Loving Byron at Byron

Spring may be the time when a young man’s thoughts turn to love, but October is the time I start to plan our wedding anniversary. One of our young children, born of a swift romance, came to the wedding but they can’t expect to come to the anniversaries as well, so I tend to look for a quiet restaurant where my wife and I can actually talk to each other uninterrupted.

We tend to celebrate at one of the range of excellent local places, then rush home to relieve the babysitter, but recently I started thinking about actually having a romantic child-free night away, locally.

I stayed as a guest of the Byron at Byron recently, for example, and could see the potential. It has an upmarket pool and restaurant, a day spa with the full range of pampering, yoga on the deck etc but the boardwalks above pools and streams, winding through the rainforest (the remnants of the eccentric old Everglades creation) add quite a romantic element to the comfort.

The rooms also have a romantic feel, as you can see the rainforest starting right through the walls; although the Everglades suites close off the private areas such as the bedroom and bathroom, a lot of the walls are actually flywire so you can, if you want to, feel the breeze without being bitten.

Best of all, when I walked in the early morning through the boardwalks and finally emerged onto the hidden beauty of Tallow Creek, I found pairs of swans gliding in unison across the unruffled waters. Surely that’s something to aim for next year!

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