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March 5, 2021

Group vows to bring down Australian fluoridation industry

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A map showing areas of the northern rivers that are receiving fluoridated water. (Rous Water)
A map showing areas of the northern rivers that are receiving fluoridated water. (Rous Water)

The Fluoride Free Northern Rivers group is vowing to bring down the entire Australian fluoridation industry with an upcoming Federal Court challenge.

Group secretary Leisa Webb said the legal campaign would be coordinated through new office space the group has leased in Lismore’s CBD.

The office is located at shop 3, 142 Keen Street, upstairs next to Fundamental Foods.

Ms Webb said the group would be lodging legal challenges against the fluoridation industry in coming weeks.

Meanwhile, she said the office space would provide information, research and advocacy for those opposed to fluoride.

Fluoride activist Al Oshlack, who launched previous legal challenges against Rous Water’s decision to fluoridate the region’s water supply, said the group was receiving a lot of support for the legal action.

‘The fluoride being used is not registered under the Therapeutic Goods Act and at the moment every water authority fluoridating their water supplies, and making claims that it is beneficial for teeth, is in breach of the act,’ he said.

Rous Water began putting fluoride into the water supply about a month ago.

Dosing plants have been built in the Clunes, Knockrow, Dorroughby and Corndale areas.

Richmond Valley, Ballina Shire and Lismore City Councils are all receiving fluoride in their water .

Nimbin and Byron Shire residents are not receiving fluoride.

The decision to take action in the Federal Court of Australia follows numerous attempts locally to halt the fluoridation of the water supply.

In Lismore, Cr Vanessa Ekins attempted last month to have the fluoridation program suspended until the National Health and Medical Research Council has completed the review into reducing fluoride concentrations from 1mg per litre to 0.7mg per litre’.

She attempted to move the motion at the last meeting of Rous Water but the motion was ruled unlawful by Rous general manager Kyme Lavelle.

Cr Ekins has vowed to move the motion at the next meeting of Rous Water on 21 October.

She will also be moving another motion calling on Rous Water to actively promote the health warnings on the NSW Health website regarding bottle fed babies.

The warning says that bottle fed babies could be subject to dental fluorosis, and therefore ‘making up infant formulae with water that has a low fluoride content is consequently not recommended by the NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council).’

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  1. Suggest a better heading for this story would be “Group vows to bring down dental health standards in Australia and subject population to decay, pain, and expense by denying access to internationally-accepted, low-risk treatment”. Grr.

    • Yes Jim if you consider internationally recognised by the US, Australia and parts of the UK and Ireland. Most countries either ban it outright due to health and ethical concerns, or decline to introduce it. Like most of Europe and all of india and China. Fluoridation is a wasteful and ineffective way of drugging the population, as well as being costly. People should be responsible for their own dental hygiene by brushing twice daily, but a lot of lazy people just want to shirk it and have the government do it for them. Have you ever heard the claim: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”? If you ever do, run!

    • To state the obvious JimBB, let people buy fluoride toothpaste if they want to ingest fluoride, don’t force it on people who don’t want it.

    • I’m no expert, but nobody is being denied anything. If you want fluoride, buy some drops and add them to your morning beverage. At least that way you could control the dose.

      “Internationally accepted” is not quite accurate. More people drink artificially fluoridated water in the US than the rest of the world combined. In Canada the level is down to about 30% of the population and falling.

      Governments in Australia appear to have the same problem as Health Canada. They are all ignoring their own laws which clearly define fluoride as a drug.

    • Suggest a better heading for this story would be “Group vows to bring dental health standards in Australia to the same standards as Europe and Japan and subject population to internationally-accepted, low-risk treatment similar to the 95% of the world’s population that do NOT have force fluoridated water, food and beverages”. Grr.

    • Another brainwashed human being. It’s an industrial toxic waste byproduct that they conveniently decided they could get rid of. I read something along the lines of; If it gets in the water system, it’s a toxin, if it gets in the air, its a pollutant, but if we use it in our drinking water supply it’s a safe medication. Now that is pure magic

    • Are you getting some income from the unethical practice? How you go anonymous with your comment that had not any proved basic and is oppose to many science study and evidence that are proving the opposite! How is that most of the world had not adopted the practice and the population dental situation is similar and children’s are not suffering fluoridisation of they teeth? Put your name and surname anonymous comment are worth nothing!

    • Not true JimmBB, the main cause of dental decay is poverty. Rich communities without flouridated waters don’t have dental health problems but poorer communities do and same goes in flouridated areas, however, in areas where it is used as a ‘medicine’ (it is the worlds second most toxic material to human health!) dentists main bread and utter is treating flourosis…..
      Lets pretend you are right for one moment, lets pretend it is a medicine for your teeth, firstly please go to your bathroom and read the warning on your toothpaste “if swallowed immediately consult your doctor” this surely implies the clear danger of the materials toxicity?!!! plus this also by implication demonstrates “as a medicine” it is to be taken topically and NOT ingested….
      Okay but lets ignore all these logical concerns and pretend it is a great healthy medicine, now please go and ask your doctor to name a medicine that you can simply have as much of as you want? a medicine that you can give to everyone, young or old, to babies and to the eldery, to the sick and infirm as well as to the healthy…. please let me know how you get on with this. Nutrition and education are the biggest enemies to health and these are generally found in higher concentrations of poverty than in affluent areas…

    • Should you raise the issue of reduced tooth decay it has already be proven and documented that those living in unfluoridated communities have virtually the same rates of tooth decay as those living in fluoridated communities. But, there is one profound difference: those living in fluoridated communities have a much, much greater risk of dental fluorosis, which is symptomatic of the discoloration and eventual mottling of the teeth leading to a lifetime of cosmetic veneers or living with the disfiguration.

      Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/031335_water_fluoridation.html#ixzz3p7WwJ3zw

    • Looks like the desired effect has landed on YOU. If the desired outcome is a dumbed down populous, you are a shining example.

    • Jim you don’t know what you are talking about so please make yourself sound intelligent and read the wealth of current information against the many negative affects of fluoridation…unless you’re afraid to read something that may challenge your knowledge of fluoridation.

    • Wow that scares me, Shall we look at the truth for once , instead of some statement with no reference to anything.

      The truth is that this peer reviewed journal, The Lancet, (recently) published an article which proposed establishment of an international clearinghouse to evaluate potential neurotoxins.  In making the case for such a clearinghouse, the authors listed several substances that they believed warranted classification as neurotoxins, thus joining a list of others for which there is strong evidence to support such classification. One of these substances newly proposed to be a neurotoxin was fluoride, though the only article cited by the authors to support their claim was one whose conclusion was that more research was needed before such a classification could be made.
      Also on that same list of over 200 substances are such commonly ingested substances as aspartame (artificial sweetener), ethanol ( beer and other alcoholic beverages), salicylate (aspirin), caffeine, nicotine, and tetracycline. Do you worry about brain damage when you take an aspirin? Open a packet of sweetener? Drink a beer? Have a cup of coffee? If not, why? Think maybe it’s because you understand that at the concentrations at which we normally ingest these substances they are not toxic? The same is true for fluoride.
      Fluoride at the optimal level is not toxic, neuro or otherwise.

      • ….I don’t eat or drink aspartame, don’t take salicylate and (since breastfeeding) don’t want caffeine, nicotine or any other possibly harming substances in my diet at the moment…not at all! And luckily that’s easy to manage. I wish fluoride wouldn’t be in the tap water, cause I do stay away from it as well and its pretty hard! Since every product with Australian, UK or USA water, like caned food with water, reconstituted juices (even organic ones), bread, boiled rice, tea,…everything is fluoridated (and since processed) in unknown amounts. I don’t understand why we don’t just add it to the salt (like with the iodine..)…that’s the system in most European countries and it gives people a choice….wouldn’t that make everybody happy?

  2. Remember, if the arguments against fluoride were so good , you would think they would stand up to public scrutiny on their own merit, without legal help. Or threats of. If they have to take legal action to pass them, it is obvious they are not.
    And also if the arguments against fluoride were so good,The illnesses and associated medical problems that fluoride is supposed to cause, at .7PPM, would have well and truly been investigated in the 70 years of its use, And what do we find as real evidence that will sway the authorities. Nothing

    • Well Chris the people of NSW Australia, have water dosed at 1.0 ppm silcofluoride.
      This rate is 42% above your “safe limit” of 0.7 ppm.
      I would suggest you New Zealanders have been drinking this sheep dip ( industrial toxic waste silicofluorides) for too long and at too high a concentration, as it impaired your logic.
      95% of the world’s population do not have this sheep dip added to their water, food and beverages.

    • British Government published positive conclusions of a report that actually contradicted the report as a whole that clearly showed the very real dangers and questioned if ingestion gives any significant benefit to dental health. Safe to say it’s highly toxic and only proven to aid dental health when applied topically. Fools that choose to poison themselves can do at their own risk.

  3. Medicating public water supplies with any chemical violates the ethical principle of informed consent.

    The idea that the silicofluoride industrial waste, contaminated with other poisons such as lead, mercury and heavy metals, which is dumped into water supplies is a nutrient is absurd. The myth that fluoride itself is an essential nutrient was debunked decades ago. No symptoms of fluoride “deficiency”, or biochemical process which requires fluoride, have ever been identified

    Medicating public water supplies means that politicians are subjecting everyone to treatment which no doctor can legally impose on anyone, and is surely the most ham-fisted method of drug delivery ever devised.

    • I can accept the POSSIBILITY that CALCIUM-BASED fluoride may have some benefit to teeth and bones; not convinced of it but OK it is a possible ….. but it is utter nonsense to take the by-product SODIUM SILICATE FLUORIDE BAUXITE WASTE and call it “fluoride” and believe it will be the same …. um, acid, is not acid … fluoride is not “fluoride … it is defined by which element it is a fluoride OF.


      1. Efficacy is in doubt and it is NOT Calcium which we were given at school as kids in tablet form (and they likely did nothing but oh well, no harm done I hope_.

      2. It is administered WITOUT CONSENT …. even if it was “manna from heaven” or the elixir of life, it needs to be available BY CHOICE not in an intoxification water supply (which is NO LONGER H2O of course, that formula is long gone) … it is criminally unjust to impose this poison into a person’s drinking water. It is especially unjust on lower income persons who cannot, and should not , afford the expensive filtration in their home, or bottled water, as they struggle to avoid being POISONED BY THE STATE.

      3. Internationally the act of adding fluoride to water has been widely discredited and indeed made criminal in ACTUAL CIVILISED NATIONS THAT VALUE HUMAN LIFE AND RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS.

      4. There are many alternate ways to deliver beneficial “fluoride” and if the state was genuine it would offer calcium-based dental-quality fluoride … or simply why not subsidise dental care a bit more and dentists who one assumes are qualified to identify the need or lack of need, can then administer appropriate fluoride if the see fit.

      5. This is the “NANNY STATE” once again imposing its so-called care …. needs to be abolished ASAP.

      I’d like to see people take on Councils and refuse to pay ‘WATER RATES” ON THE BASIS THAT WAT IS BEING DELIVERED IS NOT WATER …. IS NOT H2O … is to fit and ‘warrantable’ for the purposes for which it was intended and therefore not liable for payment until the product is brought to a standard suited to the expected needs of the consumer.

      BRING ON A CLASS ACTION ….. WE NEED TO GET WATER BACK … HEY, MAYBE WE WILL SEE SOME SANITY RETURN TO OUR NATION … OK THAT IS TONGUE IN CHEEK …. but really, the indicated negatives are far more persuasive than the ‘hoped-for’ benefits (and I mean benefits traditionally cited for CALCIUM fluoride, which are now “broad-brushed” as if being the same benefits for ingesting bauxite ash.

  4. Diagnosed with hypothryoidism 8yrs ago I found it was caused by fluoride in the water. Once I stopped ingesting fluoride my thyroid hormone levels returned to normal. We have had to spend in excess of $10000 on rainwater tanks, plumbing into our kitchen and bathroom for the luxury of water uncontaminated by hydrofluorosilicic acid which also contains arsenic, cadmium and lead according to the Australian Drinking Water Standards. Forcing anyone to consume poisons in any shape or form is undemocratic. Those who believe fluoride is good for your teeth can take as much of it as they like. Those who do not wish to consume it should have the right to say No. Putting these poisons in the public water supply denies us the right to refuse this medication. The answer is incredibly simple, take it out of the water supply, give every Australian the choice about it, whether it is good for you or not is totally irrelevant.

    • The available medical and scientific evidence suggests an absence of an association between water fluoridation and thyroid disorders.

      Many major reviews of the relevant scientific literature around the world support this conclusion. Of particular importance are:

      an exhaustive review conducted in 1976 by an expert scientific committee of the Royal College of Physicians of England;
      a systematic review in 2000 by the NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination at the University of York; and,
      a 2002 review by an international group of experts for the International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS), under the joint sponsorship of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

      None has found any credible evidence of an association between water fluoridation and any disorder of the thyroid.

      • Chris Price rejects the connection from fluoride exposure and thyroid disease as he quotes from old studies. Might be good for Chris to get up to date. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/02/150224083811.htm reports the findings from this year from the UK where study across the country found 30 per cent higher thyroid disease reported from medical clinics in fluoridated areas compared to non-fluoridated.

        Now this was just an ‘observational’ study noting the disease incidence. It did not investigate how fluoride might be causing thyroid disease. Nevertheless I now advise thyroid patients to avoid fluoridated water in my city. Many note their thyroid function begins to normalize after taking this action (along with stopping using fluoridated toothpaste). And the sooner they do this after the thyroid problem develops, the better their recovery.

    • Anyone who does not believe that what they put in the water is not toxic,Drink a table spoon full of it and then ring an ambulance,but they will not be able to save your life.This toxic poison will burn a hole in concrete .Imagine what even a watered down amount will do to your body.If you want to read the truth, go to the Fluoride Action Network web site,and read toxicologists reports on the poison they are putting in our water. 98% of Europe will not have this poison put into their water,Find out why.please find out WHY.

    • Hi Lesley. I’m pleased that abstaining from fluoride has returned you to health. Although fluoride was used to cure hyperthyroidism in the 1930s-1960s in Germany, when the treatment continued once the patients had returned to the euthyroid state, they progressed to experiencing hypothyroidism. The successful treatment involved hot fluoride baths. Thus the claim that the skin absorbs fluoride is a very compelling reason to stop bathing in hot fluoridated water.

      If the Australian Government really cared about your health, they would have heeded the warnings decades ago. It was never anything to do with dental health: that was a ruse so that Alcoa in the USA could dispose of its haz. waste by drip-feeding it into the environment. If our bodies were to become collateral damage while achieving the dilution and dispersal of the Haz. Waste, that was too bad – susceptible people got in the way! Unfortunately the ruse became a con and the con spread and infected many countries in the World.

      Going back to Alcoa, in the 1930s, that company had nowhere safe to store their Haz. Waste. Plastics’ technology was in its infancy, steel containment vessels became corroded and concrete containment vessels were too expensive. Even then, Alcoa knew how well-nigh impossible and expensive it was to render the stuff innocuous. Surely, with the great advance in technology, today’s geologists could identify a place in the Australian Outback where the stuff could be buried safely? Ah – but that would be expensive. It’s cheaper for super-phosphate producers to continue to use existing technology at water treatment works until there is no more fluorapatite ore left in the World.

      Those who are proponants of water fluoridation have been conned. Even if they realise they have been conned, they’re not about to admit it. Exposure to the Allegory of Plato’s Cave by fluoridation proponants is recommended.

    • Or you could have spent a couple of hundred dollars on a reverse osmosis system to remove the fluoride ion and other toxins – like possible disinfection byproducts. Fluoridation has not been proven in any study to cause hypothyroidism. As important as they are to you, your personal experiences do not constitute scientific proof.

  5. Bunkum and more bunkum from the anti fluoride mob.Go on, spend the hard earned cash of others on your futile attempts to stop a proven and beneficial treatment.

  6. Wouldn’t it have been better to have brought the school dental program back where visiting dental staff could have used real mineral fluoride to coat children’s teeth (with parental right to refuse treatment), not made babies and other vulnerable people ingest this rubbish they’ve procured? So many people have said they don’t want it, but the pro fluoride bullies have gone ahead with dosing the water supply of all things. Those who support the pro bullies should ask themselves why the information about negative effects on bottle fed babies has been ignored and was being kept quiet.

  7. “Diagnosed with hypothryoidism 8yrs ago I found it was caused by fluoride in the water. ”

    Hi Lesley,

    Sorry to hear that.

    Could you please advise who the medical professional was that made this diagnosis? I have not heard of any other cases in Australia before.


    • @ Luke you obviously haven’t done much reading. I have heard of and read of numbers of cases – many reported in the QLD press when the toxic fluoride was first added to Brisbane and Sth Qld waters. Many people reported to their doctors of these symptoms relating to both thyroid and to arythmia problems that came straight after fluoride began to be added to the waters. Removal of people from fluoride water supplies (via effective filters) and or personal removal from urban areas where all piped water was fluoridated changed the condition.

  8. Has there been any research of the effect of this poisonous cocktails upon animal life? To Humans it is pure poison, so what is the effect, is any, upon our wildlife?

  9. we have a right to decide if we want to drink fluoride in the water or not as its a “medication” I prefer to not be exposed to excess fluoride as its already in my tooth paste.
    fluoride is poison -that is why countries all over the world have already banned putting it into their water supplies.
    The only way they banned it was by the people coming together and making the fact known that WE DON’T WANT FLUORIDE IN OUR WATER.
    google the facts about fluoride instead of just not caring and you will see how harmful its effects on many levels are.

  10. Hey JimBB

    “Internationally Accepted” ?????? Are you serious ?
    Almost the entire world has banned and rejected fluoridation and the richest, most advanced nations of Europe, Scandinavia and Japan have found no dental benefit from the procedure and a wide range of health risks. Can you explain if the human anatomy is different in Australia than these countries ?

  11. Chris – are you aware of the fact that fluoridation is banned almost entirely across the world due to scientific findings ? Once again, do you suggest the Australian human anatomy or Australian teeth are somehow different ?

  12. I also suggest on mass saving receipts for bottled water and deducting that from the water authority charges. A family of 3 or more may well need to forward a bill to cover the expense. I’m sure they would reconsider their autocratic attitude quick smart.

  13. Health Canada’s Access to Information & Privacy Division replied to a request (file # A-2014-00168) to release all studies conducted in Canada or anywhere else in the world, that demonstrate hydrofluorosilicic acid (used to artificially fluoridate water) is safe for consumption or effective in preventing dental caries.
    Their response? “No files have been found that respond to your request.”

  14. Strange that people who value their democratic rights to do, say and write letters about anything they wish, along with all the other joys of the freedom’s we Australians enjoy, can think that FORCED MEDICATION is okay on any level!

    Abortions legal argument is ‘a women’s right over her own body’ so what about EVERYONES RIGHT OVER THEIR OWN BODY!

    My HUMAN RIGHT is being completely VIOLATED….. I don’t consent to being FORCED to drink, bath and cook with fluoridated water.

    Wake up people before all your rights are tossed overboard

  15. I want evidence!

    I want to see some real evidence against fluoride. I also want to see real evidence that it caused hypothryoidism in any person.

    Next I thought our fluoride came from NZ.

    Everything is a waste from some process but I can’t believe that anyone would ever believe that fluoride is put into water because it’s a way of getting rid of it. (Waste is usually dumped into rivers, landfill, oceans, etc not packaged in a costly manner.)

    Most things are poisonous (water, oxygen, iron, radiation, the list goes on forever) – what makes it dangerous is the dose.

    The argument that Australia shouldn’t use it because some countries have stopped is a logical fallacy (appeal to authority, I think). Furthermore, if you look deeply at why they stopped you’d see weak politicians cowered by ignorant pressure groups. I bet if you look at the makeup of these groups you often find one thing in common besides the tactics of fear mongering and the propagation of lies, mistruths and other urban fallacies. Its a lower level of science education.

    What we need is to better educate the public!

    I think there’s also an element of laziness here. People are too lazy to do hard research – I’m not talking about watching some YouTube clip or reading blogs, I mean basic hard research. Like going to an university library and looking into the history of fluoridation, researching fluoride itself and how and why it’s been introduced into water supplies or, as in some cases, why natural occurring levels have been reduced. It’s a wonderful story… as is the history of opposition. I understand it was once part of a Nazi plot!

    Science is good!


    ~ Dr. Dean Burk PHD
    34 years at the National Cancer Institute
    (I mean he should know shouldn’t he?)!!

    I mean I know it’s the main toxic and deadly chemical ingredient (sodium fluoride) in all ‘RAT POISON and SARIN GAS’ but why would they wanna poison us? Is there some kind of sinister corporate government (pretending to be real government) de-population ‘AGENDA 21’ or something? NO, NO, NO, surely our defacto government leaders (traitors) wouldn’t commit a treacherous and psychopathic act like that against us would they? Maybe I should stop watchin the footy and the biggest loser and find out a little more about this ‘FORCED FLUORIDATION (medication)’ chemical shit-storm their puting in mine and my kid’s drinking water right?

    Australian MP Ann Bressington EXPOSES UN AGENDA 21 Club of Rome Population Control World Government…@ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ8f4RxGbP8


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