Vaccination supporters welcome ‘no jab, no pay’ laws

shutterstock_vaccination-injection-vaccineParents who don’t immunise their children will stop receiving childcare benefits next year. And the new laws have been welcomed by the group Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters (NRVS).

The federal government’s no-jab-no-pay laws will remove childcare benefits, rebates and the Family Tax Benefit A end-of-year supplement from parents who don’t immunise their children.

The laws sailed through with the backing of Labor, the Greens and crossbench senators.

The new legislation was welcomed by NRVS spokesperson Alison Gaylard, who watched her two children suffer through whooping cough, despite being vaccinated, because she said ‘herd immunity’ in her home-town of Mullumbimby is too low.

Mullumbimby has one of the lowest levels of vaccination in the state, at around 50 per cent.

Ms Gaylard told local media that at first she was ‘amazed how stringent’ new laws were but she was pleased to see there were some carrots as well as sticks.

‘Some people will do it because there is a financial incentive involved,’ she told ABC.

‘But they’re also going to be incorporating education and awareness campaigns, they’re looking at incorporating a reminder system,’ she added.

‘I can only see it as a good thing,’ Ms Gaylard said.

The Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network had not commented on the legislation, which it had previously condemned, on its website this morning.

The changes start on January 1, 2016, with exemptions for medical reasons, after legislation passed the Senate on Monday.

Labor said the Department of Human Services needed to conduct an intensive review of how the scheme was working, with particular focus on the seven per cent of parents who don’t vaccinate their children but are not registered conscientious objectors.

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon said adverse impacts of vaccination were rare but possible, and called for a Canadian-style scheme, which would compensate those affected.

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale attempted to move an amendment delaying the changes to January 1, 2018, arguing it shouldn’t occur until data systems were fully operational in late 2017 to avoid people wrongfully losing payments.

But government frontbencher Mitch Fifield said any parent wishing to dispute a finding that they had not vaccinated their child would have a minimum of two weeks to provide documentary evidence before payments were affected.

Vaccination ‘resistance’ study

Meanwhile, a local midwife is conducting a PhD study into why so many Byron Shire residents are resistant to vaccinating their children.

Mother of four, Catherine Helps will soon begin interviewing parents who have decided not to vaccinate their children against diseases such as whooping cough, chicken pox and measles as part of her study through the University of Sydney.

To gain a clear picture of community attitudes to vaccination, Ms Helps will also be interviewing GPs, schools and childcare providers, public health clinicians, alternative health practitioners, and community groups.

In a later phase of her study Ms Helps plans to meet with senior high school students to gauge the intentions of the next generation of parents towards vaccination.

‘Byron Shire is one of the Australian communities with markedly higher rates of vaccination refusal, with pockets within this LGA having vaccination objection rates of more than 30 per cent,’ Mrs Helps said.

‘This clustering of vaccination refusal is a national, and indeed global, phenomenon whose reasons are poorly understood.’

She said the study will be conducted on a confidential basis and be an ‘open minded and respectful examination’ of the topic.

‘The aim is to gain an insight into the perspectives of parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. It will explore the vaccination trends within this community, and the influencing factors, as well as seeking to gauge the effect that living in our community has on the perceptions of childhood vaccination.’

Ms Helps is interested in why some parents start to vaccinate and then decided to stop, why parents decide not to vaccinate from the outset, and why some pregnant women might intend not to vaccinate their child.

– with AAP


14 responses to “Vaccination supporters welcome ‘no jab, no pay’ laws”

  1. Odette Nightsky says:

    Bloody awful. Will they also take responsibility for what the vaccinations do to the body and the fall out that comes from taking them as there have been many? Yeah right!! This is emotional blackmail and it stinks!!

    • Matilda Peters says:

      Get the facts and wake up. Stop living in the dark ages and believing the conspiracy theorists. Disease is real. Vaccination works, Ask the dead people.

  2. Melanie Gates-Manar says:

    As Robert F Kennedy Jr suggests on his website, many “anti-vaccers” are actually pro-vaccine. Many have simply stopped vaccinating in light of the thousands of stories parents are sharing on social media platforms; stories of how their children suddenly and drastically changed behaviour, or became violently ill or even died the day or week after vaccinations.

    According to the official story, vaccines don’t cause autism but many professionals disagree – not that you’ll ever see them on mainstream media.

    In a time when politicians doing back room deals with multinational marketing con men is common, it’s no surprise that thinking people are dubious of pharmaceutical corporations and reluctant to trust health professionals, many of whom are receiving kick-backs from these companies – and the TPP certainly won’t help cautious parents get the answers they deserve if it’s likely to negatively impact profits.

    I’m pleased my breeding days are done but I feel for new parents today who are made to feel neglectful for merely questioning a system full of snake oil salesman ‘science’ and medical graduates who have been heavily brainwashed by the medical industrial complex.

    Sadly only time will reveal the full impact vaccines will have on the holistic health of humanity. It’s clear that the controversy around the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation in India is a sign of things to come – obviously the poorer folk are the lab rats for the global elite’s sociopathic agenda – after all, if they really cared about saving lives, there would be no pointless wars.

    • Joe Monks says:


      It might have escaped you but diseases such as polio, whooping cough, diptheria etc have largely been eradicated or at least contained.

      Not as many children choking to death or limping around.

      I fully agree with your sentiments around the influence of global profit takers but sometimes we have to cop the bad for the sake of the greater good. The concept of the “greater good” escapes many people in this age dominated by hedonistic pleasure.

  3. Joe Monks says:

    Resistance to vaccination is a display of smug anti social arrogance.

    When inclusion in society becomes difficult because of your personal traits you retire to the hills and shake your fist in any way you can.

    That includes civil disobedience and putting the children of other people at risk of polio, whooping cough etc.

    Shame on you!

  4. KAMALA says:

    If vaccination works & is sooooo effective then why do the vaccinated children get their childhood diseases?

    Maybe their immune systems are lowered by the toxic cocktail injected into them?????

    Check to see what is actually in a vaccine!!!

    Be informed with your choices, not bullied!

  5. Ginty says:

    I’m happy to go without my child care payments to save my child from Autisim. A breast fed baby does not need vaccinating.

  6. Trevor says:

    If breastfeeding makes vaccination needless why did so many breastfed babies die of diphtheria, whooping cough etc a year ago? The claim of a link between autism and vaccination has been disproven several times. The beauty of this policy is that it may result in more people chosing evidence and facts rather than unfounded fanciful myths.

  7. Richard says:

    A sad day to see the Greens support the pharmaceutical industries bottom line. They obviously have paid no attention to the many convictions that the industry has/is accumulating around the world due to there briberies, manipulation of data and study outcomes, experimentations in third world countries etc. That’s what you get when you have a doctor with a closed mind as leader of the Greens. Next on their agenda after they come for the children will be adults. After all most Australians are not fully vaccinated in accord with the ever-expanding vaccination schedule. Shame Greens!

  8. Ivraia says:

    Is the pharmaceutical industries is behind that like in Europe?

  9. Cas says:

    I agree with Kamal. If vaccinations worked so well what do you fear? And what about anti-discrimination laws? It feels like a witch hunt. “How dare we be different” “How dare we make an informed choice” “how dare we choose to put our children’s health first” – my 2 children are very heathy, have hardly gone to see a doctor. And no I’m not anti-doctor. I do not go around telling other people, what they should or should not do to their kids health. The father of my children was about to have a flu shot a few years ago, whilst he had a flu. And he thought that was ok because no one at the medical centred informed him not to. Luckily for him he read the information sheet contained in the box – which clearly states Do Not get flu shot whilst sick etc. This is what I mean about misinformed or lack of information given to us to make informed decisions.

    Another point Why are newborn babies being vaccinated against Hep B, when both parents don’t have Hep B. In Hep B in our hospitals? That’s scary. Safer to have your baby at home then?

    I will not be putting poison into my children. I will have to go with out the money. Oh & then my kids will have to miss out of other things. But vaccinate children will not? What about the stress that will have on some parents. especially single parents. Will this stress lead to more mental health issues in our society.

    What about parents/guardians who only partly vaccinate? Again they do this because of an informed choice.

    At Joe, Why is it smug anti-social behaviour?

    Polio & quite a few other diseases were on the decline before vaccination, did you know that?

    You can not compare Australia to third world countries. We have a much better standard of living – health. and most importantly CLEAN WATER. And an amazing thing called a Toilet.
    Yes personal Hygiene…. again because of CLEAN WATER etc.

  10. Richard says:

    Here’s a good summary of why I think people should have the right to chose which, if any, vaccines they want to put in their healthy children or themselves.

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