Surfers head for shore after shark spotted at Boulders Beach

A shark spotted near surfers at Boulder Beach on Saturday. (image: Rotorwing Helicopter Services)

A shark spotted near surfers at Boulder Beach on Saturday. (image: Rotorwing Helicopter Services)

Helicopters will continue patrolling Northern Rivers beaches during the school holidays to protect swimmers and surfers from sharks.

More than 10 surfers were forced to return to shore on Saturday after a patrol helicopter spotted a 3-metre great white shark off Boulder Beach around 10.30am.

Images posted by Rotorwing Helicopter Services, a Lismore-based company, show the shark swimming close to the surfers.

‘These photos do not do the situation justice as when we first spotted this shark it was in the line up with 10+ Surfers,’ Rotorwing posted on its Facebook site.

The post said the shark was ‘close enough to pat’.

“Everybody in the water responded to our signals and the beach was cleared immediately.

‘The shark continued to swim south towards flat rock beach where helicopters continued to monitor its movements.

Rotorwing flew another patrol on Sunday but no sharks were spotted.


3 responses to “Surfers head for shore after shark spotted at Boulders Beach”

  1. Len Heggarty says:

    From the chopper overhead there is a call and a bark “Shark, shark!”
    In a land far from the ordered woods and gardens of England,
    we are in the waters of Dorothea Mackellar’s jewelled seas of Australia.
    Out and about it’s golden beaches on the edge of the Pacific in liquid turquoise
    with waters so clear you can see the sand but as those seas get deeper
    they meld into deep blues and in those deeper watery hews in colour
    lurks big black shadows and it is strange they are called Great Whites.
    Australia, once known as Terra Australis has a monster that causes terror,
    the Great White Shark that can rip a limb and it’s blood from a man’s body,
    Is it any wonder the man on the board is paddling fast something terrible.
    I love her far horizon’s, I love her jewelled seas, her beauty and her terror,
    “Sheee! You can see that great big black Great White shark is not going to get he.”

  2. Jon says:

    Those swimmers are lucky the shark wasn’t hungry otherwise he’d have taken them both for his dinner. I never understand why some people can be so reckless with their own lives.

  3. Len Heggarty says:

    The sharks in some schools and some rogues are not learning in the school holidays while students are learning to swim a bit faster.
    Overhead helicopters fly while at Boulder Beach while the sharks seem to get a bit bolder and the surfers could be a bit older and someone yelled out to a girl to get out, and that surfer really yelled and told her.
    There was a flurry of arms and legs of about 12 bodies and boards and they churning the water into froth for sure, while the shore came closer in as they rode the wave to shore. What’s more they all checked their skin for teethmarks? Not a one, The crowd gave a roar.
    The swimmers were all breathing hard as it was a sprint to the beach and no one died of stroke while a vehicle came screaming across the sand and a lifesaver alighted from his Moke wearing a belt and a rope.

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