Roundhouse sale a tale of mismanagement

Can anybody imagine what would have been the consequences faced by a CEO in the private sector who allowed the sort of loss that BSC incurred on the sale of the Roundhouse site blocks?

This sort of mismanagement and lack of accountability is typical of what happens in local government.

The elected council could be compared to a board of directors in the private sector, representing – and responsible to – shareholders.

Have the Byron Shire councillors represented the best interest of the Byron Shire ratepayers and community throughout this absolute fiasco?

Ken Gainger’s complaint about community groups imposing legal costs on BSC by causing BSC to argue their case over the Roundhouse site is a bit rich.

Mr Gainger what did your decision to sell these blocks of land a rock bottom prices in an extremely strong sellers’ market cost the Byron community?

Mr Gainger why was BSC’s own policy – which requires maximum gain to be sort when selling community property – ignored?

I think there would have been severe ramifications for any CEO in the private sector who had allowed such a large financial loss to occur!

In the private sector the board of directors would have had plenty of questions being asked of them by shareholders as to how did they let this happen?

Aren’t these people fortunate they work in local government!

Alan Dickens, Brunswick Heads

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  1. Len Heggarty says:

    I feel what you say here is really is a bit harsh “This sort of mismanagement and lack of accountability is typical of what happens in local government.”
    Remember Alan, Byron Council avoided the cut to amalgamate by the NSW government. It is better than the average council.

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