Here’s to the planetary survival paradigm

Jo Faith, Newtown

I wish to thank Basil Cameron for his most informative letter concerning the proposed Rock Wall along the Belongil.  Those of us who are familiar with the Belongil have, over the years witnessed many changes in relation to this sensitive Estuary.  Changes that sadly impact on endangered species and the habitat of migratory birds.

I have wondered for some time if Mr Flannery, the current developer at the Belongil has been involved in the ongoing concerns/debate re the effects of the proposed Rock Wall, and the watery-grave potentials it could have on his ongoing development?  This foreshore area in particular has experienced the most massive dune erosion over the years resulting in the removal of a conference room.  No attempts have succeeded in halting the erosion (are there any?).  More to the point current tourist developments seem dangerously close to the changing water lines.  Does not the concerns surrounding Climate Change impact on this development?

We are aware that Byron does have flash-flooding.  Is there a proposed Management Plan and Budget for the evacuation of thousands of tourists/and community  should the heavens remain open for some time?  All of the Rate-payers money is going into a perilous  Rock Wall…will they also have to fund any further proposed Rock-Wall development?   Are the widening pot-holes to remain?  Not safe when addressing real flooding issues.

It would be a tiny miracle if the current dominant council representatives could broaden their vision to the health, survival and well being of the larger community and seriously value and enhance all species habitat.

I thank the Echo for informing its readers and Byron carers.  I thank the community representatives in particular Cameron and Dey for involving the community in a transparent and democratic account of real community concerns.   This communication enhances inclusiveness for the community and reduces the rising alienation one feels when a type of cognitive rigour- mortis sets in as one attempts to extract meaning from the reasoning that surrounds the  dominant Council conservatives who seem to value only ‘the market”.   The progress paradigm is dead … the planetary survival paradigm will offer greater vision, hard work and inclusiveness for future generations of all species.


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