In the Tweed, it’s a dam shame

I and community members stood in silence with shame written on our T shirts at the Tweed Shire Council meeting last week.

We are really disillusioned that councillor Barry Longland reneged on his negotiated deal with mayor Katie Milne regarding raising Clarrie Hall dam, while concurrently examining the best solution to water management through an independent review, which he supported at the December meeting.

On 16 January, he wrote ‘I am not against the idea of an independent review. I believe though, that the idea needs to be uncoupled from the decision on the preferred option'( i.e. Clarrie Hall Dam).

Councillor Longland was offered this choice, and has again proven he is not a man to honour his own words.

There are so many projects throughout Australia in which in different shires have implemented sustainable water management such as recycling, storm water harvesting and water sensitive urban design.

It’s not new thinking, its established best practice, its affordable,and is happening all around the globe.

This is essentially why we need an independent review, not to hold up the approval of Clarrie Hall Dam, but to seriously examine all of Tweed’s water options and to find out the experts’ opinion on the most sustainable way forward.

This should have been done years ago, as was requested by the Community Working Group (CWG) with the input of the community from the very beginning.

Rous Water began its water review by involving all those interested from the start and that agency does not have the debacle that Tweed has been going through the last seven years.

This is not helped by certain councillors who keep rescinding motions which they have previously voted support for.

J. Gardner, Uki (CWG Member)

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