Hep C cure, but Big Pharma wants to make a killing

On ABC’s 7.30 report last week there was a great report on a 95 per cent absolute cure for Hep C.

The drug is called Sofosbuvir, with a US price tag of $100,000 for the cure! The price puts the cure out of reach for many people.

But an Aussie guy, Greg Jefferys found a reliable Indian supplier of the generic equivalent for just $90- $1,400 for the full course and is having wonderful results curing many people of this degenerative disorder.

Please research the info and pass on the site.

Michael Balsom, Upper Wilsons Creek

2 responses to “Hep C cure, but Big Pharma wants to make a killing”

  1. Basil Po says:

    Have you considered that it might have cost hundreds of millions – perhaps even billions – of dollars to research, create, test and develop this treatment? And that the average per capita income in India is $1,400 per year compared to Australia where it is $72,000 per year?

    The subsidisation of this drug to Indian patients, many of whom don’t even have their own homes, should probably be commended not painted as a rip off of much wealthier Australians. Someone has to pay for the invention and development of medicine.

    Should Australians similarly swoop into Africa and buy up all their UN-subsidised rice stocks for the local price of 4 cents per kilograms and airfreight it all back home?

    • Me says:

      Hey Basil,

      research is the key word here, for if you had done so you would have found out that Gilead purchased the drug company Pharmasett in 2011 that did all the research, for an inflated 11 Billion dollars knowing they had a captured market and could hold the US Govt to ransom knowing they would make massive profits from the sick US veterans, they infected with contaminated blood from prisoners gamma-globulin jetguns.
      They withheld releasing the drug, knowing it was a near complete cure yet happy to let people die of liver related cancer rather than drop their price.Its all about greed buddy, nothing more.
      The trouble with Sofosbuvir in Australia remains of course the price that our own stingy and cruel government is withholding putting on the PBS and also complicit in the premature death of many.
      As the age of most infected is around the 45-55 age group, who have had the virus for close to 25 -30 years get sicker, the desperation becomes more intense to have a known cure in their hand. Most of those people don’t have the $72,000 available to buy the drug, So its all good to get cured and then have to live on the streets?
      In fact a lot of those people may require two courses at that price! the longer they wait, the more cases of cirrhosis and cancer we will see, and the cost of liver transplants and ongoing care is well over $1mill. Money that could be saved from our health system costs by utilising preventative drug measures.
      In fact the deaths per year from Hepatitis C is 6 times that of AIDS related deaths yet those with the virus are treated worse than lepers. HEP C KILLS….LOBBY YOUR LOCAL MEMBER FOR funding approval NOW!

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