Lake Ainsworth road to be removed despite petition

Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head. (pic

Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head. (pic

The Ballina Shire Council will proceed with its plans to remove the road along the eastern side of Lake Ainsworth despite pressure from more than 1300 residents to retain it.

A notice of motion from Cr Ben Smith to create a concrete pathway along the lake to allow access for elderly and disabled residents was defeated at yesterday’s meeting.

The motion followed a petition organised by the Stop the Road Closure committee, which was formed followed the council’s decision to close the road and turn it into open space.

The council wants to redevelop the area alongside the lake as a passive recreation area with no cars or parking, and will now push ahead with its plans.

To compensate for the loss of around 60 car parking spaces along the eastern side of the lake, the council is constructing car parks near the surf club.

The new carpark will include disabled parking, and access ramps will be installed near the lake to improve access for those in wheelchairs.


7 responses to “Lake Ainsworth road to be removed despite petition”

  1. Matt from Lennox says:

    Can’t keep anyone happy nowadays. No-one wants development because it’ll spoil our little town. Then, when the council wants to re-right development wrongs they all jump on the other band wagon.
    Let’s see if the opponents are still complaining when the lake returns to its former glory.

  2. Lavender says:

    The Council has made the correct decision. Lake Ainsworth is the jewel in the Ballina Shire crown and its preservation is a top priority. Damage to the Lake may not be clearly visible or constantly obvious but none the less it is happening and in time the Lake’s health will be beyond repair. The closure of the eastern road is crucial to its preservation.
    Whether 1300 people signed a petition or some high profile person spoke against the closure of the eastern road, the fact remains that the Lake must be conserved. This petition was ill-conceived, uninformed and maladroit. It does not speak well of its proponents. They have to realise that this change to old usage patterns will happen and that the outcome will be positive. Come on folks be flexible enough to concede the point eh!
    Let’s get behind well informed strategic plans for the sustainability of the Lake and show that Ballina Shire can look after our valuable natural features.

  3. gypsy 7 says:

    What do you mean? Former glory! I am near 80 yes old and i swam in the lake as a child. The road was there then. It will be a long way to have to walk and carry picnic rugs, food and all the other items needed for a day out with children.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    How will people get to Lake Ainsworth Rec Camp?

  5. Chris Shands says:

    What about an emergency exit for the Lake Ainsworth rec camp in the event of a bush fire or other emergency?

  6. Annie cakes says:

    13th Jan 2018 stop the road sit in all welcome. Please, please understand that if we take this road access away the other side of the lake will cop all the populace, #leaveitbe

  7. peter says:

    what a huge waste of money.this seems to be the only thing this council can do,waste our money and apply to the state gov. for a rate increase.the road is not the problem ,its been there for as long as i can remember(over 60years ).i wonder how long these wingers have lived here.

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