Labor candidate’s misguided attack on the Greens

To Garth Luke, I can only paraphrase, ‘the only people who believe market capitalism can save the environment/humanity are either fools or economists’.

Paul Spooner on the other hand has a point up to where he turns his guns on the Greens in a blatant party-political attack.

Labor’s proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme was a sham with zero or negative effect on CO2 reduction.

And yes, having no policy is better than a bad policy as politicians beholden to vested interests (Coalition, ALP) use it to stall pressure for effective measures – see ‘Direct Action’.

Then in a triumph of hypocrisy Paul slams the Greens for voting for a tax transparency bill which did not go as far as either party wished but at least ended up making the top operators disclose their contributions.

In this case the ALP desperately wanted the bill to fail completely so they could use it as an election weapon.

Seems the reclusive Ms Elliot may be contemplating retirement and Cr Spooner could have more accurately signed his letter, ‘ALP candidate in waiting’.

Tom Tabart, Bangalow

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