Resort train not all that welcome in Sunrise

What a great edition of the Byron Shire Echo and the diversity of news and opinions this week. It would be good if Jeff Harrison (letters Dec 23) realised how diversity works.

That probably half of Sunrise (according to Jeff, 1000+ people) wants North Byron Beach Resort/Elements and its train, and probably half do not. I have no idea, not having done a formal survey.

But Jeff’s assertions (not based on any formal survey) that because his ‘immediate neighbours and friends from the area (how many is that – 20 people?) also share ‘his positive enthusiasm for Elements and Sunrise Beach’s future’ this somehow justifies his attack on people who don’t share his enthusiasm for the multi-million dollar resort with its proposal for a dirty old fashioned diesel train running though our suburb.

There are to be no stations in Sunrise, only one at Bayshore Drive near Elements’ venues. Residents living in the middle of sunrise are unlikely to walk 500 metres or more to get to this station and families of four are not likely to pay $24 to get into town and back regularly.

I assume Jeff Harrison lives pretty close to this station, does not have a bike or car, and doesn’t like buses.

I look forward to joining his pro-Elements group and then fighting for future polluting and environmentally destructive developments for our glorious zero emissions, environmentally sensitive, Byron Shire.

Lee Cass, Byron Bay

2 responses to “Resort train not all that welcome in Sunrise”

  1. Jeff Harrison says:

    Lee Cass seems to have missed the point of my letter. He highlights the lack of surveys of Sunrise Beach residents that might reveal how many approve or disapprove of Elements of Byron (and the train). This underlines my enquiry (surely not an ‘attack’): how does the Sunrise Residents Group represent the residents of Sunrise? And I wasn’t just referring to their opposition to the train.
    We’re all for diversity, and support our local community. We should also be wary of factional agendas being presented as the common purpose. Perhaps the Sunrise Residents Group should be more accurately named – something like ‘Sunrise Residents Against the Train Group’. Please don’t search long for
    thoseSunriseResidentswhothinkElementsmightnotbesoawfulforourareaGroup – I’ve never been good at irony.

  2. lee cass says:

    Hi Jeff, there is no mention in my letter about Sunrise Residents Group. I wrote the letter.

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