Boomerang Festival needs your help

The Boomerang Festival is in its final weeks of a crowd-funding campaign and is hoping the northern rivers public will contribute.

Byron Shire mayor Simon Richardson has just joined with Archie Roach, Paul Kelly, and Troy Brady in doing a video of support.

The Boomerang Festival is an Indigenous arts and culture festival in Byron Shire.

The festival includes dance, weaving, carving, talks and ideas, workshops, music and authentic cultural exchanges between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Originally running as a stand-alone festival, Boomerang organisers were dismayed in 2013 when the federal government made funding cuts to its arts and Indigenous programs.

The crowd-funding campaign aims to raise $100,000.

Arakwal dancers at the 2013 Boomerang festival. Photo: Evan Malcolm.

Arakwal dancers at the 2013 Boomerang festival. Photo: Evan Malcolm.

Boomerang artistic director Rhoda Roberts said without adequate funding, Boomerang must raise funds to grow into a stand alone festival, and a major contributor to the north NSW cultural landscape, tourism and economy, as well as a landmark event for Australia.

‘NSW has the largest population of Aboriginal Australians than any other state in the country, and less fiscal support than other regions in the country,’ she said. ‘Ownership and pro-activeness with art and culture is key to empowerment and inclusion in our diverse society.

In order for Boomerang to run effectively in 2016 we need $100,000.

‘Additional funds will be placed in trust to go towards the future development of Boomerang into an independent, stand-alone festival.’

For those unable to contribute financially, organisers are asking that they spread the word via social media, volunteer at the festival, or donate products and services.


3 responses to “Boomerang Festival needs your help”

  1. Len Heggarty says:

    The Boomerang Festival have been thrown open it is still up in the air but it could be on it way back, so put your back into it and give us some money.

  2. Len Heggarty says:

    Tweed Shire had an Aboriginal festival and it was let die.
    No one cared that it died.
    We are racist. So it is not only the money, the interest needs to be raised that is not caucasian and white.
    Good Luck

  3. Mirjan John Brenko says:


    What happens to the funds if the Boomerang Festival doesn’t raise enough funds and the Festival does nt go ahead?

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