Kingscliff must not become another Gold Coast

The concern with Kingscliff’s future runs deep.

Gold Coast style development, especially high rise, became an issue in the early 1980s.  Two rather sedate members of the community were elected to Council on the back of that protest.

The largest survey ever of Kingscliff residents and visitors has shown that an overwhelming 97 per cent wished to retain the existing character of Kingscliff and the three storey height limit.

The Council executive and development-at-any-cost councillors appear to be hell bent on giving us another Gold Coast.

Their consultation practices seem designed to minimise resident participation in decision making.  Council consults mainly with ‘stakeholders’.  Their definition of stakeholders in Kingscliff at least, includes individual businesses but not residents.  It’s as if residents have no financial or social investment in the Tweed.

Council needs a real shake-up if the Tweed is to have any chance preserving its character.  We can’t let the Gold Coast roll over the Tweed on the back of big money and an out-of-control growth mentality.

Ron Cooper, Our 490, Kingscliff

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