Are local motorists being ripped off at the petrol pump?

Page MP Kevin Hogan wants the ACCC to investigate high petrol prices in the northern rivers region. (file pic)

Page MP Kevin Hogan wants the ACCC to investigate high petrol prices in the northern rivers region. (file pic)

Northern rivers motorists are paying substantially more for their petrol than their city counterparts and Page MP Kevin Hogan wants to know why.

Mr Hogan has written to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission asking it to investigate why petrol prices in the northern rivers region were well above the average of both Sydney and Brisbane.

‘World oil prices are falling and yet these lower prices are not being passed on to motorists on the North Coast,’ he said.


Page MP Kevin Hogan. (file pic)

Page MP Kevin Hogan. (file pic)

Mr Hogan said the average petrol price in Sydney this week was $1.05 a litre, while in Ballina the price was $1.29, Casino $1.08, Grafton $1.19, Lismore $1.21 and Woolgoolga $1.21.

The cheapest, according to the NRMA, was in 99 cents a litre in Blacktown.

‘Based on these prices, it is costing northern rivers’ motorists up to $13 more to fill up the average tank than those in Sydney,’ Mr Hogan said.

‘This is totally unacceptable. Even after accounting for the cost of transporting fuel, our pump priced should be lower and fall at the same rate as it does in the cities.’

Crude oil prices have slumped 20 per cent this year to about $US28 a barrel. Eight months ago prices were hovering around the $US65 mark.


7 responses to “Are local motorists being ripped off at the petrol pump?”

  1. Ian Stocks says:

    Go for it Kevin and do something about it. I am fed up with extra high prices in Ballina.

    I drove back from down south last week and watched the prices as I headed north, yep all lower and in places much lower (Down to $113.5) than good old Ballina; where an attitude of rip of the tourists and stuff the locals prevails. This is not new it happens all the time.

    A new Liberty station has started in Ballina; supposed to be Australian owned and independent. But no way same price as the others as its reported to be owned by one of the other station owners. That’s a joke.

    So get in there Kevin and do something, please.


  2. Michael Qualmann says:

    A job perfectly cut out for Thomas George – where is he when a people’s advocate is sought? Maybe he’s scared his sons will never find a well paid job?

  3. jamie says:

    bit of a rhetorical question

  4. Dave says:

    On a recent trip inland I was amazed how fuel was cheaper.
    I filled up in Tweed Heads paying $1.29 for diesel.Noticed prices of around $1.16 on way to Moree.
    Paid $1.19 in Moree.
    Spoke to local farmer who watches bulk fuel prices,he said it sells for 97 cents at refinery in Brisbane.
    Isn’t Tweed closer to Bris than Moree?
    It’s just a case of continuing to rip off those who cop it sweet.
    Maybe we should all work on a strike plan that stuffs the retailers sales up,ie car pool,walk ride if possible.
    Just how much is a reasonable profit?


  5. Robert says:

    You should see the prices up here in Tamworth – one company especially – the Coles Shell Express on Goonoo Goonoo Road (main Sydney – Brisbane Road), is always the first to push their prices up but takes a week or longer than the other stations to lower their prices.
    They took more than a month a year ago to lower the price (by a cent every other day), whereas everyone else had dropped their prices immediately. They then raised the price by 14 cents in one day before all the others.
    More pressure is required.

  6. Michael R says:

    Well done Kevin Hogan it’s about time all politicians put pressure on the oil industry. We are being blatantly ripped off every time we fill up and for some it can be several times per week. The effect this has on the average household income and further down the road on our consumable prices.
    Woolies & Coles and the Oil Companies all in bed together.
    Stand up Politicians and do the job you were elected to do !!

  7. Jon says:

    Ho hum, what’s the point? This issue pops up as regular as Xmas but nothing changes.

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