Byron pay parking nightmare

This pay parking in Byron CBD is a bloody nightmare!

Firstly, Byron CBD is the only commercial centre in the shire that charges, so it unfairly discriminates against the retailers and visitors to Byron CBD.

Secondly, all other towns in the shire mostly have two-hour parking in their CBD, giving visitors time to shop and eat. Byron only has one-hour parking near the shops, which means many people trying to shop and eat cop a fine.

Thirdly, if you park for an hour to shop, then move your car a few places so you can eat, you cop a fine because you are still in the same parking ‘zone’. You can’t simply pay again and recharge your ticket or move a few places away. You have to vacate your parking space and drive a block or two and find another parking space in another zone. No-one is informed of this and over 200 have already been unfairly fined.

Other residents and I who have registered and paid their annual $50 fee are not being issued with a ticket when we park; instead we are being instructed to put coins in the meter.

Hundreds of people are being unfairly fined. These visitors are our guests and the lifeblood of our town. Paid parking is an uncivilised and unimaginative way of raising revenue, and a PR disaster for the Byron lifestyle, so important for the success of our town.

Pay parking was a dumb idea from the start and deserves to fail, for the sake of visitors, retailers and the Byron brand – the sooner the better.

Michael Balson, Upper Wilsons Creek




2 responses to “Byron pay parking nightmare”

  1. Peter Boland says:

    What’s your solution?
    I know mine. Park in my secret free spots near Clark’s and walk a couple of blocks.

  2. Burnett says:


    One day soon you will return to your car and find a $260 ticket. Tickets are already being issued at the back beaches and in every nook and cranny.

    So what is your solution now?

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