Local Labor MP stands by Shorten

Federal Richmond MP, Labor's Justine Elliot.

Federal Richmond MP, Labor’s Justine Elliot.

With former PM Tony Abbott’s metaphorical blood still fresh on the floor of parliament, The Echo asked local federal Labor MP Justine Elliot if she believed her leader Bill Shorten would last the distance to the next election.

She replied, ‘Of course Bill will lead us to the next election. No matter who leads the Liberal National Party, it is still the same party with the same cruel policies which are hurting regional Australia. They’ve still got the $50 billion cuts to hospitals, the $30 billion cuts to schools and the $100,000 university degrees.

‘Malcolm Turnbull is just another out-of-touch, arrogant leader with a chaotic, dysfunctional and divided government.

‘With Bill Shorten as our leader, we will continue to take the fight up to this cruel government and we’ll stand up for a better, brighter future for all Australians.’

Ms Elliot did not reply to whether she would support Tanya Plibersek as prime minister

5 responses to “Local Labor MP stands by Shorten”

  1. Greg says:

    Labor MP says current Labor leader will still be there come the next election.
    Stop the presses!
    Quiet news day, Echo?

  2. Steven Frank says:

    LOL- She speakee Politicei

  3. Terry Morrison says:

    It was always a mystery to me why more people did not make comment on the Religiosity of the main people backing Abbott -something that I’ve been talking about for years (there was an excellent article in Sat paper by Mike Seccombe). Those that Abbott had gathered around him were nearly all deeply fundamentalist Christians whose beliefs were similar in outlook to the strange Tea Party types in the Republican Party. Which means that coal is good and global warming is crap! As to Tanya P she would certainly be a step in the right direction.

    How many people see that our very charismatic new PM with his undoubted verbal dexterity is never the less still wedded to the religious right in the LNP -not because he wants to be but they are part of his support base …for now . Its been reported that he has signed a deal with the Nats saying that he won’t change the agreements already in place such as the woeful figures to be presented in Paris at the end of the year and that he will not advocate for the equality in same partner marriage but leave it instead to an expensive plebiscite

    Nothing is ever really simple
    Terry Morrison

  4. Marion Gardner says:

    Just like changing the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  5. David says:

    Well done Justine. No matter what people think of Shorten, a Labor leader whose public speaking isn’t up to scratch is still far better than a polished Liberal…

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