Casino cops run over man in broad daylight

A police car ran over a man sleeping in Casino's Memorial Park on Wednesday (January 6). Photo Facebook

A police car ran over a man sleeping in Casino’s Memorial Park on Wednesday (January 6). Photo Facebook

Police are remaining tight-lipped after officers driving through a Casino park on Wednesday afternoon ran over a man who was sleeping off too much drink under a tree.

An investigation is underway after police ran over the 41-year-old man in Memorial Park at around 4pm while following up on alleged theft of alcohol from a shop nearby.

Richmond LAC crime manager Nicole Bruce on Wednesday told APN Media the incident was ‘unfortunate’, adding ‘luckily the gentleman didn’t sustain serious injuries’.

But a locally based social media crime-watch group claims the man did in fact sustain very serious injuries and had to undergo an extensive operation as a result.

The website quoted an unnamed relative as saying the victim had undergone ‘nine hours of surgery on his mangled leg and his mangled ear that had to be stitched together again’.

But Echonetdaily has been unable to verify the validity of these claims after police closed ranks yesterday morning, refusing to comment or respond to our requests for information.

A NSW Police Media spokesperson told us late yesterday that she had a ‘holding statement’ on the incident.

The statement reads as follows:

‘A man has suffered minor injuries after being hit by a police car at Casino.

‘About 4pm the man was struck while lying in the grounds of Memorial Park at Casino.

‘The 41-year-old was taken to Lismore Base Hospital for treatment to cuts to his leg and ear.

‘Additional police from Richmond Local Area Command attended and are investigating.’

The spokesperson said anyone who witnessed the incident should contact police.


10 responses to “Casino cops run over man in broad daylight”

  1. Jill Garsden says:

    According to his family members, “the man” did NOT suffer “minor” injuries at all. He required several hours of surgery and will be in hospital for many weeks. The police must have recognized that he was seriously injured and the fact that they claimed he sustained no serious injuries suggests that they were trying to minimize the impact of their own actions.

    I would like to think that both the police and the media will report further on this incident, accepting their responsibility for bringing all the facts (rather than implied accusations and defensiveness) to light.

    • Len Heggarty says:

      The police and the media as it says in their story will remain tight-lipped.
      Thanks for letting the wider audience know.
      To be aware is to be aware of the wide world and to be unafraid to speak out.

  2. Jim Richardson says:

    It disturbs me greatly :
    1. that the police media response displays a stunning lack of empathy for the community, or understanding of the social implications of this case. It seems that community relations and sensitivity training have failed dismally. Even IF the police response was purely well-intentioned and intended to quieten the situation until the law runs its course, it has been counterproductive.
    2. that the police would drive through a park where it was apparently common knowledge intoxicated people may be.
    3. that police would patrol by driving through a park when they could as easily walk and actually interact with other human beings , for more effective policing and better community relations.
    4. that police regularly call off highway patrol pursuits when the public are endangered but apparently not when pursuing petty thieves who enter parks where people are.
    5. that a local newspaper would publish an ill-researched and biased report of the incident before the full facts were known and failed to interview any of the victims family.

    Accidents DO happen, but I am stunned to think that this kind of RESPONSE by authorities to apparently negligent driving can still occur in a local town.

    Has Casino ever left the ’50s??

  3. Jim Richardson says:

    The local newpaper referred to above is of course the Northern Star. We know the Echo has higher standards!!

  4. P S Guthrie says:

    NSW police apparently feel they can be less than candid about their actions. This kind of prevarication is all too common when one of their own is concerned, they seem to be held to a different standard, a lower one.
    I trust the officer driving was drug and alcohol tested in a timely manner after the accident.
    My best wishes to the victim of this apparent negligence, for a complete and speedy recovery, and appropriate compensation for his pain and suffering.

  5. Maxx Maxted says:

    I am convinced that our fine Police Force did everything in their enormous power over life, liberty and the law to keep the streets of Casino free from sleeping drunks in the Park and other criminal activities perpetrated by the criminal class. There is too much of this behaviour going on. The injured man should be charged with
    a. damage to a Police vehicle,
    b. ‘park’ing without sufficient safety cones,
    c. wasting Police time,
    d. causing discussion on Police Powers.

  6. Jenny Grant says:

    The police are so one sided. If this had of been an every day person who drove through the park and over someone they’d be charged with some very serious offences. I see police speeding and talking on mobiles whilst driving and apparently its ok for them to do but not for the rest of us.

    I think it’s about time police were drug and alcohol tested every single day they work.

    • Tami says:

      Jenny, I think it’s about time that anyone claiming Centrelink benefits are required drug and alcohol tests too. That drunk at 4pm in a park at kids can play at…. Really some people should get a job and be a functioning member of society….

  7. Fiona Field says:

    Very true, why aren’t police accountable? Good on the family for speaking up! I think it’s pretty easy to predict what the outcome of police investigations will be when it’s just cops investigating cops.

  8. Ascot F. Suffolk Park says:

    I encourage everyone to personally call the Casino police station, ask to speak to the sergeant or the public relations person, and make it clear the community is uniting and will not rest until a) a full public disclosure and public apology and b) the same supreme court prosecution against the employees involved just as anyone else would be subject to

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