much?
    I drink a lot of water, I cook with it. I water my vegetables and fruit trees with it. I shower in it. I brush my teeth with it.
    How much flouride will I have ingested at the end of the day? Can anyone tell me that? Should I drink less and reduce my showering to ensure that I don’t overdose? Maybe I should stop growing my own veggies and buy them in from a place where the water is pure. Will there be times in the day when the dose is heavier or will it be exactly the same no matter when you turn on the tap? It all seems very inexact.
    To reduce my flouride consumption I will need to purchase expensive equipment which can’t even remove all of this nasty chemical.
    I am amazed that the entire Northern Rivers isn’t up in arms about this mass ‘medication’ program. It seems to me a gross abuse of our human rights.
    Fluoride is available in tablet form. There is no need to force it upon those who don’t want it.

    • . The total fluoride intake at the individual is indeed known and controlled. Simply put, water is fluoridated at 0.7 mg/liter (ppm=mg/liter). Thus, for every liter of fluoridated water consumed, the “dose” of fluoride intake is 0.7 mg. The average daily water consumption by an adult is 2-3 liters per day. So, let’s go to an extreme and double that to an excessive 6 liters of fluoridated water consumption per day. This translates to 4.2 mg “dose” of fluoride intake per day from the water. The CDC estimates that of the total daily intake, or “dose”, of fluoride from all sources including dental products, 75% is from the water. Thus as 4.2 mg is 75% if the total daily intake from all sources, the total daily intake, or “dose” from all sources would be 5.6 mg for an individual who consumed an excessive 6 liters of fluoridated water per day. 
      The Institute of Medicine has established that the daily upper limit for fluoride intake from all sources, for adults, before adverse effects will occur, short or long term, is 10 mg. Thus, even the excessive 6 liter per day consumer of water will still only take in a daily “dose” of fluoride that is slightly more than half the upper limit before adverse effects.
      The range of safety between the miniscule few parts per million fluoride that are added to existing fluoride levels in your water, is so wide that “dose” is not an issue. Before the UL of 10 mg could be reached, water toxicity would be the concern, not fluoride.

  7. If fluoride is so great why are dentists still saying children’s dental health is so bad? Too much sugar and a lack of responsibility!! The government thinks this is a quick fix. It won’t work. Dental education and parental input is the only way. Lazy government and lazy parents. Typical of our society.

  8. Val,

    I choose not to drink coca cola!!!! and

    Chris have you not heard of ERIN BROCKOVICH!!

    PLEASE all concerned deserve to be informed and to be able to make choices about the water they drink. Do a little research of your own and do yourself a favour read the other side of the argument. And WHY NOT should a small minority group have something worthwhile to say to the community? Have you investigated where the fluoride actually comes from that is intended being put into our water? I think if you have something to say at least do that!

  9. This is simply about the people’s right to choose. Nothing else. Our Constitutional Rights are being removed. It’s not a complicated argument.

    Do you want the right to choose in life? I know I do. The question I ask is why do you want to take away my right to choose? Is that fair?

    I know I can chose to spend up to 10k putting rainwater tanks, pump, filter etc and get off mains water supply at home, yes. What happens though when my children go to school and need to fill up their empty water bottles? What happens if we want to swim in the local pools, eat, drink from public facilities, businesses, family and friends etc? Where is my choice then?

    Why should I pay rates to have my water compromised against my consent, then have to pay to fix the issue in my home and then again pay physically and emotionally when I am publicly subjected to having my basic rights overruled?

    It’s a simple argument people. Choice and who gets to make it?

    • Justice Hansen made this argument in his recent judgment on the fluoridation issue [Hansen 2014] South Taranaki court case
      “Providing it does not have consequences for public health, a person has the right to make even the poorest decisions in respect of their own health. But where the state, either directly or through local government, employs public health interventions, the right is not engaged. Were it otherwise, the individuals right to refuse would become the individuals right to decide outcomes for others. It would give any person a right of veto over public health measures, which it is not only the right, but, often the responsibility of local authorities to deliver”

      Justice Hansen [Hansen 2014] has said in the Kapiti court case ruling “fluoride is not mass medication”,

      • The Government is essentially claiming it owns your body, it knows best when it comes to medicine and health, that the science behind fluoride is settled, and that it has the right to violate you if it deems in doing do that it’s “protecting the greater good”.

        The notion that all individuals must sacrifice their rights, desires and freedom for the greater good. Of course, the greater good is always defined by the State, or the small group of usually power-hungry individuals who have gained control of the helm of Government. The Government is now trying to claim it has the legal right to do what it wants with your body, including compromising our water full of poisons disguised as “medicine”, for whatever noble-sounding pretext it comes up with.

        In my book that is not a just reason for me to surrender my rights. I will fight tooth and nail to maintain them no matter what Justice Hansen deems fit to preside thank you Chris.

  10. I believe the above comments alone should be enough to convince these brainwashed councils from going ahead with their evil water poisoning plan. Why are we doing everything in our power to poison our precious resources anyway. The public should be literally rioting in the streets to stop this insanity. Lucky for me, I have my own water tanks. I’m paranoid to admit to it because I’m actually nervous that personal water tanks could be made illegal like some parts of the U.S. If we don’t pay close enough attention to our human rights we could end up in that kind of predicament. Fluoride is a neuro toxin, it was used in Nazi Germany to dumb down the prisoners and it is also used in rat poison. Don’t be fooled by dental orgs. Duping you to believe that there is naturally occurring fluoride in drinking water and that “dosing” public water makes little difference and there is no threat to public health etc? These statements are all lies and if you would like to know more please read what Dr Mercola has to say about it: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/04/30/water-fluoridation-facts.aspx

  11. Rain water tanks are not illegal in the USA. If you have evidence to the contrary I would like to see it.
    Nazis. Eleven comments in and Godwin’s Law has already been invoked. Talk about hysteria.
    Yes, fluoride is a neurotoxin, but so is the yeast extract in vegemite. The dose makes the poison. Basic biochemistry.
    I’d trust the Australian Dental Association before Joseph Mercola. You should look into his work. He’s a con artist who preys on the ill. mercola.com nothing but a click bait site designed to generate advertising revenue. Check your sources.

  12. How many people will now start drinking the water from their own tanks? I know we will.

    Our town water will toxic and not safe to drink so people have no choice but to take the risk and drink their own tank water even though some of these tank have only been approved for gardens and toilets etc.

    So not only do we have a toxic town water supply but we now have a secondary health risk with tank water being used as drinking water.


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