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Waxhead_promo3Waxhead are a band of mates born and bred in Byron, land of surf culture. Drawing from their life in the waves and on the margins of the mainstream, Waxhead are all about positive vibes, a bit of a modern attitude and grime to easy-going surf culture. Waxhead vocalist, Froggy, answered a few questions on the eve of the band’s Boxing Day gig at the Hotel Great Northern.

How has living in Byron shaped the way you play?

The Beatles grew up in some shitty post-WWII suburbs around Liverpool; The Rolling Stones in Dartford, which Keith Richards remarked as being bleak; Nirvana in a boring logging town called Aberdeen; and the music inspiring these acts largely came from African-Americans singing their heart-breaking blues as second-rate citizens in a radically racist post-slavery American ghetto landscape. In comparison Waxhead grew up in some Alice in Wonderland rabbit-hole bubbly oasis by the sea and we’re largely inspired by bands who grew up struggling in shitholes.

Not to say there is no struggle in the shire, but it’s a pretty damn nice place to grow up. I dunno how Byron has shaped the way we play but it sure doesn’t make it easy to sing the blues like you mean it.

What is the underlying ethos of Waxhead?

We formed a band because it sounded like a lot of fun and we love music. If we make sure we never forget this foundation, there will be many more years of fun to be had.

Tell me about recording the new single Brussels.

This was by far the most fun we’ve had in the studio. We recorded at The Music Farm in the hills of the shire with our good mates The Delta Riggs. We set up a cocktail bar called The Barnacle and churned out cocktails and snacks to keep the bands humming. We also recorded live with the whole band jamming out in one room together; much more fun than any other time we’ve been in the studio

How did it go touring Europe and Japan?

That was pretty much a dream-come-true scenario. Before Waxhead formed we were all travelling around the world surfing and exploring new places and getting immersed in new cultures and ideas. To be travelling together with a common goal of playing good shows and having lots of fun is unreal. We’ve been really lucky. Some of the best shows we’ve played have been overseas. We got the pleasure of playing six festivals in 2015; not one of them was in Australia. That’s kinda weird and epic now I think about it…

How do you like to approach recording?

With maximum froth and minimum stress. It’s all about being relaxed and in the zone.

What are the plans for 2016?

Release the new EP Cruise Control, tour around Australia, record a new EP, go back to Europe, Japan and possibly Indonesia, tour Australia some more, record some more, party ’n’ bullshit.

What should we expect for your upcoming show?

A hangover and hazy sporadic memories of dancing. BYO balloons, sparklers and party poppers.

Waxhead play the Hotel Great Northern on Saturday, (Boxing Day).

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