Beach parking fines an ‘act of war’

Yesterday I drove to Whites Beach with a friend.

As we passed Bray’s Beach car park I noticed the unexpected arrival of the dreaded yellow envelope.

Literally the entire line of cars on the western side of the road at both Brays and Whites car park all had $240 fines. There were many confused beach goers milling around chatting over the very unexpected scenario.

The western side of the road at both car parks has no signage for ‘No Parking’ or ‘No Stopping’. So these fines have all been issued illegally by the council and should not be paid.

Also, many cars on the east side of the road had fines. At Whites for example, only the six or so cars that fit into the ‘nose in’ parking did not have fines. All of the other cars around these ones on the eastern side of the road were also decorated with $240 fines.

There are ‘No Stopping’ signs 100m or so back down the road on the eastern side of the road but these don’t seem to apply to the designated beach car parks.

So imagine… yesterday… once there were 6 cars at Whites Beach – no matter where you parked at Whites Beach, your beach fee for the day would be $240. That must be some nice beach.

People have been parking safely and happily around the Broken Head back beaches for decades. This is like an act of war by the council against the local people. Illegally fining people…. and $240?! Who can afford that?

Something needs to be done.

Tristan Bray, Upper Wilsons Creek

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  1. Alex Gray says:

    I couldn’t believe it when i returned to my car yesterday from brays beach to see a fine for $248 on my windscreen. All the parallel parked cars were safely off the road. I had to walk around the corner to find the nearest no stopping sign. I will definitely be contesting this fine. it is such a blatant display of revenue raising without any regard for the local community.

  2. Blake says:

    The letters and comments on this website evidence that opposition is growing to pay parking. I am not surprised. The council has managed to put offside every surfer, cinema goer, beach walker, sunbather, windsurfer, bookshop browser, coffee drinker, health food shopper, pub goer and fair minded Australian living outside the shire boundary that visits Byron. People are clearly becoming more upset as they realize that unless pay parking is abolished quickly our way of life, traditions and routines will disappear forever.

    Byron Bay and its beaches are community assets which belong to us all. Paid parking is exclusionary, divisive and discriminatory. It is also plain wrong. Doesn’t the council have enough on its plate without goading half of the hinterland into protest?

  3. Jenny Grant says:

    The police seem to be revenue raising alot more these days. Even the drug driving saliva tests that seem to be mainly targeting cannabis users are a revenue raising scheme, they can pick up traces from days ago. And all the speed cameras.

    I wonder if there is so much revenue raising because of how many police are constantly being hired and all the crap they are getting, like helicopters and riot squad stuff. I bet the budget for all the staff and toys is massive.

    They just wont more and more and try and justify it with numbers and figures.

    It’s such a shame they are going this way with it.

  4. Tristan

    It does seem like our way of life is under assault. But the abolition of paid parking will only be achieved through peaceful protest. It seems to me that everybody needs to support the small business owners who are against paid parking. Spokes people are urgently required, preferably small business owners and elders from the surfing community. If not, young locals need to step up.

    Should the council try to appease local surfers and beach goers by temporarily allowing free parking around the back beaches they should be wary. For once the precedent of pay parking is firmly established in town it will soon be reintroduced at the back beaches. I’ve abandoned an earlier hope I had for a compromise. Pay parking needs to be abolished in its entirety. This will only happen if we all stand together with the small business owners and oppose paid parking.

    What do others think?

  5. Jenny

    Parking regulations have been introduced by the council and (as far as I know) are not enforced by the police.

    The council will only get away with it if we let them

  6. Burnnett says:

    As I commented earlier, it feels like a social cleansing program has been implemented. Perhaps it has. Because quicker than you can say crypto fascist regime the town has changed

  7. Blake says:

    First they came for the van packers…

  8. BB says:

    The following one star review was posted on the influential travel advice web site ‘Trip advisor’ several days ago.under the heading ‘RIP Byron Bay’

    Paid street parking from Dec 2015 ($3.00 per hour 24/7) has driven the last nail through the heart and soul of Byron Bay. Overnight the town has lost the diverse mix of beautiful losers, dreamers, artists, surfers, low income Australians and free thinkers that continued to visit and gather in the town from the surrounding area even as Byron grew. Occasionally, a few stragglers will be seen on foot gamely walking miles into town (from unmetered suburban areas) towards the cinema. But henceforth tourists will find a town packed to the rafters 12/12 by a bland mix of retired public servants, backpackers, uptight conservative Byron homeowners (some in baggy/skin tight pants they bought in India) with shares in CSG and the banking sector, middle class tourist families along with a swag of young professional types from Brisbane/Sydney in fresh from the bag faux slightly hipped out Byron clothing sidestepping the homeless. Do you get the picture? It’s not worth the hassle anymore. Unless you are a backpacker that likes a good booze up

    Amazon tells us that we only ever bother to read the one star reviews

  9. BB says:

    This two star review from trip advisor was posted three days ago is very similar to the one above.

    “More for the young, good looking and back packers”

    “It had been a few years since we were last here and wasn’t really prepared for the changes – had always seen it as a haven for the alternative thinkers but the eclectic ix has gone and you couldn’t move for the young back packers looking for a party.
    Oh to be young again. Parking is hard to find and has 24/7 fees”.

    The local day trippers the council has successfully stopped visiting Byron Bay did not just inject millions of dollars per annum into the local economy. They were also a tourist attraction. Now tourists expecting the ‘authentic’ Byron Bay only have the homeless to gawk at

    Just saying

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